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How to be Human?

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posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 07:51 PM
What if we all had a heavenly guide on how to be Human, yet some of us just haven't gotten around to reading it yet? For the sake of this discussion, imagine that whatever it is you believe in, that deity has instructed you to pay attention wholeheartedly for the rest if this post.

There are many deities, on many parts of the Earth. Some have even been able to spread their perception of God to all sides of the planet, through missionaries, or by forced attrician. Neverthelss, we have a planet that is immersed in a cesspool of religious leaders and ideologies, all of which claim to be either right or more right.

Would is not be fair to say that all of these perceptions of God originated within a culture first and foremost, on an isolated region of the planet? Wouldn't it also be fair to say that it is a region's comprehension of their cultural God (at that moment in time) which has evolved, stretching over all the oceans, bringing us to our present day clusterbomb?

Do we all really believe that our God is different than their God? Or is it just our cultural perceptions that differ? Is it our religions that are at war, or is it our cultures & ideas that are bleeding the innocent?

It is dirty to disguise our greedy desires with that of our beloved faith. Greed and Faith do not mix. It is a recipe that will forever turn sour, and we are experiencing this truth presently.

What if we all dropped religion from the thought-process for a moment and took a look at what we were left with. Humanity. Just humans, being human. In tribal days it was not wrong to steal or kill, as long as you did it outside of your tribe. Why was that? I pressume because of innate unity with your own kind. This is a key to humaities successes I believe. For instance, sports fans unite because their admiration for their city's sports. Have you ever saw a person with your team's rival jersey on for the very first time and felt immediate discontent for no other reason than rivaly? Religion is the same way in that it makes you proud of who you are and then your instincts take over from there. We need to change our instincts, and we can do it too.

We have all turned into a bunch of fanatic fans of our religions, hoping to win the championship. But in reality, there isn't even a real game being played, except for the spirtually counter-productive one we have gotten lost within.

We need to make one universal team which we may all be proud of so that we can go back to being human for the first time, without fearing an outside threat that never existed in eternity. If we all became fans of Earth's humanity and the potential that lies within us all, we would be better than fine. All we need to do is join the same team so that we may all be proud of the whole which we have been given.

A True Lover of God

“A true lover of God is an optimist. He looks for and finds the bright side of things. He is able to extract sunshine from the darkest corner. He loves all life and carries a message of hope, and courage, and a helpful suggestion to all. He is broad and tolerant, merciful and forgiving, devoid of hate, envy, and malice, free from fear and worry. He minds his own business and grants all the same privilege. He is full of love, and radiates it to the entire world. He goes through life in his own sunny way, joyfully meeting things that drives others to despair and misery, he passes the stony road unharmed. His peace comes from within and all who meet him feel his presence. He doesn’t seek after friends or love, these things come to him, for this is his right; for he attracts them.” Yogi Ramacharacha

The above passage is the most concise truth I have ever stumbled upon. That said, I believe that it could be looked at as a guide to bringing humanity into balance. Of course people may have their own personal variations of "How to be Human" but as long as it fits into the network of humanity, without leaving anyone out, try it.

We have time to increase the magnitude of our purpose by increasing the magnitude of our acceptance of others. That is, until they too see the guidebook hidden inside themselves. It won't happen over night, but everyday, another spirit may join "Our Team" and further our momentum, all the way to spirit's Critical Mass.

I call for all those that are willing to join Team Humanity to embrace your role. The best way to show your support for your team is to live the ultruistic lifestyle and recruit more hearts for Team Humanity. Leading by example is our mascot.



posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 01:04 PM
Thinking here......

Isnt this the outline and direction of Karl Marx and Fredrick Ingles?? Among others...

YOu know...another variation on Utopia.

We have the right stuff ...if only.......

Or what a politician uses on us so often in various speechs...

WE...our political party will get it done ...all you have to do is vote for us...on the public purse of course to give us the power to solve this problem.. You just have to the party....
Hmmmmmmm!!!????? Does this make politics a religion.
Hmmmmmmm!!!????? What happened to seperation of church and state???

