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How the media uses natural disasters to make americans think diffrent about things ( the cuban issue

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posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 07:42 PM
Think about it ....

ok like it was said in another topic it is true if you really also watch when ever a storm would hit the island of cuba alot of the media would say things such has the u.s is trying to help the cuban goverment but they wont reply to our diplomats or goverment communications but when truth is cuba may or may not need the help but it is to think of since if it were to get hit when it really didnt the media would say the island was hit and was in deep need of help when really nothing happened but they use it against the americans to seem that cuba in need of help when the cuban military is strong so when ever so if a war bettween the two the americans would think it would be as easy as to take over greenland when it would really end up to be a endless war as in iraq and think in iraq iran gives weapons to the militas to keep a war going on but now with chavez near cuba he can suply the cuban poeple with weapons after the military would be destroyed how ever long that would take but mainly this type of stuff is for the cuban americans to hear on tv marti paid for by the u.s gov and might be closed since there are no poeple who really watch it because it has the same meaning for it to exist.

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