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long time no see.

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posted on Aug, 21 2007 @ 08:06 PM
The other morning i awoke, and was struck with a distinct sense of purpose in doing so. This was probably due to the recent rarity in such an early start, for it was not yet 6am and i had no distinct plans for the day, or any other. Instead of seeking meaning in my awakening at what was to me an unfamiliar hour, i allowed fate to turn it's face towards me. I felt that it would. I made some toast, booted the pc and then took advantage of my early bird status to catch a live broadcast of George Noory's Coast to Coast AM. Inside of that show i discovered something valuable, the purpose i had predicted, and i also found ATS

International advertisements eh? podcasts, news, what else....? have u started filming yet? I remember when ATS was such a cozy little backdoor site..... and wow, did this place grow! It's very commendable
particularly, that in my brief re-emergence so far..... there are so many familiar names still present. I'm the 36th signup on this forum. and also the 121576th. That really says something

My former username was 'levitationjunkie'. some may remember, many of course will not. i could not recall my previous password, nor the email i had assigned to that registration. But the commercial enticed me to drop in and say hi. thanks for the memories and good job to the creators/admins and the community for it's current successes

'lo to Bob88, netchicken, theskeptic
advisor, ozchris, agentmulder320, wilonesac, ocelot, allseeingeye..... yes even ycon and the mighty brian LOL. with sincere apologies to any neglected in my most frequent memory.

Right, i'm off to watch the omega man.
be sound

PS. pls pls give me access to the chat as i'm sure i've clocked 200 posts in my various incarnations.

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