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What The Future Really Holds If What We Think Is True

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posted on Aug, 21 2007 @ 03:42 PM
whats going to happen to us when our theories come true? what are we going to do? I was responding to a thread recently when i had a revelation... what i think is going to happen in our future. You guys can comment on my revelation, correct me if im obviously wrong, or tell me what you think is going to happen, but here are my Inputs:

[Conspiricy: Bush will declare Marshall Law before he leaves office. We will be at war with Iran, consiquently triggering another World War] IMO, this will likely happen. Hopefuly im wrong, but if its not bush, then the next president, or the one after him.
Here is what is really going to happen:
Most Americans will not stand up against Bush. These are the Americans that are comfortably living the American Dream, right now, with no care in the world except bills to pay, food on the table, and when their next favorite telivision program comes on. I am living the American Dream right now. So are most people. The American Dream is living in a free land with the opportunity to raise a family with education programs etc. However, I do not just accept everything that is going on. Like most people on ATS, I think the govt has bigger, more sinister plans, and generally do not agree with the going ons of the US govt or black oporation and NWO programs.
So, these majority of americans will give up some of their civil liberties, going with the slogan "freedom isnt free!" They will complain a little, but be comforted with the mightiest military in the world telling them that everything is OK, we are Liberating the World, soon, everything will be back to normal and better for everyone!
Some, however, will stand up and fight. Many of us will want to. We know the real deal and can not accept or let a tyrant roam around freely. We will fight, try and make people realize what is going on and that it is not ok. The US will then label us as Terrorists and Trators to the US. We will be hunted down, thrown in jail, even killed. we will be rebels, freedom fighters, but the military will crush most of us with sheir force. It will be like the Rebels and Empire in the Star Wars saga. only a few will survive, and we will constantly be hunted. But to us, it is better to die being truly free, fighting for what is right, for the people who are being told how bad we are, how treacherous we are, than die comfortably in the hands of a tyrant.

If these events occur, then we are done for. That is why we have to start thinking now. The govt will be too powerful to stop once these things are in motion. When it happens, and we decide to fight against the tyrany, we will be stopped. How can we defeat a military so powerful? People think if this type of thing were to happen then EVEYONE would stand up against it, but thats not true! people are scared. they are comfortable believing that other people are taking care of them, looking out for their interests... but its not their intersests the govt will be looking out for. It will be the big picture, and the glory of being in positions of world power. This is scary, and i think will happen soon. 2012, is only a few years a away. what if this is it? if we can accept the inevitable outcome of if we do nothing and wait for something to happen that guarantees what we say or are thinking is true... then it will be too late.

What do u guys think? Are my beliefs too negative? or do u think this could happen? if not, what do u think is going to happen if marshal law is declared?if we can understand the what if... then maybe we will find an answer as to what to do now.

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 09:02 PM
i am not sure about a world war, i think there will be a false flag that leads us into conflict in the middle east so we can "secure" another country

i think the economic system is so corrupt that what we should get ready for is the continued Depreciation in the purchasing power of the currency (wether it's dollars, yen , yuan, euro, whatever)

and with the continued policy's of inflation by the FED (to meet any calamity) people will start to realize how out of control the system is as prices will start soaring. this is likely to cause alot of civil unrest as well unemployment, especially in the united states (assuming we do not drastically rebuild our infrastructure) also people may start hoarding gold in anticipation of this economic calamity. i think there will be food shortages and that monsanto will re-launch there GURTS (terminator seeds) once they have enough leverage (dependability by other nations on them) and that there will be rather distrubing consequences. I think there will be more and more people living in poverty. I think the NAU will be formed and most people will be oblivious until of course they see that the laws have changed, as well as possible economic implications by teaming up with poverty stricken mexico, and a new independent gov't assembled, as well as more limited freedoms.

i probably missed something but it will be intresting to see if any other major global conflicts arise from many country's competing for a limited supply of energy (oil) as well as a possible reduction in the united states standing and thus power ( with the formation of the NAU) and other countrys possibly fighting over (including us) who will be most powerful.

the end result may be a cashless credit socitey with a world gov't , world court and less freedoms.


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