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Escape To Blue Planet Pt. I

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posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 04:49 PM
The actual inhabitants of the Red Planet had very little if any interest in the new arrivals of the Blue planet. A select few had been chosen by the time the planet began to sink into the abyss of the global warming that had been the cause of the total annihilation of the previous 7 incarnations of the human species. Several sects still remained on the planet from the previous sets of humans that had been spared the cataclysmic events now just a whisper in the annals of time for the blue planet.

One of the challenges that arose for the survivors was the fact that the beings from the red planet were far more advanced in their abilities, the most pronounced being complete telepathy. Very few residents used their now disappearing mouths except to eat the fully vegetarian meals. Even the earth humans from the previous events had over the millennia begun to melt into the society and had developed the same senses such as the before mentioned telepathy and other abilities like telekinesis, esp and sensing acuity.
Although crime was almost nonexistent and criminal activity was looked at with empathy and treated as such with a designated area outside the boundaries of the advanced society, occasionally small bands of humans would still attempt to infiltrate the society in an attempt to gain access to technology that would aid in the correction of the blue planets demise. This was unacceptable to the inhabitants of the planet of the masters, as it would be considered interfering in the natural flow of cosmic events. And of their experiments concerning the blue planet and thousands more that they controlled in the ever expansive galaxy.

Garret! Get over here now! Garret set down the tuning fork he was using to calibrate the Skeptic Overlords request for more energy to enable him added time for his latest invention to help them when they would escape this God forsaken planet and to return to their home world.

Garret looked into the sweat stained face of his beloved life mate who had grown tired looking and stressed far beyond her 28 years. On earth she was a classic beauty, dark brown hair with wisps of gold specked to match her golden brown eyes that flickered an intense yellow when she was excited or angry. Her thin spaghetti strap t-shirt clung to her up turned breast and he felt like taking her right then to the levels only she... "Garret! are you paying attention?" "Oh ah yes Katrina, I was just, oh never mind, what my dear?” How am I supposed to conceal all of the paraphernalia that the Overlord requested in this rag tag t shirt that reveals everything?Couldn’t the crew at least spare a few extra inches of dark material that I could make something to be less revealing?" Garret looked at her with a sympathetic eye and assured her tomorrow he would do his best. "Tomorrow! Its always tomorrow with you Garrett. Overlord told me to bring him the copper coil springs for the finishing touches on the propulsion unit by tomorrow. Where am I suppose to put them up my", garret broke in," I will go to the second colony tonight after moonset and talk to KingLizard I still owe him one but he may be the only one that can spare it".

Katrina continued working on the interface of the computer system that was so near completion she could taste it. "Hey Katrina, look what I scored for our meal tonight", Kimmy Garrett's little sister was carrying an arm load of tiny water blossoms. The purple crimson color with the long red leaves and roots would have normally brought on a shout and yell for they were about the only thing that resembled anything from the home planet. The strawberry tasting delicacy only bloomed once a year around here if you could call it a year. Time and space were quite different and it was the timekeeper’s job to keep records. One year would pass in the blink of an eye, but for the Recovery One team they would depend on the records to enable them passage back during the time when the space shifts were at a low, which was in earth time approaching very soon. This short window was the only time they could escape the fiery pulse of the EMP's.If they were successful it would be the dawn of a new era for the blue planet and the rescue of the officials that had disappeared into the depths of the cavernous under ground shelters 10 years before. Not knowing if anyone even could have survived in the airtight water proof bunkers. The rescue would be Recovery One's first mission. It was after all in their hands, the fate of the blue planet.

Garrett had never believed that escape could be possible. He and his younger sister had been spared the cataclysm of 2012 because of their pure and undiseased DNA.They had been kept as breeders. Tall Nordic looking and very pleasing to the eye, proved both a blessing and a curse...Both he and his sister Kimberly Dawn had only been 13 years old when the event happened and they found themselves beamed aboard a starship, prisoners against their will. They both had clung to one another for comfort when they watched as the once beautiful blue planet was seized by a gigantic wave of cloudy white substance and then observed as entire continents vanished before their eyes to erupt moments later split and torn from shore to shore like some thing resembling the sinking of the titanic. It was at this frightening and devastated moment that they met for the first time Katrina who was six years their senior and the only comfort they had as the ship slowly cruised away further and further from their home world.

The processing center or as most earth beings refer to it the beginning, had been perhaps the worst experience on the red planet as it was filled to capacity with not only displaced earthlings but also some of the strangest and most dangerous and bizarre looking creatures and members of the planets surrounding our galaxy and that of several other dimensional fields within our galaxy. It was set up in an energy field the size of N. America, caves to the north and mountains to the south. To the west and east were turnstile type caged areas for decoding and recognizing alien races.