Could it be that religion travels in many guises...some just not obvoius to those of us who went to public schools??

Doesnt the state pay for or finance public education?? Would they be wont to teach us enough to recognize the state as a religious institution complete with its own priesthood??

Could it be that the OP is looking the wrong way??

Imagine that....

Ohhhhhhhh!!s Dont forget John Lennon!!! It will make you feel good to sing along!! Was he a priest too??


posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 01:46 PM
reply to post by orangetom1999

Um. Perhaps this is the reason our society is on the decline. All I asked was for people to live from love and be fair and considerate throughout all of our days. This act will work wonders. It's already been confirmed.

Comparing this esoteric idea to something that failed in the past, meerly indicates that you don't undertand what I'm asking. Also, by the lack of responses to this thread indicates it on a larger scale.

Just trying to do my part.


posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 03:42 PM
Our society is on the decline because it is moraly bankrupt as well as financially. Phoney fiat money system.

All the love in the world will not change this simple historical fact.

Lots of societys and nations practiced love love love they went in the tank.

Wasnt this a big movement the avante guard of the 1920s etc along with the influx of the swamis and other religions into England and among the affluent in the USA who rubbed shoulders with British Nobility. How much did this help England??
I was thinking that Arthur Conan Doyle and others got involved with some of this stuff in addition to memebers of the the Milner Round Table Group and promoted it as a route to a change agent ingredient in the New World they were planning.

Right up to John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Nothing new here.

My point here is that "religion" comes in alot of guises...some obvious and some not obvouis.

Also as to esoteric ideas ..this is not a new concept to me.

My field of study when I have time is occult and counterfits. This too is a very dominant fingerprint to what most people think is perfectly normal around them. It is not.

Your idea is not to me is the basis of most systems of feudalism through out the record of history. And it was not peaceful and love love love.

I dont spend alot of time pushing and promoting my "humanistic" values or that Human qualities are the ultimate reality in the universe.

This line of thought in all its variations has been the dominant relgion and goverenmental system thorugh out history. It has caused more misery and poverty wherever it rears its "natural " head.
It is nothing but a variation of Feudalism.

I dont want to bother anyone or be bothered...that is how I try to operate. I am not intrested in getting on anyones bandwagon or be bothered by anyone elses bandwagon because it looks good on paper or in the classroom.

The lack of responses to your post I consider to be because the Average westerner and especially Americans know more about what is next on American Idol or the weekly football game than such concepts ...even more than what their own government is doing or not doing.
Obviously I am not the kind of person who worships at the sports altar or the gods of sports ...nor the gods of television programming...that altar either for regular worship services.

I told you ...religion comes in many guises.

Most Americans would rather be Amused than mused.


Without thinking ....amused

Amusement..something you do to prevent thinking...because thinking is difficult.

But not for all of us. more thing...where has this been confirmed..this system of which you speak?? Curious about this. Almost missed this part of your post.


posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 08:08 PM
Within is where it starts. It has been confirmed by my spirit. You are making it about a whole, it is about each individual. This is not a cliche topic as it seems you're making it. It is simple, with a depth to it that not many are yet willing to percieve.

I hear what you're saying, and if I were representing a different idea I could relate. However, there is something esoteric to my words that is not being extrapolated.

Emerson said, "My words will itch in your ears until you're ready to hear it."

I don't need to hear why it won't work when I'm busy explaining how it will.

You don't believe me? Confirm it for yourself, because that is how the whole will change. Live your life accordingly and see how your world changes.

Before you know it, the straw will eventually break the camels back.


posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 09:09 PM
Discontent with self restricts the spirit

Reasons for discontent?

Short Answer: FEELINGS

Long Answer: Our inability to understand our potential. Sporadic glimpses of clarity immersed inside a cesspool of discourse.

How to end discontent?

Accept all you have done so that you may accept all you can do, which just may be the world outside of the pond, so says the fish.
Master your self to master your feelings.


