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Did the Space Shuttle dock at the Secret Space Station tonight?

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posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 10:20 PM

Originally posted by StreetCorner Philosopher
Anti-Grav saucers are tiny. They are almost like pods. No room for cargo.

Not quite true my friend

Sounds fishy....why did Columbia explode? They supposedly didn't notice any damage at all.

Quite simple... Guy Cramer did a page on this as well...

Plasma space lightning... It was recorded by an amateur who took five images... fortunately one is still available I found it through Guy's page at a sight in Australia.. the other four are no longer findable at this time..

Wild Blue Yonder: San Francisco Photos indicate Shuttle Columbia was struck by Hyper-Lightning on Reentry by Guy Cramer SOURCE

Its interesting but maybe this was a forecast of the impending disaster..

posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 10:26 PM

Originally posted by COOL HAND
I find it very interesting that John has basically abandoned the post that he started.

That is really an ignorant statement... considering we were all out of town at the Bay Area expo from the 23rd to the 28th with no online access...

DENY IGNORANCE check before ya shoot from the hip

No one has abandoned ANYTHING

posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 10:31 PM

Originally posted by StreetCorner Philosopher
John, you mean you still travel in those primitive land based vehicles? Lol.
Hope the convention was lots of fun, and hope the people there weren't nearly as critical of you as they are on here.

It was my first one of those conventions I expected the usual costumes and share of "fringe" people... I was quite amazed at how serious it was. The questions were intelligent and meaningful and even the media attention was respectful... but for me personally was the caliber of some of those attending... I will be going into that in more detail later

We only actually had one person who was "critical" and he merely said he could not see what we see....

I was impressed, especially by the physicists

posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 10:37 PM

Originally posted by sherpa
I am not sure if this is relevant and I don't want to steal anyones thunder, this websit seems to be covering a similar angle but doesn't site sources.

Thats because it is Jack Arneson's home page and he is currently a member of Pegasus. We have been waiting till we get back from the Expo to start presenting this material. Jack has been working the Russian angle and it has been a lot of hard work tracking down all the documentation.

It is easy for skeptics to say we are wrong... it is very difficult and takes many tedious hours to gather the facts to present to you the audience...

You can follow Jack's contribution from our main menu and over the next few days we will be updating it regularly. There is much that has come to light... And the cargo transports that you mention play a MAJOR role in all this...

Yes you jumped the gun... but its okay... we won't ship you offworld to the mines just yet...

posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 10:48 PM

Originally posted by aguilaThere is something bigger going on than we think (of course there is).

Hello Aguila Interesting name LOL (will explain shortly)

Originally posted by Implosion

Originally posted by johnlear

Zorgon will have Lenards photos up on in a few minutes. I will give you a heads up when they are on.

Of course, John Lenard's photos of "secret space stations" [I thought they were supposed to be alien spacecraft...] are already up on ATS.

Alleged spacecraft/objects on moon

Quite right Implosion they have been posted in the thread you linked...

But here they are in their original form in no particular order.... John Lenard posted them at a NASA forum and simply asked what they were, as he also had ISS images that he could identify. He was tossed off the NASA board, his photos deleted and his posts erased...

The reason given when an ATS member asked was "We don't tolerate UFO's here.."

A diligent ATS'er used google cache and snapped the original posts and the after shot when one posters answer to John was still there but the posts are gone... read it yourself there was no mention of UFO's he simply asked to have the spacecraft identified..

Here is the full collection of all the images I found from various sources... some are easily identifyable as ISS others are clearly something else... I sent these to Jack Arneson, who is an image analysist amongst other things...

John Lenard Photographs

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posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 11:13 PM
^^^ truly amazing pics.especially the ones from the ground.

why is NASA hiding ??

posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 11:16 PM

Originally posted by agent violet
so if i was going to speculate, i would say it would be along the lines of pictures, charts, maps, log books, written documents, computer disk with evidence, signed confession, or other things like such, imo.

Ah yes as a matter of fact...


One of the images that John Lenard captured we used in the stargate thread as it REALLY looks like a Go'auld pyramid ship...

However, the bright pyramid also looks like the solar collector on the "secret" space station....

Now Springer... after I have seen you party. I just KNOW you are going to be amazed at this one...

I now introduce the ATSS

Actually it stands for Advanced Technology Space Station..

