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Spirit Communication from Beyond the Grave

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posted on Jan, 16 2004 @ 09:16 AM
I found this while surfing the web.....Enjoy....

My name is Ms. Hope Cook. My mother, Anna M. Nitti, has long ago passed away
but she lived quite awhile after my Dad died. My Dad, Louis Nitti, died at a
relatively young age...when he was less than 70 years old.
After he died, my brother Louis would have VIVID dreams often in which
we were all sitting around the dinner table and DAD WAS THERE. But the
unusual thing was that Lou reported an unshakable feeling that "Oh! I guess
Dad is not dead after all...there he is...all is OK...Guess it was a mistake"
This feeling and inner belief that Dad was NOT deas was as real as it was
possible to feel. An ABSOLUTE feeling that he was not dead. There were
other dreams of him crawling in through an open window.

At any rate, two occurrences revealed a vivid and verifiable case of
communication from the grave. Not long after Dad died, Mom was of
course very distressed as they had been husband and wife for over
40 years. At any rate, the first occurrence was when we received a letter
from an old friend of Dad's from our early days in Chicago. The letter
revealed that Comare Millie had had a recurring dream. In the letter she
reported that Dad had come to her and asked her to GIVE MY MOTHER
ANNA, DAD'S WIFE, A MESSAGE. The message was that she should not
wish to be with him, but to "live for the children." The children were my
self Hope (oldest) my brother Dave (second) and brother Louis (baby).
The first time Comare Millie had the dream, she ignored it. The second time
she had the dream, Dad was insistent and asked her more strongly to
please send the message. Once again, she ignored it. The third time
comare Mille reported that Dad was quite insistent and said, "I asked you
to give Ann the message, please give it to her!" Once again, she ignored
the message. Finally the fourth time she had the dream, Dad was irate
and said (words to the effect) "What's the matter with you? I asked you
to give Ann the message and you haven't. You're supposed to be our
friends!" At that point, Comare Mille felt compelled to write us the letter
and give Ann the message at which time she described Dad's demeanor.
This appears to be a clear cut case of someone from the grave contacting
a living person.

The second most dramatic event occurred some years after Dad died.
Mom was getting on in years and at times would rest in the morning sun,
outside the front door on a little concrete stoop about 6 inches high.
The whole stoop was a concrete pad 4 feet by 5 feet at the front door.
Above the stoop was a roofed over cupola which was constructed of
heavy redwood beams. It jutted out to protect one from the rain as one
entered the house in a cantilever fashion without supports to the front
of it. It had a pitched roof with asphalt shingles to match the rest of
the house.
On this particular sunny day, she was sitting there with the front door
open, enjoying the warm sun. Suddenly, she reported later, as she sat there
she heard her husband Lou call her. "Ann -- Ann!" from inside the house.
Not even thinking, but reacting to the sound of her husband's voice, she
promptly got up and entered the house to answer the call.
As she entered the doorway and walked inside, the poorly attached front
roof-over collapsed and fell onto the stoop with a horrible crash! It had been
attached with large nails only and after hanging there for over 15 years had
rotted the wood holding it up, allowing it to fall.
The call from her husand Louis, had saved her life, as the extremely
heavy roof structure would have killed her instantly if it had fallen on her.
Anna lived for many years afterwards, following the advice of her
husband to "Live for the Children." She happily watched as her daughter
Hope became an accomplished Civil Servant and her son Louis became a
college teacher and Minister, which was very dear to her heart. She also
enjoyed grandchildren Terry, Joanne and Trina.
Testified by Ms. Hope (Nitti) Cook
11022 Citrus Ave. Fontana, CA (between San Bernadino and Ontario, CA)
92337 (909) 822-1847 or Prof. Lou Nitti Jr. (909) 355-7367

posted on Jan, 16 2004 @ 09:42 AM
Very interesting. I've also experienced something similar. When my grandfather died, he visited my dream. It really felt that it was him and that he was alive.

Same thing with my cousin who died almost six months later. She appared in my dream as if she was saying so long to me and her son (my godson), who was sleeping on my lap in the dream, oppisite her. It also felt like it was really her.


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