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posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 02:31 AM

I hear what you are saying and there is nothing esoteric about it...nothing at all.

Many before you have said variations of the same thing.

I dont live and die by Ralph Waldo... By the way nice read Waldo as well as others....just not the substance for which I choose to manage my affairs.

If I want esoteric I will watch the evening news....listen to our politicians make speechs..they do it all the time. Esoteric...I'll take a college philosophy course. I have several esoteric texts on my shelf...THe Rig Vedas and the Kaballah among them.
This is not a cliche or vague concept..these books does the speeches..or the next variation of speechs coming down the pipe.

Esoteric is when I listen to Al Gore with his next fright speech/the sky is falling... to someone ..not me...but someone out there on the string. No thanks I have sissors and a pocket knife.
I dont frighten that easily.

As to feelings..I dont live for my feelings....I try to dicipline my feelings in order to accomplish tasks set in front of me....which require dicipline...not wildlife living for feelings and emotions..passion.

I do not live to glorify my humanity. No interest in this...glorifying humanity is a road trodden over by many long before me and continues unto this day. Nothing new here.

I am also not intrested in most of what humanity thinks is so great...Most of it today is drivel and changing fashion ...just like the wind changes.
Nothing new here either..

Thats just the way it is..most of humanity can just continue down the fast food lane. I'll go somewhere else.


posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 02:55 AM
I respect your position, actually I admire it. I understand it wholeheartedly, however, it is also unoriginal. You have gained so much knowledge without acquiring much wisdom IMHO.

If you have generalized my message to the point of integrating me with self-help types, I might as well digress. That said, I have no interests in digressing.

So you feel no real allegience to humanity? Not even on a small scale, like your family? Consider the idea that if someone brought unconditional love to their sister, and in return they passed it to the mother, and to the father, until the entire family was stricken with love. Would you have a family free of distance and ridicule? I think so. And if we were to balloon that to a larger scale, like Earth, would the results be the same? I think so.

Just because we has failed in the past doesn't mean the past has failed us. Tupac said, "I might not be the thing that changes the world, but I garuantee my words will spark the brain of the person that will."

You seem to have lost your faith. It can be found.


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posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 03:30 PM

I dont quite think you understand that I am what is called Sectarian...anti social. While this is nothing new...I also understood that the position you propose and promote is not new either.

Your position is Non Sectarian. This is the social term under which it travels.

Sectarian....Sect ...Seperated from not joining in.

THis is how I know the spirit in which you commune is a different spirit from the Spirit in which I commune. I knew this from the first reading of your OP. No problem.

The non sectarian position is quite common throughout history. It is the most numerous in the records of men. It eventually winds up in a variation of Feudalism. Non Sectarianism is also the most common human logic and reason ...especially in our institutions of higher learning here in the west.

Lets all get together in a big hug...etc etc.

No thanks...not for me. I prefer sectarian.

I have not lost my Faith. I just dont have your faith.

I know the history of both sides of this...back through time.

One Spirit and the other spirit.

One Faith and the other faith

This too is not new or original.

I do not look back in time to seek any type of 'restoration of the true brotherhood" or such variations on a theme..."to return to that which was lost." I do however know what it means..even under the guise of that which you propose and promote.

As to my family...they are my family relations. The world is not my family..nor my relations. I am not here for the world.

This type of technique you use is precisely the technique many politicians and philosophers use. I can prove our government is counterfitting and has a counterfit god. Politicians like to use alot of philosophy in thier speechs if you closely listen.

I also dont believe in unconditional love...always historically there are conditions. Unconditional love is a nice many ideas and concepts it looks good on paper ..on the drawing boards. It is just not historically true. Even among those who were non sectarian in history.


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posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 03:58 PM
Coming to terms with spirit is an ever-changing journey in my opinion. We live and learn and reassess, perpetually. I don't however understand your position on indifference in terms of unification.

