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Does knowing the truth make you an outcast?

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posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 08:44 PM
Hi, for the past few weeks i have been having very heated conversations with family members about 9/11,UFO's etc. This has made them look at me in a totally different way like I'm not even a family member anymore. I have been openminded but they just won't listen.

So my question here is Does knowing the truth make you an outcast?
The majority of people out there don't know the truth and just believe what the media tells them too. So if you defy them your either
3.or just plain weird

This is really annoying because I should not be judged by my opinions and neither should anyone!

Please comment if You had an experience like this.(or just want to comment)

posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 08:52 PM
Suck it up and deal with it.

Its the best way. people don't have to like what you say, nor listen to it. If you believe it, and you follow a path that leads to or from this belief, that is your path and your path alone to walk.

Others want to call you names and be hurtful, well, that is their choice and their loss, not yours.

posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 08:57 PM
welcome to my life...have a drink..stay a while..

as another ats member so bluntly described me

Originally posted by hexagram23

"So let me get this straight, a lesbian John Lear fan thinks Mormonism is the bees knees. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. I've got nothing against any of those 3 particular inclinations, I just think when you put them all together truth is stranger than fiction"


enjoy the ride

posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 09:04 PM

Originally posted by D4rk Kn1ght
Suck it up and deal with it.

Others want to call you names and be hurtful, well, that is their choice and their loss, not yours.

Thats kinda funny coming from a name caller like yourself.

But I do agree with you, its your path not theirs. Roll with it.

I would love to talk about this with my family but they just dont get it.
Why is that?
I would hate to be so close minded as some people I know.

Its all perception, maybe they are the crazy ones.

posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 09:05 PM
I'll try though it's not as easy as you make it sound people treat us (and by us I mean those who seek the truth INCLUDING YOU i hope) like were a different species or sometin (but were not)
I do agree with you guys it IS the path I have chosen and I shall walk alone if I have to.
tnx for the help

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posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 11:45 PM
I know what you mean, it's hard not having someone to talk to. You end up having to talk to yourself and it feels good to get everything off your chest, but then you realize you were only talking to yourself. It'd be easier if some parents were more open-minded and curious about the world. They'd rather have a happy go lucky hop scotch fun loving kid that follows all the rules and doesn't ask questions. It's hard to be all cute and cuddly when you know what's going on. I always tell myself I should be more angry... I don't want to be the one asking myself why I ignored the truth just to "fit in." I'd much rather walk that lonely walk...

In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, for then it cost nothing to be a patriot - Mark Twain

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 12:04 AM
Lukekilla, perhaps that is why I am somewhat of a loner. I don't have much to say to very many people because the things they deem important, seeem pretty mundane to me.

When I do bother to talk to most people, not all, they either seem

1. Disinterested
2. Shocked that I am talking about such things
3. To think I am a complete nut

So, what alternative do I have? Being a loner and still being thought of as a "nut." We all know the stigma "loners" carry around with them. It's like a dark, ominous storm cloud over their head all of the time. Everyone just waits for it to erupt.

Anyway, yeah, I know how you feel.

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posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 12:18 AM
"tell people something they already know and they will thank you for it. Tell them something new and they will hate you for it."

I forgot who said this. Benjamin Franklin perhaps. Anyway welcome to the "free" world!

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 06:35 AM
Hey, i know how you feel. I've been screaming from the rooftops about all the kinds of things being talked about now 20 years ago when i was a kid. By about 12 years old i realized mankind treads a path of destruction, killing the planet in slow motion. I'd rant on it, go on about where we're heading, back then my family thought i was insane. As my rantings manifested as reality, my words became prophetic, much of what i wa so upset about as a kid has happened.

Back then though, i lacked the skills to eloquently express my inner anger at being led through what basically amounts to indoctrination into slavery (public education) that i saw so blatantly in front of me. I'd constantly tell my parents that i didn't want to have anything to do with the sickeningly obscene path of society i saw around me.

I only ever had a few close friends growing up, as most people resembled zombies, mindlessly trodding the path to the stucco prison camp in suburbia hell and a 9 to 5 in a box with flourescent mind control waves for 40 years so when theyre 65 they can worry about living below the poverty line on social "security". Plowing headlong happily towards a life of slavery, it made me sick.

