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The Sinister Agenda behind Aboriginal Child Protection

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posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 08:14 AM

I have hesitated in posting this again. Last night I posted the first part and was informed of an inaccuracy.

This is the refined post.

I would like to share my concerns over the developments in Australia concerning the Federal Government's recent intervention of Indigenous affairs.

I have questioned whether or not, my concern is shared by others? Does this even rate as a significant issue? It is significant to me and perhaps that is enough? If this isn't significant to you, then perhaps it should be? I realised many years ago, in the first year of my Degree, that if the Government of the day could marginalise a group of people, portray them negatively in the media, then they could bloody well do it to anyone.

I realised at that time, we were all vulnerable.

I would like to warn readers that this is an extremely controversial, sensitive issue.

I am not sure if this amounts to a conspiracy. I am sure though, that this is a disinformation campaign by the Federal Government to move in on Native Title Land for economic gain.

I would like anyone reading this post to keep in mind one fact:

The Australian Government have had reports, after reports, after reports outlining horrendous problems, human tragedies within 'some' Aboriginal Communities. The Elders of those very same Communities were asking for immediate assistance many years before this issue appeared in the media.

The Australian Government have up until now, turned a blind eye to the reports. Or perhaps they were too busy attending to other issues?

Requests for assistance, extra funding, extra police presence fell on deaf ears. It is only now, the Howard Government have decided to implement 'emergency measures' to address the findings in the "Little Children are Sacred Report"

This report is not for the faint hearted. I would also strongly advise against reading it if you are a victim of sexual abuse.


posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 08:43 AM
Since the release of the 'Little Children are Sacred' Report, media representation of Aboriginal Communities has been extremely negative.

The media coverage is sensational, controversial and it has generated a huge public outcry.

The Government must do something to stop this!

It has become nothing more than a seven day wonder.

The Government of the day is now justified in taking whatever action is necessary. The general public is not overly interested now in what the Indigenous Communities have to say.

In the public’s mind, they have been led to believe from the select media footage, all Indigenous Communities are incompetent and cannot manage their own affairs:
They are all drunks, petrol sniffers and child abusers[sic]

What is really going on?

Despite pleas made by the Indigenous Groups, the NT Intervention Bills were passed through the Senate:

The Combined Aboriginal Organisations of the Northern Territory and the NSW Aboriginal Land Council are urging the Senate to put off the vote until the NT Government releases its legislative response this weeksource

It had been suggested that legislation would be passed regardless of the Committee’s findings:

whatever the committee's opinion, the report is unlikely to halt the progress of the legislation source

A member of the Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs suggested the Senate hearing into the Intervention Bills were inadequate:

If we look at the way in which this legislation has been rammed through the House, we can see that the potential for open and clear discussions about the faults or merits of the legislation has been denied… we can see that this is a recipe not for the empowerment of Aboriginal people but for the disempowerment of their interests
Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) Amendment (Township Leasing) Bill Second Reading, 13 June 2007

The Intervention Bills will give the Australian Government the power to abolish the permit system and lease Native Title Land.

The Commonwealth Government has indicated that, during this five-year period, it will continue to negotiate for 99-year township leases with traditional owners, pursuant to section 19A of the ALRA. This gives rise to an extraordinary proposition, having stripped traditional owners of the use of, rights to, and responsibility for their land, the Commonwealth is proposing ongoing negotiation of 99-year leasing arrangement under extremely asymmetric power relationsAboriginal Land Rights (NT) Amendment (Township Leasing) Bill Second Reading, 13 June 2007

The matter that we have to consider regarding these amendments concerns the Commonwealth establishing for itself an entity that would issue subleases Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) Amendment (Township Leasing) Bill Second Reading, 13 June 2007

Why is it that the Government needs to lease the Native Title Land in order to protect Aboriginal Children?

Why is it that the Australian Government is excluding Aboriginal people from involvement in this process?

