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Future of the Earth and Humanity + Timeline of the Universe

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posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 10:10 AM
This may have been discussed on here in the past so apologies if it has!

I came across this website and it gives a good insight as to what changes Earth will experience over the coming millenia and further.

I think the idea that we will eventually be competing with electronic 'life' is possible as they will get more and more powerful. They are possibly the only 'beings' that could travel for thousands of years through star systems to colonise other planets.

I also think it may be a possibility that in the future we will have hybrid human/computers which will look like humans and have the same emotions, feelings, organs, nervous and digestive system etc but are kept alive by additional components which may allow us to survive on other planets or go into a state of hibernation which would allow us to sleep through years of space travel.

Any other thoughts on the future?

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 05:28 PM
i Think The sun will become a red giant faster that we thing, or maybe a supernova. the sun grow alot in about 10 1994-2005.
also nasa is faking current sun images, also data.
i think something is going on with the sun we all should check it out.

if the sun doesn't explote, i think we will die in the hyper nova that can explote at any time now.
i think the universe is a bigger threat than terrorism, ufos, or satan. we should stop looking down here and look up there, everything here is fake, hoaxes, and lies. all bull#
but the universe is truth, beautiful, violent, unpredictable, and the biggest threat.
anything can happen at any moment so stop trying to investigate ufos, and conspiracies, and look at the sky and see it for urself, that the universe will show its wrath on us.

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