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Coincidence or linked quakes

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posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 04:01 PM
I remember seeing something ages ago that suggested that different systems in earths mechanisms may be linked. Well, this looks like it could be something like that. Conversely it could be a coincidence, but who knows.

The Geysers is an (imaginatively named) geothermal area in California. As such it is seismically active. Which means this may be a coincidence. Anyway:

Today there was a small (magnitude 1) quake in The Geysers area. the exact time was 20:22:07 UTC. Then 6 seconds later, a magnitude 6.5 quake struck in the Andreanof Islands in Alaska at 20:22:13 UTC. Consider that both are on the Pacific Rim of fire, so they could be linked somehow. Equally could be a coincidence. But I wonder if they are linked.

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posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 09:37 PM

Here's some information in regards to geysers and earthquakes you might find interesting:

Natrual Geysers - Their use in earthquake prediction

Geysers and the Earth's Plumbing Systems

Earthquake Effects

There is a generally a strong correlation between earthquake activity and geyser behavior. This phenomena has been observed for centuries, but only recently have the changes in geyser behavior been documented. The 1959 Hegben Lake earthquake has had the most dramatic effect on Yellowstone geysers of any earthquake since the park's discovery (Rhinehart, 1980). Since the epicenter was so close to Yellowstone (only about 50 km away) the effects were significant. Immediately after the earthquake, all the geysers in the park erupted, and the average temperature in geysers and springs increased by an average of 2°C. Some geysers that were previously dormant became active, ostensibly by the opening of sealed channels along planes of weakness, and several active geysers changed their eruptive behavior.

Here's a link to the Old Faithful of California


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