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Car Crashes

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posted on Aug, 21 2007 @ 09:35 PM
This will probably upset some, but with car ownership comes some unpleasant realities.

I was watching a video when I saw this picture.

I suspect the outcome wasn't good.

Post remarkable car crashes here, especially your own.

I wish I had pictures of all my car crashes, but I don't.

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 11:51 AM
Unfortunatley i don't have any picture's of any of my crashes either, have to say though that the crash you posted wouldn't have been as bad in the UK where lorries have to be fitted with "underun bar's" now so that car's can't go under the back of trailer's like that

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 04:55 PM
i have never been in a wreck before but i have seen some terrible ones.
i wrecked my bike though. that was a bit intense, laying in the road waiting to get hit by a stopped in time though

posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 05:50 PM
Here's a site that posts lots of photographs of accidents.

Here's another:

And a compilation on YouTube:

A really bad crash of two Porches in Japan:

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