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It is never too late

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posted on Aug, 21 2007 @ 09:29 AM
It is never too late to say hello,

I was struck by the large amount of lucid debater in ATS when I first clicked on this site.
Quickly I have register and become a member, participated in some threads, posted one and also been shown some how that I need it to read the rules of ATS.
Which I did now.
As I was submerge by the excitement when reading the ATS forum I have neglected the prime bases of humanity, and this is to Introduce your self to your pears. I apologies' for this late introduction.
I am a middle age men living and working in Germany, rise in France I quickly travelled the world for my work.
I have no degree in any field as I finished school at early age. My mother tongue is French but I do enjoy communicating in English.
Again my apologies to every one in this forum for a late introduction.

All the best to every one.



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