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Arctic sea ice melting at its fastest rate since records began

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posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 12:56 AM

The sea ice of the Arctic will melt further and faster than at any time since records began nearly 30 years ago, according to the latest data collected by a satellite survey of the polar region.

Scientists warned yesterday that the sea ice is already approaching the record minimum set in September 2005, even with a further month of the summer melting season still remaining.

Looks like the figures are backing up what we see daily in the news... with ships being flooded from falling icecaps etc. I guess we'll have to act fast on this global warming issue now.

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 06:51 PM
This is bad news indeed, another sign post on the way to oblivion eh? great.

off topic sorry: is your signature a greenday lyric per chance? a track off of nimrod I think?

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 06:58 PM
Golly, 30 whole years of records...

You do know that scientists were worried about the coming ice age back when they started to keep somewhat accurate records of polar ice from satellite images. . They had over 20 years of record cold years to predict that based on land stations.

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 07:04 PM
It's not really global warming I'm afraid of it's the fast cooling we're supposed to expect just after it. I've heard that when enough fresh water goes into the atlantic it'll stop the "atlantic conveyor" or whatever it's called. It's an underwater current that flows away from the north while the warmer water on the surface flows the opposite way. It's already slowing because of the dilution of the salt and if/when it stops we should expect a fast freeze i.e. a new ice age, which will include the UK and most of Europe. I don't have a passport, nor do I have a trade so I can't emigrate, ever. So I need to make sure my kids have a decent trade when they grow up and get the the hell outa here long before it happens. I'm not a believer in man-made global warming really and I know this has happened throughout history but obviously I'd like my family to survive.

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 08:11 PM
First of all the arguments of global warming etc which i dont think should be part of this, but it is part of it so its hard not to talk of it.

Firstly global warming is a theory and not a fact.

Consider why that is. What happens if it is fact. If its a fact then that means certain groups countries and actions are more responsible than others for floods, damage etc. Anyone want to start a law suit?

Ridiculous and how could that be?

When they finally turned tobacco into a fact. Fact - Smoking causes cancer- who got sued? ........

Okay the melting issue now

The worrying element is a quote from here :- 172.html

Its news article relating to the same story -

Several years ago he would have predicted a complete melt of Arctic sea ice in summer would occur by the year 2070 to 2100, Serreze said. But at the rates now occurring, a complete melt could happen by 2030, he said Friday.

So if x amount more of ice is lost - x amount more of water is heated - x amount less of sun is reflected = x amount more of water - x amount more evaporation - x amount more precipitation - x amount of variable change in current

Its that domino effect really. Which means all of this means again x amount more ice to recover in winter - but if winter lasts x amount shorter - and spring and heat negins x amount earlier - means next year - x amount more melting to begin from a previous year of x amount less ice

meaning - x amount more ice loss - than the last before the last year

anyone still with me

Which means this 2030 figure of complete melt could each year begin to rapidly reduce to 2020 - 2015 ?

Some will still think nope rubbish its only theory - perhaps if they still think that with water round the ankles then maybe they have to question the stubborness of rhetoric :p

What i also consider is considering weather patterns and events 2005/2006 - then if we have had a further drop in ice meaning a further increase in water into the mix - what knock on effect will that engage into the 2007/2008 weather cycle

Will the UK once again see further flooding? One interesting thing that was mentioned by the BBC during the floods was that if this was indication of climate shift consider what would happen should the UK be faced with the same amount of precipitation in a winter cycle - ie snow

That would result in snowfalls in the UK comparable with Canada and the Russian districts. The UK generally is not quite ready for such heavy snowfall.

As each year goes on carbon emission increases due to population and resource consumption, and each year it accelerates. The 20th century is like flooring the gas pedal when the light goes green.

The planet is itself a natural system that will rectify itself no matter what we do. But as each year passes it looks like one day coming more sooner each day, we will have to witness how the planet does this. Its ocean currents will shift, and it will again in time refrigerate itself to combat the bombardment of solar warming.

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