The following information and pictures are from a NASA contractors report I ordered from NASA... It is a 198 page contractors report giving dimensions, I-beam loads, support vehicles, etc, etc,

The Final report was completed May 1986 to Oct 1988 and the document was released in 1990...

So lets take a tour shall we?...

So there you see what the "glowing pyramids" are Solar Collectors... more on them in just a moment...

Here are a few of the construction details...

There are hundreds of sketches like these... Now back to the Solar Collectors

ATSS Solar Dynamic Power Unit

Now there is also the ATSS version of the Shuttle Arm...

ATSS Telerobotic Assembler

Now in the "Infrared Moon Images" thread John and I presented the Aristarchus Fusion Reactor... there will be an update on that soon... (that's where those physisists from the convention come in :cool
But after all the ummmm flak we took over fusion reactors... I thought this would be the icing on the cake...

ATSS Fusion Reactor

Continued Next Post....

posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 11:23 PM
Secret space station, huh? Well, isn't that juicy? Anyone bothered to get their telescopes out, or is this space station using a cloaking device of some sort?

The pictures provided really don't do it for me. Colored blobs don't help, but say, maybe use an expensive capturing device?

[edit on 30-8-2007 by Sytima]

posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 11:33 PM
ATSS Continued...

I say we rename it to Above Top Secret Spacestation
Its already got the right letters...

ATSS Cargo Transport and Support Vehicles

Now then this is were it begins to get interesting.... I will post three images here, the first one I have not yet followed up on but the other two I want you to memorize them... there will be a test later

The Service Vehicle...

The Heavy Lifters... (Remember the name Star Booster)

The Shuttle outfitted from LEO to Lunar orbit carrying the Cargo ship attached below... (Remember the name "Aquila")

Take a long hard look at this one...

So this is the beginning of the presentation... I will follow this up tonight with all the main details, though I may not have time to get to all the Russian connections tonight, so bear with me on that...

Here is the cover sheet that came with the document I just presented the images from... I will add more on the website later as time allows...

ATSS Contractor Report

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posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 11:34 PM

Originally posted by Sytima
Secret space station, huh? Well, isn't that juicy? Anyone bothered to get their telescopes out, or is this space station using a cloaking device of some sort?

The pictures provided really don't do it for me. Colored blobs don't help, but say, maybe use an expensive capturing device?

[edit on 30-8-2007 by Sytima]

It's very simple.

Everyone on board has their fingers crossed soooo hard in the hope that they will never be discovered.

posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 11:35 PM
reply to post by Now_Then

Ah! It all makes perfect sense now.

posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 12:25 AM

For several months now I have been dropping hints in various threads at about a space craft that goes by the name "Aquila". It is a cargo transport vessel that I found while digging through thousands of reports on Lunar Mining from the Lunar and Planetary Institute.

It was really funny actually, and sad, as not one person took the bait... neither skeptic nor supporter. This is possibly because this ship is very elusive, and without the precise search questions, the best you will get on "Aquila Cargo Transport" it the "Chronicles of Riddick". I just love the way they hide things in plain sight.

Okay lets start with the document that started my long search... I showed this to many people at the Bay Area UFO Expo and got pretty much the same reaction from everyone when they got to paragraph four... I believe I heard Springer exclaim "Jesus!!"

The Aquila Cargo Transport a very elusive spacecraft with a LONG history...

The Original Document...

This is an abstract of a document at Lunar and Planetary Institute that I do not have clearance enough for to get the full report... (that alone should say something...) however the abstract is good enough to start with...

Now a note of respect here please... all the documents I have gathered include contact info for the parties revolved. I have left out phone numbers and emails but I am sure ATS'ers will not barrage these people with letters...

I have highlighted key phrases in Bold...

Hubert P. Davis, Starcraft Boosters, Inc.
1032 Military Drive
Canyon Lake, TX 78133
(830) xxx-xxx

This is a report of a work in progress. So far as the author is presently aware, this topic has not been previously addressed. Proprietary work by NASA or others may, however, exist that address similar topics.

This work assumes that a base near the South Pole of our Moon will be established for the purpose of exploiting the resources of the Moon; principally the water ice that many believe was discovered by the Clementine and Lunar Prospector satellites. The ice is of particular value as, with the aid of the ample solar resource available nearby, it may become an essentially limitless source of oxygen / hydrogen propellants for continued visitation to and expansion of the base and for the support of additional space exploration missions, including human exploration of Mars.

