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Our country is in a no-win situation

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posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 05:15 PM
Whether 9/11 was an inside job or not this country is in a no-win situation. A situation we have never faced before as a country. Our government whether behind 9/11 or not is exploiting the event to take our freedoms away. And I know you don't want to hear this but I'll say it anyway: Whoever was behind 9/11 has already won.

1. Our freedoms have been taken away. Our country loses.

2. We rebel to take our freedoms back. Our country loses.

3. We rebel to take our freedom back and China or Russia takes advantage of the situation. Oue country loses.

4. Should martial law be declared? Our country loses.

5. We pull out of Iraq with it still full of terrorists. Our country loses.

So what do my fellow Americans think? Am I right? Are we in a no-win situation?

posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 06:27 AM
Sadly, I could not agree with you more. Theres one thing I want to include though that wont save America but might bring a little comfort to those of us that feel this way.

America has always struck me as the true modern Rome. A nation of super ego maniacs that believe they are better than everyone else.
I think real Americans died on the battlefield in our wars.

The rest of us are just the suckling inhabitants with our eyes too cemented on Britney Spears and our retirement to notice what a terrible place it has become. Im not talking from a particularly religious stand point either.
I dont need to be religious to be disgusted by our behaviour.
All America stands for now is who can emulate their greatest idol the best.

You try to tell a Wal-Mart manager about capitalism and foreign policy and they are either too stupid to understand it, or more so flat about disagree without providing any basis. The worst part about it all is, I cant even blame the government really, I blame us people. The mainstream embodiment of drones that dont read.

The truth is, America is NOT special, it never was. Nations throughout history have fought for and aquired freedom. They had their heroes just like we do, their flags, thier anthems and also lets not forget God lol, yes they had their Gods.

Those countries much like Rome hid their wickedness under the guise of being civilised, so long as the mainstream majority didnt see the uncivilized things they did to aquire it. Its a complete farce, it always was.
It took barbarians to fall Rome, among other contributors and America shall and is following suite. Its just history repeating itself.

I have never ever attempted to devalue the good intentions of a hard working government trusting citizen. Its the passive collected system of perception that causes the deterioration, so its hard to single someone out.

I feel that the best thing I can do is accept that no matter where I go on this earth, someone will have the ability to control me. You can go all brave heart on me all you want about taking our country back but we are now too dependant on the system to survive any other way.

There would be no woods left to hunt our own food in many areas, the water too filthy to survive drinking, and then last but not least the behaviour of other desperate ego maniacal Americans to fight over the #ty resources . AKA The "Mad Max" effect.

We completely and whole heartedly deserve our fate in every possible way. You and I let this happen, plain and simple. Id suggest finding the society in the world that will most fit your scope of acceptibility and try to live peacefully. I know its a bit dreary, but look around. Turn off the x files long enough to read the simple stuff. History, the causes of our wars. Dont go watching windtalkers or forest gump, read about the Gulf of Tonkin.

I would also suggest looking at these forums and how many fruitcakes you have to step over to find an intelligent discussion. This entire movement as well intended as it is acts as if exposing the government for what it really is would be loike the "I win" button.

Guess what, it isnt.

It wouldnt change anything. As far as overthrowing the government, NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN IN A MILLION YEARS. Your own brothers and sisters will be forced to shoot you down for treason, after all thats the American way, and your crappy guns wont have anything on thiers.

Even if you managed to sway the soldiers, the wealthy would just bring in foreign troops.

You can get all romantic with the notion of taking your freedom back but we are incapable of doing it by force and we certainly stand no chance politically. So this rant (and I apologize if its a little aggressive) are my reasons as to why I completely agree. Theres nothing left to save except

posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 11:32 PM
Surveying U.S. actions in Cuba, Nicaragua, Turkey, the Far East, South America and elsewhere as well its many covert-ops, war of terror, and cold war over the past half a century along with the modern American war in Iraq, America is just as much a terrorist state as any other government or rogue organization. George W. Bush's 2003 invasion of Iraq drew worldwide criticism, in part because it seemed to present a new philosophy of pre-emptive war and an appearance of global empire building. such has been the operating philosophy of American foreign policy for decades. Opponents of the Bush administration's tactics consistently point out how the American government supported Saddam Hussein for many years prior to the 1990 invasion of Kuwait (pictures of Donald Rumsfeld shaking Saddam's hand are easy to come by) as a means of pointing out how the United States is happy to fund despots when it's in American interests. the repression of other nations' citizenry is, in fact, the very reason Americans support certain foreign leaders.

