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God + religion + bible (for who all believes God exists)

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posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 02:53 PM
1. If you believe God exists, why do you have to believe in the man made religion and the man made bible too?

2. What is it that has you believeing the three (God + religion + bible) are connected? Could it be the sudductive lies of hypocrites that got you buying into religion and the bible both being inspired by God?

3. How does (or did) the man made religion and the man made bible correspond with the God you believe in?

4. Just why exactly can't the God you believe in be seperate from the man made bible and the man made religion?

posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 03:07 PM
1. It is hard to explain this, but I will try my best:
I believe in God because I look into the history and see that people
before me and the people before them worshiped the same God. It might
be different religions, some different beliefs but the same God. So why
shouldn't I believe in God? I look up at the stars and see what a marvelous
creation this universe is. So I can not comprehend the way it was created
according to science.

2. I take the bible as a teaching of goodness, if it is used right then the outcome
is very great. That is the same with Religion if it is used right then you will see
the light. However I do believe the modern day religions are corrupt, so therefore I do not follow them. The bible+religion+God is what I use to find
my inner self, to find my inner goodness.
There are too many evils lurking around so this is my weapon/shield/armor.

3. I believe if you follow Bible+Religion in the right way then you will
eventually down the road find God.

4.I believe God passed down the Bible and every other holy book for us to use. Yes some have different beliefs, but different beliefs are for different
cultures. In the end we will see the same God face to face.

Well Mabus I hope this has helped you because I tried the best I can.

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 03:27 PM

Originally posted by Equinox992. I take the bible as a teaching of goodness, if it is used right then the outcome

Out of the mouth of 2 or more witnesses all is Established:

Amen. The Bible is a teaching of goodness.


Hello there. I hope this finds you well.

You are capable of Loving God (hear me out, friend *smile) more than anything else.

I'll put this in the first person. I'll begin in the negative:
If I love pride and greed, when I read the Bible I'll shrink back
at all The Word of God that's contrary to pride and greed. I won't let
it come into my heart. I won't let it be implanted into my heart. You
know why? Because I love pride and greed more than I do the Lord. So it will
have no place in me to work.

But if I love the Lord with all my heart I'm saying:
"Lord, I come to you with The whole heart!"
"Lord, I love you more than jealousy, rejection"
"Lord I love you more than anger!" (to rear violently in vengence - to break away)
"Lord I love you more than greed!"
"Lord I love you more than slander!"
"Lord I love you more than the approval of man!"
"Lord I love you more than pride and unforgiveness!"
"Lord I love you more than hatred and criticism!"
"Lord I love you more than revengue and impatience!"
"Lord I love you more than sarcasm and bitterness!"
"Lord I love you more than anything else!"

Ahd He'll say, "That's fine; Sounds like I'm Lord. Now pick up your Bible and I'll
show you have to have the Nature like Mine."

And then you'll be reading The Bible, as your going to be sitting right there and your going to see some things. And I'm going to tell you what - peace is going to come all over you. I'm telling you it's going to change your life! As we come to things in The Word of God and your heart is contrary, The Spirit of God will show you. He'll show you as you come to these things.

And then you have a choice. Your either going to love this things (that's contrary to God's Word, like unforgiveness) more than you do The Lord or your going to give it up. That thing (i.e. Unforgiveness) in your heart have a stronghold tied to it. Any of those things you practice (i.e. greed, slander, revengue, bitterness etc) a stronghold is on it. As you sit there you'll see these things mentioned to give up in The Word of God. Do you know why you come to The Bible? Because the Bible is what perfects you in the Nature of God. Mabus, this is how your Born again by The Word of God. And everything that you see in this Bible, because you love the Lord with all your heart, everything you see in this Bible The Spirit of God will
show you, "Here this thing is" i.e. (bitterness, unforgivenss, rejection). And He'll show you that you got this anger there inside of you that you are practicing. And you'll say, "Well,....Lord I love you more than I do anger." So I'll suffer in the flesh but I cease from sin. I give up anger, because I want to be like God more than I want to be like the devil (i.e. pride, self centerness, greed etc.). Anger (above) is the nature of Satan. Then you'll read along here (in The Bible) and The Spirit of God will show you 'grummbling'. And you'll say, "Lord, I want to be like you, more than I want to be like Satan. LORD, I love you more than I do grummbing, I give up Grummbling; I renouce grummbling." BANG!!! And Mabus when we renouce grummbling in our heart the strongholds begin to take off. They can come back, you know. You have to deal with the flesh. The Powers of Darkness attach themselves to the sins and deeds of the flesh (i.e. sarcasm, slander, rejection etc.).

__In short:
In the Beginning The Spirit of God comes into us.

God's Holy Spirit then then leads us to The Pure Word of God to wash us; to be renewed - being Born again by an incoruptible seed; The Word of God which lives and abides forever. Then God's same Spirit leads us to put to death enemies on our land, as He natural taught Israel.

[edit on 8/16/2007 by Jesus-Is-Real]

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 03:50 PM

One more thing~~

See if this can help you in the years, as God gives you increase.
But take your time. God's going to work it out for all of us who will
lay down our lives. God's going to get us all where we need to be;
He's no respecter of persons. But God will test your heart, for sure.

Go possess the Land and you will have Peace and Rest and you won't be destroyed in this wilderness; you won't perish.

God bless you in your journey, for if you 'do' draw near to God, guess what? (This is the neat thing,...) ----> He will draw near to you.
He's done it with me; I'm living proof in the flesh!!!

Sowing seeds then getting out of the way; God is Faithful,

[edit on 8/16/2007 by Jesus-Is-Real]

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