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Suggestion: manual or automatic warnings

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posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 06:28 PM
A feature or practice that I think could be an improvement on the tinWiki "user experience", is a thing which I have seen in Wikipedia (but I'm not sure how it's done precisely), and that is giving a warning about pages that need to be improved.

Specifically what I am thinking about is pages that need to be deleted. If there was some way of putting a kind of label on such pages, saying for example, "This page needs to be improved (in such-and-such way) before (such-and-such time) or it will be deleted", and then including in the label the time when the label was added. That way there's a chance to improve a page before it gets deleted.

I saw today that two pages, American Free Press, and Antony C. Sutton, were deleted because they were too short (just one line, I think). Personally I felt that was kind of sad, and I think if there had been some way of locating pages that needed improvement or they would be deleted, I would have wanted to try and add at least something to those pages.

Maybe one way of giving such a warning could be to make a category called "Nominated for deletion" or something. That way it would be easy to view a list of pages that needed improvement. There may very well be a much better way to do it, though, this was just something I thought of "off the top of my head" and also I don't really know anything about the functions of the software in tinWiki.


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