I know how you feel, even to this day there's only a handful of people that i know who really see and know the whole reality. It does make for a lonely existence when you see clearly where our path truly leads, because most material things become petty and 85% of the population's lives revolve around petty materialism, and the struggles that ensue due to materialistic attitudes. About 5% of the population are truly awake, seeing with all three so to speak, and the other 10% "Own" or work for/fund/enable the owners the 85%. Most 5 percenters are loners, not that they've been alienated as much as they choose not to participate in the madness, and are pretty recluse, social people would call us antisocial, it's just that we see through the facade.

My advice is to get good at expressing yourself in captivating ways, rather than turn someone away with a bombshell like "reptilians control your mind", lead those you converse with to ask the question of "who contrils my mind?", understand what i'm saying? In HS I took classes i thought would be useful, and that they'd allow me to take. I was denied an education and when i fought for my right to the same level of education as my peers who blindly marched in lockstep towards stucco prison. I did take Drama and public speaking, both of which were some of the most useful things i ever did in school. In drama class I learned about being in front of an audience, and being a presence to be dealt with when i expressed myself. It taught me confidence to get up on center stage and say "here i am, deal with me!". Public speaking allowed me to fine tune my presentation of concept and be able to convey my message in an efficient manner that anyone who's paying attention can understand. I went on to win the state optimist award and eventually "spoke" my way into giving a speech in front of the government of the state of florida and 5000 of the wealthiest slavemasters at a political industrial fundraiser. Ifelt it was worth it all that time spent being outcast, being a loner, when i stood up in front of the man and the corporations and proceeded to deliver my speech, on the topic of socio-economic class division perpetuated by the corporate branch of the government. I thought whitey was gonna crap a gold brick right there.the looks on their faces were priceless when i stood in the belly of the beast in my "here i am, deal with me" mode, and laid it down and called out the NWO plantation owners and THEIR puppeteers to their face. It was worth all the struggle, isolation, beatings by cops, to stand there and do that. I stood up and told my oppressors face to face what i know about their diabolical plot, it felt good.

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 07:08 PM
It's to be expected. The sane man in an insane world is considered insane. You're threatening people's safe seeming little illusions with your hoary truth, they're bound to be unhappy with you. If they were interested in the truth, instead of staying fat, dumb and happy, they'd already know what you're trying to share. Pearls before swine you know.

posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 03:43 PM
I don't know who's worse; the people that take the MSM for gospel, or those that shun news and prefer to live in the false reality of "reality" TV. Both these types of people are are incredibly difficult if not impossible to talk to about the mounting issues in our modern society; the former believe they are well protected by their government and well informed by their media, the latter just don't care about anything except trying to be more like their idol du jour.

I refuse to believe that it's impossible to reach even these sorts of people. Just be prepared for lots of failure. As for myself, I speak to those whom I know will listen, and I spare the rest. For now, at least.

By the way, thanks for starting this thread Lukekilla4. I feel a bit better having vented, hopefully you do too.

posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 04:00 PM
I gotta comment... while i dont believe in 99% of what i see on this site, although I'd love to be proven wrong on some things, it's not the rational, well thought out, cases that make people look at you like an idiot. It's the one guy screaming nonsense.

Very similar to people on this board at times. Some one from the US makes an stupid statement, and you see that comment quoted for weeks, with people saying "Geez, no wonder you americans are all ignorant...". Despite the fact that 300,000,000 never uttered that phrase, one idiot reflects badly upon everyone.

What I would suggest, is that you need to deal with the 'crazies' in a way that doesn't let them make the rest of you look like fools, yet still maintaining the free flow of ideas... this is not easy...

Someone will now claim I work for 'them' or am smashing free though, but quite the opposite... There's a reason why people like Friedman and such can make rational people re-think things, and many others come across like comletel quacks. It's all in the delivery and past experience...

posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 04:18 PM
Once you learn too much, this experience (life) becomes less immersive. It's like watching a movie, getting really into it, and then you see one of the props. Most people just want to stay on the ride, not figure out how it works.

A few of us do try and figure it out, but that doesn't mean everyone else wants us to tell them. Offer a few hints here and there, but let them discover it on their own.

posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 04:30 PM
I have a co-worker who really likes guns. I would have never known this if he had not said something to me after he saw we reading a gun magazine. He keeps it to himself for whatever reason and I am sure that he has them.

What is my point?

Pick and choose who you talk to about what. Yeah, I know, I hate doing that as well. Day to day conversation I will blurt out just about anything random though that I want to. SNORKEL! But when it come to actual conversation, I choose and choose wisely. Now I love a good debate but some people do not want to discuss certain things and quite frankly, you can not make them, it just further widens the already existing gap.

