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Project Lens

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posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 06:58 AM
Hello everyone, I'm posting this here today because I believe its something I need clarification on. I have a relative in the marines who recently took a special project with a different line of enforcement. He would not state the name but said that he's never heard of this branch before. I don't know much about military, however I do know a lot about conspiracies. He reached me from an odd number this morning starting with 0451 and informed me he is outside of the country on a project.

Well me being me I ask what project and he told me something in spanish which was an inside joke but referred to my glasses. Then he asked how my project was going? Then interupted me and said think about tomorrow and hung up. Which led me to believe projects lens. There is no reason for him to referring to my lens since he has to said anything about in over 6 years.

If anyone can explain what project lens or project glass or anything in that nature please reply. If anyone knows the area code to that number I would appreciate it as well. My relative usually calls 3 times a week, this is the first time anyone has heard from him in six months.

Thanks ATS

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