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Bones in MARS Desert? Strange Formations

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posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 09:59 AM
I found these images while going over the high Resolution images on this MARS site. This site is amazing for anyone interested in exploring the deserts, cliffs, and craters on mars, in high resolution! You can zoom up extremely close through miles and miles of terrain.


Click on any of the blue squares on the map to go to that area, then you can zoom in on the terrain. The following images i captured from the "Fretted Terrain Valley in Coloe Fossae Region."

I found several interesting formations that looked out of place. These 2 images look like "spines" or bones. Much like you might find on Earth's desert when a horse or cow dies and is buried in years of sand, and over time the spine is left exposed. I did a screen capture, then brought them into photoshop, copied the original on the left, inverted the image and did a little contrasting to bring out the shapes. I would love to see what others can find, there is too many miles of land to comb through.

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