Why is it that the Australian Government is black-mailing Indigenous Communities into signing the lease agreements?


posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 10:08 AM

The government has always said that the scheme is voluntary and yet consistently we have seen suggestions made by the minister that funding for schools—
funding for a high school in one case - will not be forthcoming unless the community signs up Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) Amendment (Township Leasing) Bill Second Reading, 13 June 2007

Threatening to withhold funding to coerce communities to sign the lease agreements? This is a Government committed to protecting the interests of the children! Why withhold funding for a child's education?

Police on the ground in these remote communities are concerned over the proposed abolition of the permit system. What would they know? As if they would have any idea?

Police in all states and territories have rallied to reject the federal Government's planned abolition of the permit system controlling access to Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory Police unite against NT Permit Plan

There is no evidence that the partial abolition of the permit system will reduce child sex abuse. Indeed there is a strong view tendered by the Northern Territory Police Association that such relaxation might exacerbate this problem Emergency Response or Knee Jerk Reaction?

Why is it the Australian Government is so determined to lease the land from the Indigenous Groups?

Land that may be subject to Native Title comprises some fifty percent of the Northern Territory and Native Title law impacts on almost every stage of the mining tenure process on that landsource

This is a picture of the Australian Darwin-Adelaide Rail Link. As you can see from the image, the track runs through the centre of Australia.

The next map shows land tenure in Australia. The areas in Australia that are Aboriginal Freehold, Leasehold and Reserve land are depicted with the colour brown and is concentrated in central Australia and in the Northern Territory.

Mining Companies have had a long history of negotiations with Traditional owners. Negotiations with Traditional owners who cannot be bought for money has meant some Companies have gone away without getting what they want:

Cogema suffered a recent setback with the collapse of negotiations with Traditional Owners over the Koongarra lease, cut from Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

Ranger is due to close within the next few years as the resource is all but mined out. Its future hinges on being able to establish the Jabiluka mine 20km to the north and truck the ore to Ranger for milling. It is this option which the Mirrar People have vetoed, putting the future of both Ranger and Jabiluka in doubt.

(Will be back to post rest tommorrow. Need zzzzzzz)

posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 07:17 AM
I wish to clarify the current status of the NT Intervention Bills.
The Senate is continuing to debate the government's draft laws, which are now expected to pass this Thursday...the Senate are debating the final pages right now.

I have had the unfortunate pleasure of listening to the entire debate and as early as Tuesday, 14th August, 2007 the only real opposition to these laws has been from the Democrats Senator Andrew Bartlett

The Howard Government has the majority in the Senate to begin with. Without any opposition from the Labor Party regarding these laws; it is not a matter of if these laws will be passed but when!

These broadcasts give a very good overview of the situation, in particular Senator Bartlett efforts are exceptional.

Live Senate Broadcast 13/08/07

Live Sentate Broadcast 14/08/07

Live Senate Broadcast 15/08/07

It is after a while very disappointing to listen to. Todays discussion of Reserve Powers over Indigenous Communities and their Assets are very frightening.


Back to the Mining interests.

There are various issues that leave you to wonder, but then there exist facts that cannot be disregarded.

It is a fact that the Native Title Act 1993 Cth is an impediment to the Government.

There does exist some successful Development Agreements on Native Title Lands

However, in the Northern Territory, there are have been many problems.

Mining on Aboriginal land contributes more than a billion dollars a year to the Northern Territory economy and accounts for eighty per cent of the Territory's income derived from mining

Central Lands Council

oh, you may enjoy reading the information found on the Central Lands Council homepage.
Intervention Ill Conceived

This map shows Uraninium mines and prospective sites in Australia. If you consider the map above of land tenure in Australia, you can see where some of these mines are inconveniently located.

image source:

Jabiluka Uranium Mining Project (Northern Territory, Australia)

WMC Ltd is now owned by BHP Billiton. This gives some insight into the history of tensions between Mining and Native Title interests:

WMC (Western Mining Corporation) Ltd. was one of Australia's largest mining and metal corporations, and one of the world's largest producers of gold, copper, nickel, alumina, talc and uranium...WMC has been one of the most outspoken opponents of indigenous land rights


Royalties paid to Indigenous Communities are substantial:

Striker Resources and the Balanggarra people who have claimed 27,000 sq. km of land in the remote Kimberley district of Western Australia. The claimants will receive four components of cash compensation: during exploration a fixed percentage of the costs of ground disturbing exploration activities; at the mine construction stage, 1.5% of capital costs; when the mine is operational, a royalty of a percentage of the mineral sales proceeds; and annual land rentals.Working with Native Title

[edit on 15-8-2007 by Thurisaz]

posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 07:50 AM
From the inaccurate, recent media representation of Aboriginal Communities, the majority of Australians would have no idea how successful some of the Communities are.

