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Hollow Earth and Creation

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posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 02:04 AM
I don't claim to necessarily believe in any one idea. I am intrigued by all theories regarding creation.

I have seen many videos on youtube, including the videos of Art Bell interviewing John Lear.

I saw a link to something called "Hollow Earth theory" and Art Bell was interviewing a different guy (and then eventually another guy) about an expedition to go inside Earth to find an ancient world.

It really is all interesting even if it is just fiction. Though, I'm not entirely convinced it is just fiction.

I was watching the History Channel's The Universe - episodes regarding the outer planets of our solar system. As I was listening to the vast differences of each planet, I began to recall information regarding certain facets of the Hollow Earth theory.

One of the Ph.D's proposed that there is a possibility that a planet could have been born out of the earth, or that earth was born out of a planet. I mean, literally born out of it... not formed from its particles, but came out from inside of it. As I said, I don't know.

However, I was also thinking about the many ways that Genesis in the Bible can be interpreted. I believe it is possible, regardless of my belief in the true and loving God, that the Bible was tampered. Though, I don't believe, if it was, that it was tampered beyond repair.

Scientists say Earth is billions of years old. Yet, man only goes so far. In fact, there is serious debate over Adam, Cain (supposedly possibly a sasquatch/bigfoot/yeti), Eve, Lilith, etc...

I started to imagine that the other planets, if planets are actually hollow (or some of them), could have life inside them as well (like John Lear seems to believe). I then imagined that Adam is the first of our kind, but not the first kind on earth. I guess I sorta imagined that Earth is the ant farm, the play ground, the class room... meaning, we are the babies. Maybe that is why Earth must meet our bodily needs. Who is to say that we, as spirits, need the conditions required on Earth?

So, I imagined that Adam is the first of our particular kind, but that Earth has had many civilizations on it before us. What if there were other Adams and other civilzations that existed right here on Earth and then eventually reached adolescence and learned how to get out of the playground at the elementary school class room. What if adolescence means transcendence. Wait... I know THAT for a fact.

Regardless, I started to imagine that the reason why we can't see all the life that exists is because they do not require what we require. One day, this message popped in my head that said, "Spirits are microorganisms". The reason why is because I was at a wine store and they referred to their selections as "spirits". I remember, at the bright age of 5, my dad told me that alcohol is basically "bacteria poo". He went on to explain that bacteria can not be seen, but that they work just like we do.

I'm not saying that spirits are bacteria that are crapping our alcohol for us. I'm just making connections.

In ancient times, when someone was sick, some tribes used to say that they were taken over by an evil spirit. We know today that some forms of sickness are due to microorganisms and their effects on our bodies.

This may all sound like nonsense, but the point I'm trying to make is... we are so narrow minded. Even in our open mindedness, we are clearly unable to perceive things clearly.

I think this proves that we're babies. I think it is very possible that we're not only not alone, but we have so much company that we'd end up pooing if we realized.

I also think that one day, we will end up creating a brand new life. I just imagined something amazing.

What would it be like to be a cybernetic organism born into a world... without humans?

Better yet, who will gives these organisms spirits? Do we answer to God as my faith tells me, or will my God tell me that I must raise my children my own way?

It'd be interesting to see what people think.

posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 03:27 AM
Something interesting happened after I read your post. i stumbled upon a post called 'Worlds Before Our Own' which seemed to suggest that there were civilisations long before the conventional dates for the appearance of modern man (2-4 mya) and that even ancient known civilisations enjoyed modern technology. I will leave you with a snippet@

In 1938, Dr Wilhelm Kong, an Austrian archeologist, was rummaging around the basement of a Baghdad museum when he came across a six inch high pot of clay. The pot contained a cylinder of sheet copper which was soldered with a 60-40 lead-tin alloy, whilst the bottom of the cylinder was a crimped-in copper disk sealed with bitumen. Another insulating layer of bitumen sealed the top and held in place an iron rod suspended into the centre of the copper cylinder. With a background in mechanics, Dr Kong immediately recognized that what he was looking at was, in effect, a battery. What was unusual though was that it had been unearthed from an archeological site dated 2000 years old, whilst other similar artifacts had been recovered from sites dated as far back as 5000 years. These latter were unearthed from Sumerian remains in southern Iraq and dated to at least 2,500 BC. That’s long before Michael Faraday is said to have discovered electromagnetic induction and the laws of electrolysis in the early 1800’s.

Worlds Before Our Own


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