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Solar System and its Destiny

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posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 12:40 PM
Now as we mortals turn and view the great vast expansion of the black night what do we think?
Other life?
More worlds?
Other beings?
The answer is yes.
To say that we as human beings are the only species of our kind in this vast ocean is hypocrisy.
We therefore conclude that there are other worlds.
Now, what would they be doing?
Well, they would be doing the same things as we are.
Their timelines are probably slightly varied and are either ahead or behind in technology, or advancement.
But still, they too are also thinking the same things.
Is there other life?
Why haven't they contacted us?
How can we contact them?
We're so close, yet we're not.
These are their thoughts.
Now with all of these stems we can't help but think for a second.
Was all of this an accident?
Was the solar system created so perfectly and we as humans on the earth created so perfectly as to abide here?
Is it mere coincidence that this atmosphere is perfect for humans?
There is a greater power.
Far exceeding that of our little minds.
Supreme glory.
The question is, who is willing to exclaim and admit this?

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