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What's Toxic in Your Home?

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posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 01:19 PM
The difference between toxicity of products in the US is vastly different to that of the EU.
Many toxic substances banned in the EU are allowed in the US according to a new book by Mark Shapiro.

American industry would have you believe that taking potentially hazardous and toxic chemicals out of everyday consumer products -- removing phthalates from children's toys and cancer-causing coal tar from hair dye -- would damage our economy and result in a loss of American jobs. In his latest book, Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products, Mark Schapiro busts this myth and reveals the grim fact that some companies, whether American or international, often have two production lines: one that manufactures hazard-free products for the European Union and another that produces toxin-filled versions of the same items for America and developing countries.

Schapiro examines how America, once a leader in environmental protection, came to allow potentially toxic and mutagenic chemicals, banned by the EU, into everyday products. He also looks at how the EU's economy -- almost identical to that of America -- continued to thrive even after these chemicals were banned, essentially "calling the bluff" of the American industry.


If this is truly the case, then US leaders who allowed this, should really be brought to book.
However, as we've seen all too often, they'll probably pay some lip service to it, whilst doing absolutely nothing.

I truly don't understand how this happens - don't US citizens care about how these companies are endangering their health?

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