Also, remember that your truth is not always their truth. Just because you feel 100% sure that what you believe is the truth doesn't mean that it is. I have the same issues with my family but it is more about religion than anything else. So I can relate with you. But they are your family and while they may think you are weird, they'll still be there for you when you need them. At least, I should hope so.


posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by SpeakerofTruth

Haha... I'm right there with you speaker. I dont fit the mold of the basic sociable type person that stands around the "water cooler" at the office and gossips about who did what at the office party or who I wouldve voted off of the Island on the last episode of whatever lame reality series is currently popular.
Thats the reason that I completely changed careers couple of years ago. I went from being a network engineer in a large hospital in Dallas Tx to working out in the field as a Catastrophe claims adjuster. Aside from the contact I have to have with the insureds, I have very little contact with people in the main office, which may be hundreds of miles away from where I'm working.
Half of the job is field work, the other half I set in my motel room entering all of the collected information into a computer program on my laptop.
I am not a big player in the world of office politics and games or the life games that seem to dominate most peoples lives.

When I try and discuss my opinions on UFOs, 911 or chemtrails, people tend to get the funniest looks on their faces,its fun to watch peoples reactions

I suppose I deserve it though, its kind of payback for how I react to them when they try to have a conversation with me about who the new girl in the IS dept is sleeping with or whatever

posted on Aug, 21 2007 @ 07:30 AM
Well you don't even have to be a conspiracy theorist to cop a lot of unwarranted flak in recent years the only requirement has been that you have to be grounded in reality.
Remember when anyone who said that the welcome mat wouldn't be put out for coalition troops in Iraq was labelled as anti American and that if you don't support the war you don't support the troops manta was shouted from the roof tops ?
Well it has taken a few years but now a mixture of things has happened Iraq is in a civil war which has killed the first delusion and the Walter Reed scandal and Bush opposing education benefits for vets has debunked the second notion.

Am I going to ruthlessly press home the fact that I was right and that I am also likely to be right about other related matters ?
You bet I am I want my pound of flesh and I want to see what hole the American right dig themselves into next.

posted on Aug, 21 2007 @ 07:41 AM
the simple answer is yes, people do not want to know truths. Did you see the news now about the spp meeting in canada, and the news wreckoned the white house said theories saying they were making a nau, is just silly.

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 06:39 AM
But are you sure?

How do you know that what you know is the truth?

If everybody else thinks they know something and you think you know different, the statistical likelihood is that they're right and you're wrong.

Of course, statistics are not the same thing as truth. They could all be wrong and you might be right. But you have to admit that it is very unlikely. At any rate, they're going to think so.

If you believe something different from what most people think is the truth, you've got to come up with enough evidence to support your story and force people to give it serious consideration.

While you're doing this, you should consider exactly what people might consider good evidence. Good evidence is not evidence that sounds convincing to you or even to somebody else -- it's evidence that can be tested and verified objectively.

Until you have that kind of evidence, expect to be treated with secpticism, disbelief and amusement.

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 10:29 AM

Originally posted by Astyanax
How do you know that what you know is the truth?

If everybody else thinks they know something and you think you know different, the statistical likelihood is that they're right and you're wrong.

Sure, if we take simple numbers, most of the time the majority will be right. However we shouldn't rule everything else out as a result. Things like the world being flat, the sun revolving around the earth, countless religious beliefs... the majority wasn't right about those. I wonder what our generation will be known for... perhaps by denying the very things we witness in our skies on a regular basis?

I find we get closer to the truth when we look at issues from a bigger perspective (the big picture). And of course, logic must be the driving force, not faith. Gather enough pieces of the puzzle and things become clear.

posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 08:49 PM
To reply to the OP, yes, it does make you a pariah. My family (wife, parents, etc) are okay with it, but my co-workers and my in-laws thinK I'm nuts. I'm not even the 9/11, Area 51, and alien conspiracy type. I just simply believe that the media doesn't tell us the truth, there is a plan for a NWO, and we are stuck with a government who doesn't care about the people because there is a bigger game in play. It has hurt my chances for promotion at work as well, but part of that is that I own a gun and my boss lives in San Francisco. He thinks that anyone who owns a gun is a stupid redneck, and I believe that anyone who owns a gun responsibly is normal. Oh well. Knowing the truth makes you hated, it's always been that way and always will when the general populace ignores the evidence.

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