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strangest automobile related 'whatever' you've seen

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posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 08:15 AM
any funny car stories...

i have lots from being in the shop..
a few that stand out though.

i was working at a dodge dealer. this old guy had just bought a new durango. as of the day he bought it, it had a hell of a wobble and it was noisey...just not right.
we get it in the shop and the master tech dives into it..he calls us over and the connecting rods were finger tight....ALL of came off the truck like that.

my old master tech from goodyear sad when he worked at the ford dealer, a t-bird came off the truck but as soon as they started it, he said it was like a violent shake, and other things....turns out it was missing a piston.
it came off the line with a friggin missing piston...thats crazy.

funny one i saw was at goodyear...i poped the hood just to check it out and apparently, this dude decided to fix his brake lines himself...i open the hood and there is a brake line that goes from the master cylinder, OVER AND ACROSS the engine to the other side of the car, then down and to the right front tire....bwuahahahahahahahahahahahh

man, that was about the funniest thing i ever saw.

i also remember they hired a new petrolium transfer engineer(oil change guy) and it was like his third day.....we used to stick a tire weight on the lift handle to rig it so it will go down without us having to hold th ehandle down, so we could be doing something else.
well, the new guy rigged it and as it was coming down, he was standing there tring to dig in the glove box. he is doing this as the rack is coming down.

all of a sudden, we hear this dude start screaming....the rack came down on both of his feet...bwuahahahahhe was whailing cause he couldn't move...broke both of his feet...

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 10:34 PM
Well, this might not be the strangest and I didn't actually see it, but the video is pretty funny.

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