Finding your own species was the most difficult part of the journey. Most of the humans had headed for the caves to the north and after hearing this news, that was the direction that garret, Kim and Katrina as well as 2,120 other earth beings headed for.
By the time they had reached the far corners of the caves, the beginning of the tunnel systems, they were down to a mere 117 humans remaining. The majority of humans had been picked off by the cyberelementals. These were what people on earth used to report as Angels, spirits, orbs or even probes in some ufo circles. What they turned out to be were disembodied souls trapped and forced to capture souls to gain strength and volume. The screams and terror as the victims were lazered in half or sometimes played with and murdered slowly was beyond imagination.

The region had quickly turned from a desert’s dry climate to wet and sultry with an almost rainforest appearance within a few short kilometers. The strangest part were the sounds and sights, nothing resembling earth. The tree and foliage were reds and all colors of oranges, purples, pinks and even the trunks of trees were metallic looking and reflective of the area that surrounded it. The air was difficult to breath and they almost had to chew it it was so thick and wet going down. It was as if you had to swallow each breath. The sounds coming from the deepest parts of the Forrest were more like moans or high pitched frequencies than animals. There was a constant drumming sound that resembled large bones being clacked together.

Upon entering the first bend in the darkened caves they met Kinglizard who stepped out from the side of a wall that closed behind him. Figuring it was a trick of their minds as the darkness was difficult to adjust to, he spoke not a word but motioned them with his extremely large hands and turned to disappear through the wall again.
One by one they filed through what looked like a solid piece of rock until all 117 stood in the center of a large congregation of beings surrounding them. The beings began walking around touching each new arrival one by one on the shoulder or the back of the neck. Occasionally they would escort one over to the wall on the back side of the now appearing cavern. 27 were all that were accepted out of the 117. The rest were escorted back out of the cave, minds erased and sent with the thought not to return to this section.

It was then that they met with the Skeptic Overlord. As he approached them they fell to their knees shaking and trembling as if in a seizure. His energy was so intense that it took several minutes before the 12 were able to adjust and begin to slowly stand. He spoke not from the spoken language of his home planet but from the depths of his soul, his vision encapsulated them as he in turn read their intentions, thoughts , memories and life experiences. A single tear fell to the red earth below as he raised his arms to welcome this latest version of his ancestors of the blue planet.

This was the last they would see him until the plan was complete. The plan to return and repopulate the home world, to create a new world that has the best of both worlds. A melting of both the old and the new. The Skeptic Overlord turned and as if walking on a conveyor belt slipped through the solid wall.

"Ok Katrina I am off! I will return when the red moon rises". "I love you Garrett" and she gives him a soft and lingering kiss on his slightly parted lips. He reached down and slid one rough finger across her nipple, "I really hate to cover those up for any reason Kat but I will get your dark material." Pulling on the dark piece of material that reflects the surrounding environment much like a mirror, he slips through the cavern into the wet jungle that awaits him.

It had been 3 years since he had made the dangerous trek to the second colony, it was not so much the cyberelements or the wild beasts that sometimes roamed the tree lined forested area he cut through to arrive at Kinglizards second colony, it was the psytecks that could pick up his thoughts if he were not completely still in his mind. Once detected they instantly teleport you to the red base the place where all new life forms are decoded and set once again into the beginning. If this were to happen he thought with disgust, his sister and life mate would be on their own to traverse the distance back to the home world when the time came. And the time was very close now.

Passing by the large sinder cone keeping to the edge closest to the cliffs, he made his way swiftly all the while aware that the formation could erupt at any moment and billowing plumes of molten ash and hot lava could spill out. Keeping his mind silent with the techniques his closet friend and teacher Wos had taught him over the years, he moved along and soon saw the beginning of the caves which rose up like twin columns and made the jump.

He was greeted by another species of human from the 5th evolution of the blue planet. Although he hardly resembled humans and looked more like a cross between a wolf and ape, his name was Groth and had been one of Garrett’s first friends on the red planet. "Hey bro, what brings you here?"Groth speaks in half telepathic half human voice. "I'm on a mission for Kat, she needs some of the dark material to complete her task tomorrow." "Ahh, follow me KingLizard is resting and meditating by the lavapools.""Would you please consider coming Groth? You are so much more advanced than any humans that came along during my timeline. You guys are the real technological geniuses. From what I have learned that was the real reason that they deleted all information about you and your timeline."" Correct my brother and I plan to stay as far away from the blue planet as possible. This has been our home for thousands of years and we have adapted." "Yes but it is your planet after all my brother." "W e will continue to monitor and communicate once you return, that is our only connection to the blue planet we desire." " Look there's Kinglizard by the red falls."