The Amerikan Empire under the reign of global corporate capitalism still controls, directs and manages the world economy in its endless quest for market expansion as it knows that is must expand to live, though, it is already stretched out too thin in a way that is reminiscent of the Roman Empire before its eventual demise.

Puppet-Fuhrer President Bush Jr. has gone completely insane, fails to heed the sound sane advise of his own savvy military advisers and instead banishes them into national obscurity. Bush Jr. will be remembered in human history as the Dunce Decider that got the United States involved in unjust wars of military occupation in the Middle East, especially in Iraq ~ the original true cradle of early human civilization.

The doomed foreign policies of the USA has resulted in millions upon millions of decent Muslims cherishing a burning deep hatred of Amerika, all things Amerikan and billions worldwide harbor deep bitter resentments against the American people who they rightly believe allow their government to run amuck in foreign territories either through overt support for the bogus War on Terror, through the cowardly apathy of the American people and/or the dysfunctional Left-Wing Movement inside the United States.

In summary, the increasing corporate profits of big business go on as usual as the rich still get richer while the poor still get poorer. In the context of connected reality, our main central class enemy is still the ruling class of Amerikan Corporate Capitalism, not temporary corrupt politicians in the surface seats of state power who do not really call the shots behind the public photo-op scenes.

“We should strive for positive reforms as much as we can without forgetting along the way that a valid relevant revolution is the ultimate solution, not mere reform upon a corrupt body politic. Let us not forget the grand strategic aim: the seizure of state power by masses of people led by their vanguard elements!”
Bloglink= detodos-paratodos.blogspot.c...-44-senate.html...

The grand strategic aim remains the same: the seizure of state power by any means mandatory by an aggressive armed people.

We should pray for a peaceful non-violent true resolution of all these great global conflicts between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ yet be prepared to defend ourselves against all evil predators. We should keep uppermost in mind that there has never been a real solid peaceful revolution. Even those that claim to be so for now were preceded by and the result of decades of social chaos, turmoil and mass bloodshed. Armed with a keen knowledge of history as a guide to action we should know that eventually civil war in at least scattered sites inside the United States is as predictable as nightfall. We must never disarm ourselves with naïve pacifist liberalism as we get blown away or quietly starve to death. It is not a debate of violent methods versus non-violent methods. It is really question of either fighting back and living or giving up and dying.

”Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”
To me, as a Chicano-de-Aztlan, the most significant events of 2006 revolved around the huge immigrant rights marches that happened all around May 1st 2006 and were witnessed by millions of people worldwide. Even the Creator took humble notice!

At the time, the Bush Rogue Regime was fanning the fascist flames of combating global terrorism, waging an unjust war of occupation in Iraq and instilling vile xenophobia (fear of foreigners) in average White middle-class Americans.

Back then, the most repressive immigration bill in U.S. history was being proposed called the Sensenbrenner Bill whose chief sponsor was Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.). It threatened to turn 12 million people into criminal federal felons and was the single spark that lit a prairie fire for the immigrant rights marches as it would have turned into criminals all of the 12 million+ undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., along with anyone who aided and abetted them. Mass conspiracy was and is inevitable.

Related Links=
December 15, 2006: From mass immigrant rights marches to the vote against war
A year of gathering discontent
Monday, April 3rd, 2006
Immigration Reform, Big Business, NAFTA and the Impact on the African American Workforce

In response, many undocumented Mexican immigrants, their families and supporters took the risk of marching in the streets to express their humane rights as humane beings. The whole political-social landscape in relation to immigrants inside the United States was transformed and it is still going through a deepening process of social changes.

These early immigrant rights marches were an extension and intensification of the earlier Civil Rights Movement led by Martin Luther King, Jr. yet should also be seen in the larger context of the on-going global struggles for humane rights in general all around the world. It was beyond only daily-violated Civil Rights, but all about the sublime respect for humane rights that are ordained to us by Creator God, not by any mere mortal government. We are born with these humane rights as our birthright irrespective of their recognition by any man-made government!

So far, Black-Americans have failed to come out in their splendid strength and many numbers in support of immigrant rights for Latinos, as they are aware of their own precarious position in a land still dominated by White racism and are deprived of a strong vanguard party to give us all guidance, direction and leadership. Fear, ignorance and insanity reign in the land I spell Amerika!

Inside the U.S.A., Blacks and Browns once united together based upon common principles can dramatically transform not only the United States but the whole world, especially in organized unity with other Third World peoples, progressive White-Americans and educated Europeans.