This work placed a total 129 tons initial base for both the in crater and crater rim installations, as well as a 90 tons “marshaling yard” at the Earth Moon L-1 libration point. For launch services, the results of an in house Shuttle Derived Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle study were used. It is called Aquila. This vehicle can deliver over 50 tons to low Earth orbit from the Kennedy Space Center, using a combination of Space Shuttle and Delta IV Heavy components.

A second stage of the Delta IV Heavy vehicle was used to deliver 15 tons payloads from Earth orbit to docking at L-1. By so doing, no “new start” systems are needed beyond those of the L-1 station and the LRB itself, provided the Aquila and Crew Exploration Vehicle have been previously developed. At L-1, three of these once used stages are fitted with landing gear and other elements needed to produce a highly capable Lunar Vehicle and it is refueled from propellants delivered from Earth to place the base and to provide a single visit of a six person crew to aid the robotic operations necessary to produce a fully functional base.

If the ground rule is established that “dry” cargo and propellant must be launched separately, 34 launches were required. This will permit over 50% of the launches to launch only propellants. Later missions, using propellants produced by the LRB, show a large net gain in propellants available at L-1. For example, a round trip mission with the CEV results in a net gain of over six tons of propellant at L-1; a cargo delivery nets over 69 tons.

Work continues on the “pay-off” phase; that is, further missions making use of the propellants obtained from the shallow “gravity well” of the Moon. Propellants produced on the Moon will only be used from the lunar surface or from L-1; no attempt will be made to deliver them to other locations. That will come, but is “out-of-scope” for the present work.

A Mars mission departing from L-1 with mass of 686 tons can be placed on the trans Mars trajectory expending lunar origin propellants and just one of the Lunar Vehicles, requiring an additional 13 Aquila launches. This will permit dual Mars spacecraft to be used for each mission with a 28% mass margin over a single, similar mass vehicle departing from low Earth orbit.

This short extract has so much data in in. Lets try to follow the trail...

First and most obvious question... Who is Starcraft Boosters?
Second... What is a Delta IV Heavy Component?
Third... Who makes the Delta IV's?
Fourth... Where are the Launched from?

Without even touching on the Moon Base and Mars cargo runs mentioned above (We will get back to that). these questions led to many interesting connections.

Who is Starcraft Boosters?

Take a look at the Starcraft Booster Team

Starcraft Booster Home Page

So if you wondered why Buzz Aldrin doesn't say much about whats going on... this ought to tell you WHY...

Here is his personal page BTW for those interested..

Buzz Aldrin

Here is the one version of the Aquila (there are several)

And if you recall from the previous section... here is the Star Booster

In the above image you already see the Delta IV Heavy... below is the Delta family from Boeing Integrated Defense Systems...


Tracking this further we looked for a platform where one could do secret launches. We had Antarctica... ( A good place as there is a radiation "hole" over the pole, but then someone in the moon thread asked how about launches from an Island...

That lead us to "Sea Launch"

Sea Launch is a floating launch platform designed to handle the Delta IV's and is towed out to sea for launches... The other interesting fact is that it is a joint Boeing/Russian venture... and it is the only countdown done in both Russian and English... We will get to the Russian part in all this after...


Continued next Post

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posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 12:39 AM
Now I want to introduce Jack Arneson...

He came to Pegasus by a round about way by seeing a youtube video of John Lear... and it led him to emailing me..

Out of all the people I have ever asked "Have you ever heard of the Aquila?" he was the first to answer me "Yes" and proceeded to tell ME about it...

His "resume" is on the page reached from the main menu at

The story he told me begins as follows (the rest can be read on the pages)

I haven't talked about this since it happened. Not out of fear of ridicule but out of a misguided sense of loyalty. Maybe others who were involved may see this and step forward. I've had my web site for a few years and decided this is where to start. I believe this incident happened to me because of one piece of paper I saw in 1969. - Jack Arneson

While in the Army and stationed in Thailand from Aug, 1968 to Sep. ‘69, I had a friend in the Air Force who was also an amateur photographer and his occupation was in radar. On a few occasions he took me to radar tracking rooms and showed me around in the non-sensitive areas. And on other occasions to the photo lab on off-duty hours and showed me some very interesting photos of UFO’s taken by reconnaissance aircraft and F-4 Phantom fighters on patrol. Although they were not very good photographically speaking, one could tell they weren't conventional aircraft.