I do not regergitate other trendy ideas just so you know, my direction is a self-acquired truth, with internal validation. So referncing other similiar ideas is a moot reference point. I don't think for a second that my ideas are revolutionary, but if one mind reads through and finds a meaniful breakthrough, it was worth the little effort I exhausted.

There are three types of people. 1) those that are ignorant to life's hypocracy. 2) Those that spend their day effected by their comprehension of it. 3) Finally, those that are at peace with the reality of it all, and move on.

I appreciate your civil discussions on the matter, yet I can't help but think that your position is somewhat selfish, in between types 2 & 3, which I believe to be counter-productive to enhancing the spirit to HIGHEST capability.

I can see that where we differ is on the idea of unity.


posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 02:06 AM

Coming to terms with spirit is an ever-changing journey in my opinion. We live and learn and reassess, perpetually. I don't however understand your position on indifference in terms of unification.

I have only one journey. There was a time when I was non sectarian and amenable to all these concepts. Somewhere along the line or trail of life I was made to turn about and go the other way. Not my doing I can assure you. Left up to my natural nature I would still be non sectarian and loving it.

As to my indifference to the concept of unification ...this is because I am already unified. Bought ..purchased...a prisioner.. At Peace.

I appreciate your civil discussions on the matter

You are most certainly welcome here. Not enough civility in the world today ...though I suspect that it may have been always so. I am suspecting that much of this history is concealed from us....esoteric if you like.
One can be civil ..even in disagreement. Once again not enough basic civilities around today. Too much of life in the fast food lane so to speak...destroying basic civilities and courtesy.

I can see that where we differ is on the idea of unity.

You are correct here. No problem however. I can live with it.


posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 02:00 PM
Orangetom, let's call it like it is man, the counterfeit god is:

- JAH from Jahweh
- BUL from Baal the Assyrian god
- ON from Osiris
It is a syncretic god of nature/natural forces, the rival of God Almighty.

The OP wants love and wisdom to prevail. This has got to start from the education system which teaches 'know-how' not wisdom. It teaches 'official' history not the real motives or causes and effects behind historical events.

Just my tuppence worth

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 03:20 PM

Heronumber0..It has been a long time since I have read that phrase for the combined word for thier god. This too is a cover word among those new to the craft so as not to scare them away. None the less it is precisely what you state. Thank you.

The god of natural forces..also the god of natural men.
Those who live for their passions. This is panthiesm. The all seeing, all knowing panthiestic all.

By the way...this is also the ecology/enviornmental movement in its extreme. Pantheism...humans are a blight on this earth. Nature first.

Agree also about the education system teaching know how not wisdom. Spot on here. In the X ring as us target shooters say.

YOu know some years back when we were waiting our turn to go to work in the reactor...we were sitting in the change room and someone was complaining about the news story that day..I mentioned that most of the history we needed to know was missing from our educations. Our educations were incomplete. Hence it was easy for us to become distressed about the latest news story since we knew so little about the history of such news continuing today and/or how it continues.
A supervisor listening on in the change room looked at me and mentioned using the phrase beng enlightened and having wisdom. Walking in the light about history and knowlege.
I knew right then and there he was asking me if I was under oath. If I was one of them. One of the initiated. I let him know I was not.

By the way Heronumber0...very intresting fork in the road you have taken in going to Catholicism. Well not really a change of pace to those of us who know..but intresting nonetheless. It is definitely related to the topic.
Well done olde man..well done.
How do you want your Pharisees...Hellenic or Judaic??? Both are Pharisees and using the dualism so prevalent as a fingerprint in what we are discussing. Yet both of these groups initiated into the mysteries.

IT took me years and years to make the connection. When the connection was made...I was dumbfounded. IT necessitated rethinking everything I had learned up to that point with this new angle and knowlege
Both of these groups ..Hellenic and Judaic are humanistic too...since they look to the east for their wisdom and knowlege.


One of the reasons you dont understand my position on humanity is because of Salt. I am Salty. Not sugary. THe one with whom you commune is the sugary one.

I am of the Salt of the Earth. Not the sugar. No problem here. I state this with great civility.


