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Major Hurricane Dean

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posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 06:53 PM
As You may be aware of if you live in Martinique or St. lucia Hurricane Dean is the real deal.

and since passing the above mentioned islands early this morning it has explosively strengthened.

it is already a category four 135 mph and this will go into the next, advisory although they may find even stronger winds. Anyone living in Jamaica may want to get a flight out.

the storm is poised to move westerly or /WNW and possibly impact the yucatan peninsula and western tip of cuba (after jamaica) and then get into the gulf where it could hit anywhere from mexico to Louisiana.

This storm has the potential to reach record proportions especially when it reaches jamaica tomorrow nite. it is however small size wise, which may change, it may be intresting to note a surprising amount of storms dance around the island of jamaica and move either south or north. some say this is due to the islands topography, but others wonder.

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posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 06:58 AM
Hey there Sorry we already have a big ongoing thread on this over in Fragil earth,

Please add your thoughts to the linked thread as they will be welcome,

This thread will now be closed.


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