Kinglizard greeted them lazily and telepathically without even opening his eyes. On either side of him were blue scaled women massaging and licking him. The women did not even seem to notice Garrett as he began to speak." Kinglizard our journey to the blue planet is close. Kat has asked that I return to her with dark material for obtaining the coils. I ask you for this with nothing to give you in return." Kinglizard slowly opened one of his lids and looked thought he haze of the second lid to assure Garrett that he could never repay the debt he already accrued by having him save beginning.

his sisters life when she was captured 3 years ago on the cross over from the second colony to the colony of masters where they both now reside. She still bore the scar on her shoulder from where Kinglizard had slashed the beam from her body to keep her from being teleported into the

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posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 05:14 PM
masqua look at the bottom again, when I attempt to edit as I click on the sentance to be corrected it jumbles the words... EEkk can you help edit it for me? The more I try the worse it gets... Thanks so much Antar

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 07:10 PM
Upon this request he rose to his towering 7 ft. height, and stood silently observing the earthling as if for the first time.
The women at Kinglizards feet seemed to disparate into a misty fog that was now swirling at his feet. His magnificent tail that was as big around as a large dinner plate began to shrink back down to it’s usual size and retract back into his scaly body to rest behind him.

Speaking in his telepathic language he spoke to Garrett “ When we return to the Blue Planet, there is something that I will ask of you, which may go against everything you believe, do you accept?” Garrett lowered his head and accepted the request. Good then go with Groth and he will portion the amount needed.

With this Kinglizard returned to his place on the flat rocks that lay at the base of the massive waterfall which spilled a steamy hot thick red liquid to the small pond below.

At once Groth said in his vociferous and telepathic language, “Lets get going Garrett, the red moon rises in just minutes”. Following behind in the semi darkness Garrett began to get the eerie feeling that this would be the last visit to the second colony, a thought that both excited and scared him. After all this was the first place he felt secure since leaving his home planet 10 years before. There were over 3,000 colonists living here from different stages of the blue planets evolution, many he had not even seen in the 7 years he had resided at second colony.

His thoughts were broken as Groth spoke “well here it is, and handed him a yard of the dark material that was the most precious commodity. It enabled one to become practically invisible in their surroundings. It actually mimicked its surroundings. Slipping it over his shoulders he became an instant chameleon.

Not wishing to waste any more time he hugged his friend without a word and headed for the exit of the caverns. Slipping through the cracks he could barely see through the hazy red mist that happened as the red moon rose. Knowing that this was the safest time to travel he ran through the Forrest toward what he knew as home.

“Garrett!” shouted Kat as he flung the material in her direction with a big Cheshire grin across his face. “Oh you do love me you big hunk!” She kissed deep and hard and they slowly walked together to the space that they knew as home. It was hardly even a livable environment by earth standards, they slept on reeds of tree bark and Kat had the ability to make even this cave look homey with her own artistic flair. Dried flowers and herbs hung from the walls and they not only looked beautiful but they made the dank caverns actually smell very pleasant. “Garrett, are you certain this is the right choice for us to make? You know we do not have to go if we choose.”
“Yes Kat we have been through this conversation a million times and if we are to help repopulate our home world it will have to be on the home world.” “Plus we will be bringing the technology back and have an obligation to teach.” “The only teaching I want from you Garrett is this kind”, and she rolled over on top of him and began to kiss like it was the first time.

“Come on sleepy heads wake up! If you hurry you can get the last of the leaf blade porridge before heading to council meeting”. Kimmy was always in such a good mood and a positive person all around, no wonder she had been chosen to learn the herbology, healing and edible secrets of the elders. Although asked she would never speak about the elders or of her secret teachings. Kimmy had also decided to return to aid in the repopulation. Although she had never taken a life partner she was highly trained in the Tantric arts and at times spoke of finding her mate back on the home planet.

During council meeting the Skeptic Overlord spoke rapidly in his most advanced telepathic technique. Garrett, Kat, and Kim attempted to listen attentatively, but knew that much of what they needed to know was actually being down loaded to their subconscious to be brought forward as the time approached.

Everyone had a job to do both on the escape, the flight home and once back on the planet they were to join forces with the Recovery One team to seek and find the last remaining humans. And then to download into Cheyenne Mountain the technology to reverse global warming. Another 10 years down in the bunkers and the world would be a fresh and new as the day it was created.

Stepping into the pod dressed in the dark material that would allow them to travel safetly to the home world , they looked at each other for one more time before launch.” Are you scared” asked Kat to Garrett who looked hot and uncomfortable in his dark material suit.”Nah, not at all, you?” “Just about the repopulation Garrett, I can’t imagine being with anyone but you”. Their eye contact was broken by the sensation of the cyberelements , ripping their consciousness into another dimension and leading them back, to the beginning.

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 11:14 PM
So the in the end they return to the begining. Hummm, well so much for the plan to escape and repopulate the planet. That would be a problem if you were from this dimension and went to a planet where they were completely telepathic. I have often wondered what the world would be like if we were all telepathic. One thing for certain it would be a world without lies and deciet. That would be an interesting concept. I would end up embarrased alot but all in all it would be a better world to live in because everyone would have to be honest. I suppose that people that did not have the capability would have to be taken to a place where they would be with others of their kind. Lies and deciet are the fundamental and root problems for people of our society.


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