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posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 10:17 AM
The subject thread Does anyone out there have powers has prompted me to submit a seperate thread to outline some of the experiences that I have had on an regular basis for 20 years. I doubt my experiences are connected to 'powers'. I attribute this to a hightened cognitive ability.
Allow me to explain.
My first acquaintance with a'hotspot' was in 1997 a fortnight after I began work as a postman. My duty covered a semi rural area. On a winding path to a cottage I was inexplicably drawn to a nondescript spot. Wierd as this may sound I 'felt' something bad had happened on this very small area. Every day I called with the mail I felt that the energy or essence became more intense. I used to stop and stare at this spot on the path and on one occassion I experienced a brief altered state which, believe me, was quite disturbing as it gave me a vision I'd rather forget.
My duty changed and I was then consigned to delivery in a wild windlashed moorland area with a sparse population and remote communities. This area was where I was to get yet another 'hotspot' experience that eminated far more energy than my previous one. It was a clump of sedgegrass shaped similar to an upturned rowing boat. Nothing distinctly stood out but as I'd parked up for a break close to it I began to shake with fear. Something very negative and powerfull was evident.
Over the years I've been 'beckoned' by over 30 of these hotspots. I cannot comprehend why or even why most have a distinct 'signiture'.
I hope someone can submit a theory.

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