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15 years then will we Know

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posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 04:23 PM
Some people are saying that within the next 15 years we will known the truth of Alien life & Ufo technology, the mexican goverment is releasing their files the public, as we know as is some very few other countries are, is now the time are we ready, I think we have been ready for a long time.

I understand this may be just another thread maybe repeated Apolagise(s)but what has changed since the last.

What are your personnel views, (comments please) is the truth coming in our life times or as some people think it will never come. are you prepared to wait or is this a matter that you have to know.

Will the Goverment phase the Question in slowly or just pop the answer to us, what can we the normal working class do to speed things up, why should we have to wait & wait, is asking for the truth via "FOIA" really enough. or can we do more.

How can the public utilize its power to get results get the truth !!



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