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Astral projection anyone?

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posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 09:54 AM
Hello time4chg07, it seems the the people on this post are more worried about the logistics of what is and OBE and what is Astral projecting than rather answering your question. I was like you at one time. You have that feeling inside of you that there is something more. Just remember this. we human are a part of nature even though we try to separate our selves from it and each other. With that said the easiest way I found for it to work for me was through my dreams. When your dreaming your already in a relaxed state. Here are some simple steps to get you to an OBE.

Through out the day look at your hands. Remind your self that this is one part of your existence/consciousness.When your in your dream you will be able to become lucid when you look at your hands because you will remind your self that you are dreaming. Once you realize you are dreaming observe your surrounding and any characters in it. These characters are a reflection of the inner you. If you in a building try to get to the top level and out the door. Let whoever is there guide you. If your outside fly. Fly as high as you can till you "break through". you might see the scene morph or blend. The step after this you might find your self laying in your bed. Sit up and see how far you go....

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 10:04 AM

Originally posted by Lunica
This is what I mean with an Astral Projection or remote viewing or OOBE in his point of view.
A real out of body experience when your soul leaves your body... Well, then you really leave your body
I call it Astral traveling.
If Robert Bruce states here that this cant be done, or is not happening, he does not know the right things about it.
I am not saying he is not correct in everyhting. But about this certain subject I state he is incorrect. And even he can be wrong...

He may well be incorrect, this field is almost impossible to find substantial proof of what one person says, compared to another. He is also human and can be wrong. However, he has produced an immense amount of material, and committed a large part of his life to investigating and understanding these issues, and the proof lies therein with his huge support he recieves in many areas, his forum being just one.

The book I mentioned really does explain things in great detail, and of the many explanations I have seen, this really seems to be the most likely. One of the tests he carried out to prove this was going into an OOBE while being conscious, and then returning to the chair he was sat in. As he got closer to his body, his consciousness started flipping back and forth between his awake mind, and his projection, and he could see both his projection from his body, and his body from his projection.

The basics of it, is that your physical body is never left empty while it is alive, and to think otherwise is completely illogical. It is an old concept that something "leaves" the body in the physical plane, and still a commonly accepted theory, but there is no evidence whatsoever that proves this, yet you would think after hundreds of years there would at least one incident?

This is not to say I don't recommend researching the subject before trying, of course. But these new theories presented by Robert Bruce are backed up with results after results, and proven by the testimony of almost all (if not all!) who read his books. I recommend you try and get one at the library, even if you choose to disbelieve it all I'm sure you may learn something, at least!

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 11:37 AM

Originally posted by adjay

He may well be incorrect, this field is almost impossible to find substantial proof of what one person says, compared to another. He is also human......[ ]... all I'm sure you may learn something, at least!

Thanks for your very clear reply. I wish my english was good enough to tell my thoughts I have in Dutch into proper english. But ok...

What the truth is, what can be proofed etc... It is very difficult stuff indeed. To be exactly accurate in what is happening, you have to go into great detail, and then again, its would be very difficult to explain. Things will be very unclear and not logical anymore. Most people who encountered OOBE have some trouble tot understand whats happening
But ok...

I agree in everyhting you tell about his experiences. You can be at two places at the same time. The soul can split (sort of) into more parts. Thats a "fact" (for me it is).

The basics of it, is that your physical body is never left empty while it is alive, and to think otherwise is completely illogical.

I agree. However, an entity taking your body (even when you are in it completely) is possible. Those have been recorded.