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posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 01:34 PM

I have thought much about your position lately, and it has enabled me to analyze from another point of reference. A few outstanding questions remain for full spiritual diagnostics.

If you don't mind sharing that is.

What do you have allegiance to in this life?
You believe in conditional love, but who is in charge of placing those conditions, your "self" or your "spirit?"

I do however believe in the duality of life, and your salt/sugar reference instigated depth perception of your point. But I can't help but think that your collectiove experiences chose to formulate this position, and not always true spirit. For love is not conditional in spirit from what I've experienced. The application of the love from spirit through self is where the hiccup originates, and then when things are built from that, you got uncertanity (principal). See Werner Heisenberg

You're right, not all humans are capable of interprating the need for conventionsal wisdim to prevail, but if we can assimilate to the core that is capable, our energies may involuntarily effect that whole. Think critical mass.

In quantum physics changing one partical here may immediately change another partical a light year away, this is the force in which I am aiming.

You heard of the Hundred Monkey Syndrome?

Hundred Monkey Syndrome

The "Hundredth Monkey Theory" was developed in 1979 by researcher, Lyall Watson when he and other researchers discovered a particular feeding behavior within a group of rhesus monkeys in Japan. After supplying the group of monkeys with yams, one monkey discovered that washing the yam in a stream removed the dirt prior to eating. More of the monkeys were given yams and over a period of time all the monkeys who received the yams for the first time took it to the stream and washed it.

The researchers repeated the experiment on another island with the same results. Watson attributed this phenomenon to a supernatural force at work on the islands posturing that as more and more monkeys learned this behavior the entire group would develop a general consciousness of it. He set the threshold at the 100th monkey believing that once this monkey began washing potatoes the behavior would become part of the group consciousness and that this consciousness would even leap to islands where the behavior had not been introduced.

In short this theory asserts that knowledge gained by a single member of a group can be passed on to others through some sort of mental telepathy. New Agers appeal to this theory in their belief that if enough people believe a certain way a mass consciousness, a unity of thought, belief and action will be attained.

How about the transcendental meditation project in washington dc in the early nineties?

1 June 99
A study published in the peer-reviewed journal Social Indicators Research reports on one of the most dramatic sociological experiments ever undertaken. Researchers predicted in advance that the calming influence of group meditation practice could reduce violent crime by over 20 percent in Washington, D.C., during an 8-week period in the summer of 1993.
In fact, the findings later showed that the rate of violent crime--which included assaults, murders, and rapes--decreased by 23 percent during the June 7 to July 30 experimental period. The odds of this result occurring by chance are less than 2 in 1 billion. Rigorous statistical analyses ruled out an extensive list of alternative explanations, according to John Hagelin, lead author of the study and director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.

"This work and theory that informs it deserve the most serious consideration by academics and policy makers alike." Dr. David Edwards, University of Texas- Austin

You can be the salt of the Earth my friend and still join forces with the sugar, so that we may all defeat the chocolate.
But seriously...


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posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 02:35 AM
A True Lover of God

“A true lover of God is an optimist. He looks for and finds the bright side of things. He is able to extract sunshine from the darkest corner. He loves all life and carries a message of hope, and courage, and a helpful suggestion to all. He is broad and tolerant, merciful and forgiving, devoid of hate, envy, and malice, free from fear and worry. He minds his own business and grants all the same privilege. He is full of love, and radiates it to the entire world. He goes through life in his own sunny way, joyfully meeting things that drives others to despair and misery, he passes the stony road unharmed. His peace comes from within and all who meet him feel his presence. He doesn’t seek after friends or love, these things come to him, for this is his right; for he attracts them.”
Yogi Ramacharacha

Soo beautiful and soo true.

Society is ever more lacking this(described above). It is a definate downfall, we need a change fast. Someone lately remarked on that Seattle, Wa, needs this light( or the true human ) to be saved from it's destruction. Not fully sure why he said Seattle, but it does have some problems, earthquake wise, etc. In general all society needs to wake up.

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