One day when we both had the same day off, he visited me at my base because we had a good beach to R & R, with an outdoor bar and open air theater. The two bases were only a couple of miles apart on the southern coast of Thailand. My base was Camp Samae San and his was Utapao Air Base.

We were talking about the photos of the UFO’s and tracking them when he said: “ I’m going to tell you something that’s up and coming and I just might be able to get clearance for you to be in the room. He and I took a walk down the beach and he pulled out a mimeographed copy of a carbon copy of a memo. It was a planned launch in a couple of months at a Marshall Islands launch site. Nothing really interesting at first I thought, until he told me what it was for.

The memo was addressed to a Colonel with a description of a planned experiment on a launch vehicle and cargo transport for a Moon mission. No other info in it about when or what mission.

At the top in the heading it was addressed as:

Memo to some Colonel and no TS or EO designation for secret, just a bunch of abbreviated location codes in the To and From lines.

Subject: Heavy Lift Launch

The last line in the heading read:
Code Name: AQUILA

I remember this name because I pronounced it wrong. I know some "Street Spanish" (my polite term for Mexican swear words and phrases) and kept saying: ________ It looked Mexican to me.

He said: “Just remember Tequila”. And then it came out "Aquila".

This really interested me because of the upcoming Apollo 11 mission and I was going to miss it! (I would still be in Thailand) No TV in Thailand at that time, only Newsreels when they showed a movie. And they were 3 months older than current events. So I knew I wouldn't see the transmissions until I rotated back to the US. I asked him if they were going to track the A11 too and he said: "We track everything"!

I couldn't get clearance to join in the tracking of the experimental launch and it really disappointed me. He did tell me the launch went as planned and was successful. The A11 launch wasn't for two more months and he thought we could figure something out by then for that one. When the time neared, he told me he tried to help with the paper work at his end but was told I have no affiliation with any of their projects, so no dice. We were both upset about it and he told me: "When the time is right, I’ll show you something that will probably change your life”.

That day was the last time I heard or saw of him. No info on his whereabouts when I looked for him, nobody new nothin'. I didn't have his home address or anything. Just that he was from Texas. (not his real home State) And he has or had, a common last name. So I'll use a fictitious name for his protection, lets call him... Johnson, Barry. Airman E-4, Sergeant.

This was the old designation for E-4 in the AF back then and not his real rank anyway. I was E-4 Specialist at that time. (this was my real rank) If I had stripes, I would be a Corporal. I always thought that was unfair: E-4 in the AF is Sergeant and E-4 in the Army was Corporal. I thought he either got caught doing something or was part of something and transferred. I didn't want to think the 3rd alternative.

To continue the story see our page here..


So a few months before Apollo 11 went to the moon a cargo vessel headed out there launched from the Marshall Islands...

It was named AQUILA and was a heavy lifter...

Continued next post...

posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 01:29 AM
Now then... lets take this one step further and we can bring in right back to our Lunar Mining Operation....

This one was one of the best finds yet... its another "version" of the Aquila, though this one has a special purpose... I would highlight the relevant parts of the abstract, but that would be the WHOLE abstract... read this one carefully... If this doesn't get your attention, then perhaps we need to check for a pulse

Jack found this while digging around some old papers

US PATENT 5,092,545

Method of Delivering Lunar Generated Fluid to Earth Orbit Using an External Tank

Publication number: US5092545
Publication date: 1992-03-03
Applicant: NASA (US)


A method and apparatus are provided for delivering lunar generated fluid to Earth orbit from lunar orbit. Transport takes place in an external tank of a shuttle which has been suitably outfitted in Earth orbit for reusable travel between Earth orbit and a lunar orbit. The outfitting of the external tank includes the adding of an engine, an electrical system, a communication system, a guidance system, an aerobraking device, and a plurality of interconnected fluid storage tanks to the hydrogen and oxygen tanks of the external tank. The external tank is then propelled to lunar orbit the first time using Earth based propellant. In lunar orbit, the storage tanks are filled with the lunar generated fluid with the remainder tank volumes filled with lunar generated liquid oxygen and hydrogen which serve as propellants for returning the tank to Earth orbit where the fluid is off-loaded. The remaining lunar generated oxygen and hydrogen is then sufficient to return the external tank to lunar orbit so that a subsequent cycle of fluid delivery is repeated. A space station in a higher Earth orbit is preferably used to outfit the external tank, and a lunar node in lunar orbit is used to store and transfer the fluid and liquid oxygen and hydrogen to the external tank. The lunar generated fluid is preferably 3He.