Related Links=
Tuesday, April 11th, 2006
Immigrant Rights Marches Likened to Second Civil Rights Movement

Monday, May 1, 2006; Posted: 10:21 p.m. EDT (02:21 GMT)
Thousands march for immigrant rights
Schools, businesses feel impact as students, workers walk out

Saturday Sep 2nd, 2006 8:58 PM
Labor Day Weekend 2006: Lists of Nationwide Immigrant Rights Marches
by Lee Siu Hin - ( info [at] )

there has been estimates of 100000 civs killed by US troops.
It is not the troopers that start wars it is the politican and they will be held accountable.

1 million dies during the Iraqi sanction - influence by America

300000 civs killed by US troops in gulf war 1.

4000 during Afgan war.

Most civs where kill by US bombing.

anyone who gets involved in fighting in an unjust war sponsored by an unjust government should be aware of the consequences of their actions. Heroes, drafted dummies or volunteer mercenaries?!

No Vietnamese soldier ever massacred my village! No Iraq insurgent ever put an IED in my path. My point is that we should look at this in connected reality, of course, we should help those who return all banged up from foreign unjust wars on a humane basis, but let us not forget the origins and historical contexts of such wars! We need to stop making such so-called heroes!

My first animal instinct is to be glad the verdict is in and that Saddam is to be hanged as he was and is a great evildoer, then, my striving to be a conscious humane being makes me ponder upon this a little longer before we run out and take a basket collection for a rope. It has not been a cut and dry case.

I am against the death penalty as wielded by an unjust state, but there are exceptional cases when the death penalty is appropriate when great crimes have been committed. However, judging by the way death penalty verdicts are stalled out by appeals inside the United States I doubt if there will be a

I believe there should have been an international tribunal and neutral grounds for the Saddam Trial, which became a big media circus, not to mention the killing of officers of the court. The whole case involves matters of global international law, especially when we consider the question of who kept Saddam in power for so long in the first place

The National Security Archive at George Washington University has published a series of declassified U.S. documents detailing the U.S. embrace of Saddam Hussein in the early 1980’s. The collection of documents, published on the Web, include briefing materials, diplomatic reports of two Rumsfeld trips to Baghdad, reports on Iraqi chemical weapons use during the Reagan administration and presidential directives that ensure U.S. access to the region's oil and military expansion…..


Shaking Hands with Saddam Hussein: The U.S. Tilts toward Iraq, 1980-1984
National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 82

Rumsfeld Shaking Hands with Saddam =

Then, there is also the central question of war crimes done by war criminals from the USA, including President Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and the whole Oval Office Cabal and their cronies. Who will put them on trial? How can we condemn crimes against humanity by one evil dictator and condone the inhumanity of another evil dictator who stole the Presidential Election in 2000?

The U.S. government obviously does not give a damn about the desires and wishes of the Iraqui people for peace and justice, so why should it start caring now? It already allows the rape and murder of innocent Iraqi girls and massacres of Iraqi families! Remember that or does memory fail you? Who will stop these mutant Amerikan War criminals and their bastard offspring?

John 8:7 ~ So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone

America includes all of North America, Central America and South America. The term America is not the exclusive domain of the U.S.A. come together and totally liberate all of the Americas from domestic capitalism and foreign imperialism!

Americans, I mean U.S. citizens, need to get rid of their phony patriotism. We love our sons and should resist their involvement in unjust Empire-building wars! Let us not forget the humane principles upon which your country was founded and let us not forget the slave masters who were the signers of the Declaration of Independence! This whole country was founded upon the evil institution of slavery! Maybe I digress here. I assure you that upon the Return of Jesus Christ HE will not come back the same way he left!

You are still living under a mature disguised fascism, especially when people have a comic-book notion about fascism with images of Nazi Germany and grossly underestimate the flexibility of Amerikan Fascism.

When the world witnessed the great immigrant rights marches this year a lot of Latinos, including Mexicanos, woke up for awhile yet no real immigration reform has happened as we will suffer more repression as times goes by and the Amerikan wall is going up! The whole USA is becoming a fascist-inspired militarily gated community that will keep some out and keep us all inside its legal borders inside the continental United States.
At the risk of being redundant, we still need to build up a strong global vanguard liberation movement not limited by colors, tongues or borders.

I really wish more progressive activists who are online and interested in Latino News would join up with Aztlannet_News Yahoo Group, especially with all that is going on in different regions related to various issues. We have more strong collective power when our impassioned voices are joined together.

