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Why Don't We Have A Closer Scrutiny Allocated Like In The 9/11 Forums

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posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 01:11 PM
It has come to my attention that lately the UFO/Aliens forum has come under "attack" from topics about but not excluding posters creating threads here, directly relating to the UFO/Alein phenomena that is questionable at the very least. I say questionable because although i believe in such phenonamen alot of the threads or topics have come under questionable thread (and in most cases the experts and avid readers/posters have been able to determine such indescrepincies and rule that it is indeed a hoax by means of accident or purposefulness.)

I joined in 2006 and was an avid reader of threads belonging generally to the ATS forums. I believe when I started shortly after the "Prophet Yahweh thread was gaining much momentum. Being new and "nieve" then I followed this thread frequently. I even invited friends and family to view topics such as these. These threads seemed plausible and likely mainly because of my belief in Aliens and or UFO's. However i found numerous support about these threads when i shared them with my friends and families.

I don't know about you guys but i feel myself becoming more skeptical and analytical about such threads of recent. I don't know if this is a factor of taking a greater interest and hearing the other opinions of fellow ATS'ers and especially those that express skeptism towards such threads which in turn which in the most part there view is often right.

I guess this is a good thing as I am analysing such proposals in a more neutral way therefore i am not bias and have come to realise that it is better to understand the facts, differentiate then from the truths or half truths which in turn helps me better understand the topic.

I propose that this forum, as it is the most popular on ATS according to the ATS stats, is more closely scrutenized and moderated (not that I am saying this forum is poorly moderated, far from it I believe the mods here not just on the Alien/UFO forums do a terrific job.) I know it is sometimes hard to judge such a topic, yet alone the agenda of such a person. I have seen such threads which are obvious hoaxes go one for 1000+ replies. I understand it is hard, especially coming from a diplomatic view but It is also frustrating for the rest of us which believe yet are lead on a wild goose chase by such protagonists.

I guess what I am trying to say is I am frustrated with the amount of hoaxes. Though I guess 20/20 Hindsight on these situations fuels my opinion. I do realise that it is a tough decision as seen with the recent "UFO in my Backyard" thread which has graced our computer screen lately. It was labelled *HOAX* then revoked. Again I must reiterate this is not an attack at the Mods not at the Three Amigo's. It is the frustration that seems to have boiled within me about such activities.

Whenever I see a new Alien/UFO thread first thing that comes to my mind is "I hope it is not another Prophet Yahweh/Serpo/C2C Drone/Ghost Raven/Haiti/Backyard thread".

Anyway my $0.02 worth on the Alien/UFO forums. No offence or antagonizing difference of opinion intended.

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posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 01:20 PM
Hoaxing has always been dealt with quite strictly.

ATS itself tries to remain agnostic about UFOs and other subjects, so you won't find us cracking down on or trying to limit threads just because "we've got a bad feeling" or "can't prove it's true". ATS doesn't care if some people who refuse to entertain extraordinary possibilities think that we look a little wacky- even the most far out posts get their day in court, and as long as terms and conditions are not violated, a member shouldn't have to worry about facing any kind of consequence for his or her belief.

I've never seen a proven hoaxer escape unbanned though.

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 01:29 PM
reply to post by The Vagabond

True and i understand where you are coming from, I know you can't just rule off someone with because you have a bad feeling. This post wasn't an attack on the mods or ATS generally I guess it was a vent for my feeling for the matter personally.
I do agree that most hoaxes have been dealt with accordingly. I guess where I am coming from is that I see hoaxes and from my POV as a member I have a feeling that this is a hoax yet can't do anything about it or prove it. It's frustrating, thought I guess it is frustrating for you guys too, maybe even more so as you have the power yet cannot do anything.
I guess I am imagining an idealistic society where those that lie can be proven from the start. Of course this cannot happen tin real life as you basically have to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
It is just when the warning signs begin to appear.... Ordinary statements that can be backed up however don't..."Well you said this so show us that"... OP goes on to seemingly avoid the question in a roundabout way or blatantly ignore it. That the alarm bells go off.

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 01:37 PM
Springer's announcement this morning would probably be of interest to you.

I agree that it's frustrating when you have a strong suspicion you are being mislead, but that's the nature of the beast to a certain extent. One of the really great things about ATS is that our members are so awesome at identifying the tell-tale signs of a hoax. On lesser sites you'd never get the kind of definitive analysis that ATS members often provide- it would just break down into accusations and name calling (which we aren't entirely immune to at times, but which we work very hard to prevent).

And I for one do not feel attacked- I'm just saying there's only so much we are willing to do, because we are determined to preserve a fair environment for those with legitimate, if extraordinary and quite possibly unexplainable stories to tell.

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