What they are describing is THIS...

It is "parked" here when in LEO...

Details of the contaiment units...

Off Loading the Liquid Oxygen, Hydrogen and Helium 3... at the space station...

Shielding the Cargo Transport from the Sun...

Okay so we have tracked the Aquila from 1969... we have connected Buzz Aldrin, the Russians, Boeing Defense Systems Delta IV's and a Sea Launch Platform...

We have tracked the Helium 3 from the Moon to LEO... but so far we do not yet know where it goes from there. The Liquid H and O stay up there for fuel for return trips... all self contained needing no further launches...

We have tracked the HE3 to MIT Fusion reactor work, we have tracked the mineral rights and we are in contact with those people right now. I will let John tell you about the other three Amigos... Guy Cramer, Dr Resnick and Lt Col. O'Niel...

The Russian connection will have to wait a day or so I have a contract for the next few days so will be busy... But SHERPA has already touched on it so bear with us a few days..

Those that know me know I say "Follow the Kitchen" to find the secret bases... we seem to have found the Caterers

But too much input at one time fries brain cells... we will give you time to absorb this... before we fire round two...

Then its back to the Moon Thread for ...

"The Secrets Of Tsiolkovski"

Note: some of this was prepared only tonight and all may not be linked from our main menu yet. I will check that this weekend. If anything is missing just drop me a note... thanks..

Time for some ZZZzzzz'z

OOPS Forgot....


And in case that Space Station above looks familiar...


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posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 03:47 AM
Zorgon, Twould seem that some of the stuff on your website referring to some other 'secret space station' and accreditted to one 'Santamonica john' is also being posted on Youtube and entitled
'Interstellar Video Footage'so what is it? a secret space station or something 'interstellar'

Aint life strange eh?

posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 04:33 AM

Originally posted by Chorlton
Zorgon, Twould seem that some of the stuff on your website referring to some other 'secret space station' and accreditted to one 'Santamonica john' is also being posted on Youtube and entitled
'Interstellar Video Footage'so what is it? a secret space station or something 'interstellar'

Aint life strange eh?

Please will you stop insulting my intelligence?

Just stop it, already.

The first half is shown in negative video format to show a different perspective. Some of these are in deep space.

notice he says "Some"? It doesn't say all. And it's hardly the entire premise of the info presented by Zorgon. you think that's the weakest link in the chain?

Just stop. Enough!

posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 05:51 AM
As always Zorgon sterling work I am just trying to absorb your last posts.

I wasn't sure about the US side of things but I have to admit there did seem to be a lot of cargo going up in the Russian M vehicles, especially propellant I couldn't see how the ISS could be using that much fuel.

Ha Ha it all starts to look interesting again.

[edit on 31-8-2007 by sherpa]

posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 10:47 AM
Originally posted by Chorlton

Zorgon, Twould seem that some of the stuff on your website referring to some other 'secret space station' and accreditted to one 'Santamonica john' is also being posted on Youtube and entitled
'Interstellar Video Footage'so what is it? a secret space station or something 'interstellar'

Aint life strange eh?

Chorlton, your comments are noted and appreciated. I highly value your intellectual, supremely intelligent and insightful comments. Please keep them coming. Thanks.

posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by johnlear

As Indeed do I to your posts John..

Im glad you made it back through the desert, I only just made it back from France what with all the rain.

posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 12:55 PM
WOW Zorgon

You just dropped the biggest bomb I have ever seen on ATS so far.


There is so much information there, I read it last night when you posted it and my brain was taking a good while to soak it all in. Not to mention the emotions that go along with it. I will however blame you for the lack of sleep that I got last night after reading your posts. I had a really hard time getting to sleep because my brain was just racing with all of the info that you presented.

You even got another whistle blower to come forward and tell his story and give credibility to your info.

We are so lucky to have you be apart of ATS, your making history man! Looking forward to hearing more of your knowledge.

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