Lets go a little more in detail:
When going out of your body the circumstances for problems are much greater. Luckily there is always a part connected to your body (the cord to your body for instance). Its not your conscious soul thats left behind. Its just "a part" of it . (When going further away of your body, the less you be aware of your body, and it takes a longer time to go back)
At the same time your body will be guarded. (Here I doubt Robert Bruce is aware of it, I am not sure though).
When someone is experimenting with this and he/she is going to far away, just doing it at his own, problems may occur. it will rearly happen, but this is really possible. Let me explain 2 problems:

1. You can be lost! Your soul cant get back, and you conscious soul will be hanging between life and dead... (I dont make this up, I have been warned by my guids for it, not just once. I understand when not having the abbility to talk with your guids you wouldn't know. Therefore, it wont happen that easilily. Because guids will get track of you in far the most cases. And thats why you cant just go anywhere, they will block you when there will be a great risk. Most people will never be able to do it)
2. There is no attention for a certain time to your body when leaving your body. (you can even flip out when you dont want to). When there is an entity around at that time, not likely though, it is possible to have problems. This wont occur in far the most cases. But it is possible. Cant help it

There are no recorded incidents. When it happends, like the first example, how you want to tell?! (But then again, how to proof this?

Another thing:

when really going somewhere this is more or less happening:

When going to a place:
\O/ ------------------------------------------------> go far away
body (part of soul)-------------------------------> conscious soul
(here you are really away)

When going back:

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 12:26 PM
You make great sense Lunica. Thanks for the deeper explanation!

What you describe is the classical model (the longstanding accepted theory) of how AP works. You clearly are well versed in this as well. I think I can make this post short and sweet because of your knowledge in this area.

Robert Bruce describes in his book "Astral Dynamics" that instead of a "part" of your soul leaving your body (thus leaving it empty), in fact it is a reflection of the physical mind/memories, so the body is still complete and full. I find this to be much more in line with how things really are when projecting. I have tried to get close to my physical body in projections, and always buzz the projection out as I get anywhere close to it - this supports his belief that there is a conflict between the two copies of the mind, as also demonstrated by his experiment I mentioned above.

Indeed being "possessed" is a reality in this world - however I do not believe AP or OOBE increases the chance of this due to having an "empty" body. I feel that if something is going to possess somebody, they will pick the right target and possess it regardless of whether the person is projecting or not.

Whoever is actually right (like we'll ever know!), your advice is probably a good safeguard. I just think it's proven to be a safe activity, due to lack of any incidents, and the amount of times people actually project.

A sidenote - your english is better than my dutch!

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 02:59 PM
OOBE and Astral Projection are THE SAME THING. It is a real experience that has been duplicated by different people throughout time........
The biggest hinderence is your belief system or lack thereof. You will find in area of study that WHAT YOU THINK becomes the truth for personal operating system. If you think there are shadowey monsters trying to get you thats exactly what you will find.

If something truly interests you why not study it fully? Try a LIBRARY and look for books on the subject. Take a class in meditation and take some yoga classes, pay attention & learn something, then PRACTICE what you learn. If your not willing to delve into it on your own do not expect people over the internet to fill you in on all the details.

It takes years & years of practice for most folks to get to the place in life where they can OOBE. Other people find it easy to do......

I got a hand 'out' for my first time out. I thought that this was going to make the way for me easier, but I was wrong. I STILL had to start at step one and learn HOW to achieve this on my own...........just because I got a hand 'out' did NOT make the process any easier. It may have even challenged me in many ways....There is still much soul searching to do, and allot of PRACTICE being deeply relaxed.
Then when you actually find yourself out of your body you may find that you get NO choice in where you go and what you see. This is all up to your higher self/oversoul, and your current personality may have little or no choice in the matter.
One thing I know for sure.................if your not seriously comfortable with the whole idea of reincarnation then you will find OOBE to be a very uncomfortable experience.

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 04:10 PM
obviously im not believing everything i hear considering my religion since i want to do it. also i posted this for suggestions not to have my religion bashed. doesnt anyone know how to have a proper conversation. honestly.

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 04:03 AM
Religion has a big part in this.

A lot of people are afraid of dying because they have a high chance to go to hell.

Therefor are afraid of death. You have to completely accept that you are going to die one day and no fear it 1 bit.

It will make it a lot easier on you if you let go of your problem with death..

Christian religion is a big culprit in this so you need to kinda forget about what you was taught and be very relaxed when you try this. If you are it wont happen.

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