Ideally, we should have our own TV Cable News Show, more videos and utilize all forms of media. Internet Power is one major way we can utilize to overcome the dominant corporate media.

It is entirely possible to be a revolutionary and still support the
United States of America.
Aztlan is not anti-America (or, anti United States, if you will.)

Aztlan does not attempt to supplant the US of A, or replace it with another authority. Reconquista is NOT a physical transformation of the authority of Washington, D.C., by a new authority. It is the Revoutionary spirit of the American Revolution that should never die in the hearts of all Americans.

We strive to exhaust all legal, peaceful and social means and methods of struggle, but let no one who braves each new day have any dopey hallucinations or be under any false illusions. Who is willing to get their hands dirty? Who is prepared for war to the knife? The inevitable showdown cannot be put off forever and at least regional civil war inside the United States is as predictable as nightfall. Stay alert, be ready and be prepared. Being prepared we can better deal with all kinds of complicated sudden situations. More will be revealed…..


HELP Portal

Join Up! Humane-Rights-Agenda Yahoo Group

Aztlannet Website

We need to all learn better how to use Internet Power in order to combat the lies and calculated disinformation of the fascist dogs.

the U.S.A. government became a rogue nation the moment that Bush Jr. became President after his legalistic coup-d-etat over Al Gore in 2000 and Gore's rolling over meekly.

The U.S.A. government has violated international law and its own U.S. Constitution. Puppet-Fuhrer Bush is a war criminal and all of his Oval Office Cabal are war criminals.

I believe the docile apathetic Amerikan people are ever so slowly gradually starting to wake up to what is going down inside the United States.

Thank God we have Internet Power right now in order to help spread the truth to others, though, I strongly suspect that it will not stay in the form it is in right now, though, there may already be rogue-government hackers.

Fascists hate the truth and will kill truth-sayers. Hell, they are even harassing young teenage girls!

I am not blaming progressives. I am blaming the reactionary dogs in the White House who have manufactured this present fascist order. The White left-radical progressive wing does not and cannot represent the vital survival interests of Latinos. I am looking at it from the perspective of a poor Chicano who is of the largest racial-ethnic minority in side the United States and of the majority in the real world. The Third World IS the majority world! Will progressive Whites aggressively support our political agenda and look out for the basic survival interests of Latinos in general? Hell no!

Latinos are behind in every social-economic indicator under the present fascist order. Many Whites, most of whom are racists whether subconsciously or not, do not give a **** about us and want us all to go back to Mexico. Progressive Whites should focus on healing the social sickness of White racism among their own White people, not telling non-Whites what they should or should not support in the name of what is ‘progressive’. We don’t need the White Amerikan mind! Us Latinos have our own minds and are quite capable of making our own independent choices without confused co-dependent help from progressive Whites.

Each of us should work in our own natural habitat and social environment. Latinos and Blacks will bring about a revolutionary paradigm shift in the whole American landscape once we are united on a common humane rights agenda and rid ourselves of our own remnants of racism.

After these round of elections are over a lot of the basic voter registration and community education will still have to be done by progressives, or better, compassionate humane beings. Do not let this period further divide us. We should work together in areas that we can and know that we will not and cannot always see eye-to-eye on everything. Latinos and Blacks are being repressed now and living in Third World like conditions inside the United States. Now a lot of White racists are coming out of the floorboards in the name of phony patriotism that veils their racist xenophobia. Will you walk with me door-to-door in our barrios/ghettos after dark???

Will you fire away with me if it comes down to a firefight? Progressive Whites can always put on a business suit and go back to their folks undercover! We have always been here and will always be here. We are at home in the Americas!

have a straight up radical global overview in these reactionary xenophobic times inside the United States. We Latinos are responsible for our own community education and our own liberation in harmony with all people’s liberation struggles worldwide. We need to build up a community-based infrastructure; relate to the people’s basic needs; and build up working coalitions with our natural allies.

There is a progressive Sacra website that has been around for a long time related to progressive events on the local level that you may want to check out:

With all that has happened this year in of immigrant rights, our marches and rallies, it is time to ratchet up our collective struggles for Latino Liberation. We are not asleep. We are wide awake and need to wake up all our gente!

