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Is our way of life stopping disclosure/advancement?

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posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 03:30 PM
I have been wondering about something that I haven't come across on this board yet. So many people believe in aliens but are against a single world gov't/leadership that would have all of mankind under one set of rules. Why is that?

Don't you think that alien worlds would have a single set of rules that they all live by?

When should mankind start moving towards this way of living?

Is this what the NWO is trying to accomplish?

Was the creation of the EU one of the steps in this process?

Will the North American Union be the next step?

I find it hard to understand why so many would go against a way of living that may be the standard on other planets.

What would happen if aliens came down and told us to live under one set of rules?

Maybe that is why there hasn't been disclosure. We are not ready as a society to live under one set of rules. Once this happens we will enjoy evolving together instead of having our differences used against us for personal gains by the few.

I think that having a singular set of rules will get things done faster and help us move forward at an increased pace. Maybe this is what seperates us from other intelligent lifeforms and makes us look like infants in their eyes.

Our inability to work as a singular society will be a major roadblock in mankind advancing. As much as I think this may sound like i'm pushing for us to become like the Borg, it makes sense if we work together under one roof.

If any of us were to visit another planet how do you think they would live? If you were going to live there do you think you'll be able to adapt to these new rules? Maybe they are just as messed up as we are but i'm thinking that they got things figured out and everyone has a job to do that benefits everyone. I think this is mankinds next step on Earth, but it's not going to happen as long as we are working under rules that change from place to place because of our current way of life.

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 04:03 PM
The problem is, under who's rule?

Humanity is so diverse, that no single set of rules could encompass every culture on the planet.

As to how other advanced alien cultures would live, I guess it depends entirely on their nature. As a race, we should have seen past conflict by now and started working together for the good of our race and planet, but we haven't, and I doubt we ever will. Conflict and greed are unfortunately in human nature.

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