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Google earth to uncover ancient secret societies

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posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 11:03 PM
I mentioned a couple of months ago about the tremendous amount of research that can be done using google earth to observe amazing symbols built into our city and land scapes.
The great and ungreat secret societies, historically, built what was known as sun cities.
It was said that they were to mimic the heavens on earth. Thus geometrically, planetarily,mathematically and symbolically our cities have developed.

I think its hilarious because it was probably never imagined that the average joe would have satelite accsess to the entire world.

The most common symbols bulit into buildings, parks, airports,roadways, malls, universities multiplex centers and all other kinds of buildings ....... are symbolic hebrew letters, symbolic english letters(for example M & E), crosses, swasticas, all sorts of Knight templar and freemasonry symbolism, like shields and egyptian eyes, another very common symbol is the Rose, to denote the powerful roscrusians.

Some awsome examples are.....the rose over looking the x marks the spot..blacksburg

vancouvers universities (langara), capliano, and university of british columbia, all have building designed to symbolize gun weaponry, which in turn symbolizes the scale of the canadian arms trade. ( we are the largest supplier of guns to the united states, which we have built in china, and thus shipped through vancouver, and then sold to the US.

The montreal school shooting happened in a building that is a perfect example of kabbalic geometric symbolism.

So all in all, i believe we can learn more about the power of these awsome ancient secret societies through observing there master designs.


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