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Wheres the SAM Batterys at the Pentagon??

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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 11:29 PM

Originally posted by muzzleflash
IF theres SAM batterys all over DC, how did the Pentagon Flight crash ever happen??

Someone turned the SAM Batterys off?

Nope, the missile that hit the Pentagon identified itself as "friendly."

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 04:50 PM
even tho the thread is a few years old, i just noticed some of you guys posted some great info recently (a few months ago)

thank you guys for further researching this and I am currently reviewing your links carefully

after looking over alot of your comments, it appears that this issue is still not resolved in any way yet

its been 7 and a half years and the subject of SAM's at DC is still quite highly debatable it seems , kind of bizzare if you ask me

i will state i do not believe that the US does not have a SAM defense grid , that is a completely atrocious assertion

the usa is almost 12trillion $ in debt and we have no SAM shield? ya right

if we dont have that shield (even today in 2009) there is a huge flaw in our air defense grid, so big that even russia could wipe us out in 2hours

and im sorry i just dont believe that we are that vulnerable, it doesnt make any sense

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 05:32 PM
payne Stewart gets his Cessena off course and about 2 miles into this (no fly perimeter), and he ius immediatedly flanked by fighter jets.

Now on 9/11 after haveing NYC hit, and them knowing DC could be a target, How in Gods Green earth do they not scramble jets toward DC?

Now they fly they way out to the atlantic, perceiving a Russian attack. Even though they are tracking another AA passenger jet with it's transponder off from 100 miles out, Heck get some soldiers on some roofs with some shoulder fired SAMS (the crap they have out nowdays will make you head spin).

THIS IS INCOMPETABCE of every level of our defense of the worst kind.

But lets forget the Sams, and Jets for now.

Wheres the footage from all the CCtv cameras on the roof of the pentagon? Theres like 3-5, more like 5,om each side pointing outward toward the lawn and covering a decent bit of sky(I'd imagine), even if not, if they just covered the 50-70 yards of lawn in front of the building the Government should be able to produce fottogae from a good angle showing a large passenger plane.

No we get 4 frames that show nothing, till we complain enough, till they doctor a 5th \frame that doesn't show anything at all either. Why wait so long to release that frame.

I'm positive there's much more footage out there, why not give it to the public, all trials are over I think? (except for maybe Bush's Cheney's, Rice, Rumsfeld ect) I guess once they are fully pardoned. Well see some clear video of a cruise missile hitting the pentagon, or nothing.

As far as the plane everyone thinks they saw hit the building, I'm sure ducked and covered for a good 5-10 while the rumbling and explosion happening, then got thier thoughs together (also most knowing planes hit the Twin Towers), well they get off the groung or floor board of thier car, and this military jet made to look like an AA 757,was long gone low, in the huge plume off smoke and chaos.

A big psyops the Pentagon was, and might not have worked without broadcasts of 2 , big passengers planes hitting the Twin Towers. So all these, people in the fetal position for 15 seconds heard an explosions and put two and two together. Thats my theory.

In closing, I'd like to see the CCTV recordings on the Helipad side(the side that was struck, oh and coincidentally reinforced), I'd like to see what they show. But It's been so long, they've created doctored videos.,

Lets hope theyre dumb and keep the "Butcher of Bakersfield" raw footage, like in the Running Man.

Scary movie, wat ahead of it's time, give it a watch now, it'll send chills down your spine.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 10:13 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

i will state i do not believe that the US does not have a SAM defense grid , that is a completely atrocious assertion

Well, I guess you are entitled to your belief, no matter how wrong you are. Whether or not you believe it, the fact is, the United States does not have a SAM defense grid.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 11:27 PM
The only time I found any sort of a mention of SAMs in DC was during the Cuban Missile Crisis and AFTER 9/11. Also people would notice heavy military traffic all around DC during the day and night, servicing the SAM sites. You can't just set them up and have them run automatically. Ots called maintanance. And sometimes you have to replace them.
Plus you need radars and radar stations to serve the sites. And you cannot hide a SAM radar site no matter how much you wish. Radar has to be out and visible to work. It has to be mounted high up over the buildings and be able to sweep the sky searching for targets. This is not James Bond or some sci-fi movie. Its called reality. People can believe in magic pop-up missile batteries coming out of rooftops, and heck, maybe even the Washington Monument is hiding one really big missile in it, but the fact remains, there are no SAM sites in or around DC.

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 01:42 PM

Originally posted by GenRadek
but the fact remains, there are no SAM sites in or around DC.

I guess you should take that back.

Check out this citizens photo

Supposedly it was added AFTER 911, but your claiming there are NOT any sites there even today. I guess you think this photo is faked right?

BTW look at the ROAD SIGN< it says "RFK RAMP CLOSED" so we know where this photo was taken

i quote from the link above
"Entering Washington, D.C. via I-295 onto I-395 you pass this normal looking parking garage. However, it's not so normal. It's a true vision of what our world has been forced to become. Ever since shortly after 9/11/2001, a missile battery has been perched on the top floor of this garage. There are also a couple of tents and some government vehicles (camoflage painted HumVees and black SUVs with dark tinted windows). The missile battery is facing south and overlooks the Anacostia River. Best viewed in Original Size for detail."

So i guess you should take back what you said maybe? Just a suggestion.

This doesnt prove anything about pre-911 defense , but it does i think raise serious doubts to your assertion in your post

posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 04:31 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

My first sentence:

The only time I found any sort of a mention of SAMs in DC was during the Cuban Missile Crisis and AFTER 9/11

I ment no permanent SAM sites like how it was claimed before. Not mobile Avenger sites placed after 9/11. And I did mention they did place em after 9/11. I am not sure what is the status now.

[edit on 1/13/2009 by GenRadek]

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