~ Oue enemies are the mega-global corporations, the fascist state power structure, the fascist-minded military machine and all their fanatical flunkeys, then, as Carlos hinted at there is the enemy within aka: agent provacateurs.
I was hoping to get more of a response and feedback about my essay itself and wish others in this group would present their personal psycho-social ideas about the concept of Latino LIberation either through an essay, a blog post or a well thought out Email.
The main idea in my essay:
Analysis on Latino Liberation Inside the United States: was:
"... the old Chicano Movement will have to shed its old skin of reactionary nationalism and come to embrace scientific democratic socialism, along with the peoples of Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba and other liberated territories of Latin America in opposition to the Amerikan Empire."

We need to unite with other Latinos throughout the USA, in Mexico, Central America and South America as Latinos.
Plus, we need to come together with our natural allies who are other oppressed suffering peoples from different cultural backgrounds. We should not let our own prejudices and any remnants of racism keep us divided.
I hope someday soon some of us connected with Aztlannet can get together as a junta in for our own Aztlannet-type conference, to exchange ideas, work on some plans and get to know each other face to face.
I want to see a new Latino Libeation Movement built up in harmony with all other progressive liberation movements.

Life upon Mother Earth, its interlocked global economy and even Internet Power has altered the dynamics and mechanics between peoples. New situations call for new analyses.
I first got involved in the 'movimiento' in my teens and know I am getting to be a real viejo, though, I am still in pretty good physical shape and pretty well preserved. I am not a veerano as I know the war rages on!!!
I remember the ol' War on Poverty days when President Johnson was in the White House, the volatile Vietnam War days and how the government would throw some crumbs to us like hungry dogs and some of fools fell for it and fought each other over 'crumbs from the banquet table', including Blacks and Browns here in Sacramento.
In real life, on the street level, sometimes friends become enemies and enemies become friends. It ain't all cut and dry in a gift-wrapped package.
A lot of life has to do with how we handle ourselves in our relations with others. Then, there are critical class enemies whose class interests are inherently opposed to ous own survival-based class interests.
Distinctions must be made and contradictions must be truly analyzed and resolved in of clearly-defined distinctions between antagonic and non-antagonistic contradictions.

Creating unity really has to do with getting to know our companeros in real life, how they think, how they operate under pressure, in the thick of battle or in a crisis situation. It is one thing to type from the comfort of my command post here with a loaded Remington shotgun in the corner and being out in the streets in a real firefight with the local neo-Gestapo.
Ideally, we get to know who are local comapneros are by coming together, by communicating together and by really working together on common plans, programs and projects.
Since we are both in Sacramenot we ought to get together soon for some cafe and compare mental notes.
Keep in mind that we are still going through the after-shocks and dust settling from the big immigrant rights marches and rallies this year. It showed us the great power we have and our far greater potential. We have barely tapped the top.
Nonetheless, protracted social liberation movements are mobilized, staged and manufactured by vanguad leadership, trained cadres and masses of people, not by automatic reflexes or sudden spurts of inspiration.
Fortunately, we are not starting from scratch. In a collective sense, we have a great wealth of experience already paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of many others in earlier times.
Sometimes once loyal partisans get burned out, bought off, filtered away or out-sourced out of the struggles before us.

It is the natural ebb and flow of liberation struggles, coming closer to our calculations at time and at other times receding further away in a constant state of flux.
Our struggle goes on, the movement moves forward and we must be armed with clarity, courage and conviction along with an undying faith in our people in conjunction with our vanguard elements involved in building up infrastructure.
Remember, the anatomy of a power base of operations involves three elements:
1. Personality
2. Organization
3. Capital
Liberation Now!

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 04:15 AM
We havent lost anything yet, and you likely wont. The change that needs to come wont be acheived through war, and war can never acheive real lasting peace. In fact peace is not reality until our need for war is resolved in mass around the world, in a real way, not superficial controlled by at&t and funded by hersheys chocolate way. Not in a martial law way, or fearmongering for personal gain way..

Its a laudable goal to bring and seek peace. But facts are we have a candystore of psychotics free and seeking power daily. Give them technology and watch them play..hence the world today. its sad really.
Many american soldiers i believe are doing whats right over in iraq and elsewhere, and the few rogues are ruining it for us. America at heart wants to bring a system of just and fair practice of personal beliefs, religion and lifestyle within the boundaries of reason, logic and fair law .

Due to mental shock and ignorance or desperation, early americans became suckers for the big deal in the city, get rich quick, pinnochio syndrome, the slick politician.

Slowly the elite tested theyre boundaries, first with prohibition, then with the wars. The causes today in the name of freedom are meerly to distract us and turn us into willing sellouts right under our noses. While we fall into lock step yes men for intelligent and slick talking sellouts.

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