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Predictions by Merlin on 2-12-2007

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posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 08:39 AM
These were read on 2-12-2007 on Coast to Coast by Merlin founders:

# Iran is going through a "big hiccup" right now, and "cooler heads will prevail." A military conflict or attack by them is not in their best interests at this time.
# McCain, Giuliani , Biden and Hillary Clinton are on low cycles leading up to the '08 election, so they'll likely not be their parties' presidential candidates.
# John Edwards, possibly with Obama as his VP, will be the Democratic candidate, and Mitt Romney will run for the Republicans. Newt Gingrich could also be a factor.
# Mike Bloomberg is a possible strong third-party candidate.
# There is a build-up to the year 2012 that suggests a definitive change could be occurring around this time such as a pandemic or meteor strike.

I can't remember when those presidential candidates originally announced they would run? Do you?

More I found on projectmerlin site
Looking at the world stage, Guercio foresees a problem with North Korea starting now and increasing through 2007. He also handicapped the 2008 US presidential election candidates: On the Democratic side, it looks like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Mark Warner will not be in contention, according to their charts. John Kerry, John Edwards, and Joseph Biden all looked strong however, and Guercio could even see Kerry and Edwards being on a ticket together again. Al Gore's chart doesn't ratchet up until 2010, which means he probably won't be a serious candidate in '08. On the Republican side, John McCain's trend lines drop off and don't pick up soon enough for the election. Mike Bloomberg, NYC's mayor, could potentially do well as a one-term President.

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posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 01:46 PM

What are these charts?


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