Indigenous Business Australia formerly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Development Corporation (CDC)

Indigenous Business Australia has a operating capital base of 600 million dollars and is impressive to say the least. This information generally surprises many people:

IBA is currently involved in almost 30 significant investments of
which 25 are located in rural and remote Australia. These are
worth about $120 million of which 14 have existing Indigenous

I will finish here for the moment. I am waiting on some other information and as soon as I obtain the connection I will add it to this.

[edit on 15-8-2007 by Thurisaz]

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 09:28 AM
Well it is official, the NT Intervention Bills were passed as I said they would be through the Senate. How timely, that the Federal Government have secured a deal with India and released the news TODAY for Australian Uranium!!!!!

Who wants to be a billionaire? I don't

Djok traditional owner Jeffrey Lee is one of the many traditional owners in Australia fighting uranium mining companies to preserve his land and culture. Lee, senior custodian of the Kongarra uranium deposit, has decided never to allow his land, which borders the world-heritage listed Kakadu National Park, to be mined.


However, French mining giant Areva, the world's biggest nuclear power company, wants to extract 14,000 tonnes of uranium worth more than $5 billion The site is close to a special place for the Australian environment and Aboriginal land rights rights movements, the site of the proposed Jabiluka uranium mine which was defeated by a huge campaign in 2003.


NT intervention part of 'nuclear plan' - The Age 14 August 07 –
"Federal government intervention into Northern Territory indigenous communities is part of US President George W Bush's 'grand nuclear plan' for the planet, the Australian Greens say.

cited here

Nuclear Agenda???
Woomera is Maralinga Tjarutja Lands

…for the establishment of a National Radioactive Waste Repository on 31 May 2002. The EISproposed three possible locations for the repository:
1)Site 52a near Koolmilka, Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA), South Australia
2)Site 40a about 20 km east of Woomera
3)Site 45a about 50 km northeast of Woomera

The Report concluded site 52a not suitable for NWR… 40a and 45a suitability has not been released.

Prior to submission of the Draft EIS, the Department of Defence had provided to DEST a report by HLA – Envirosciences entitled ‘Impact on Australian Defence Force Operations of locating the National Waste Repository at Site 52a within the Woomera Prohibited Area’ (HLA 2001). This report contained an assessment of some of the perceived risks associated with the proposed project. DEST took this assessment into account when it prepared the Draft EIS following receipt of a report to DEST by Halliburton KBR Pty Ltd dated February 2002 (Halliburton 2002).


Days before, the Australian government had made a historic bid for Aboriginal land in South Australia where it intends to dispose of toxic wastes. Malezer, Human Rights Officer with the Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Resource Action (FAIRA), spoke to the Forum about the price tendered: $90,000 to each of three aboriginal groups for a plot of 2.5 square kilometers.

Given that the Woomera region has been subjected to atomic testing already, Malezer reasons, the gates are open for nuclear storage


Eight regions across Australia were identified for further assessment and Woomera was finally chosen as the preferred site.


But this all means nothing, right?

The only real opposition to the Nuclear repository is the Indigenous Groups with land rights.

The NT Intervention Bills are Unconstitutional. Can't wait for the NT Government, the Northern & Central Lands Councils to institute legal challenge to assess the validity of the new laws. Perhaps they won't bother...

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 09:47 AM
Because in Australia, the Judiciary is subordinate to the Executive as the extension to McArthur River Court Case illustrates, or even the 10 Point Wik Plan:

Yanyuwa elders from Borroloola in the Northern Territory have arrived in Darwin to attend this week’s Federal Court case against the Commonwealth.

The case follows the approval of expansions at the McArthur River Mine, allowing the company to convert from an underground to an open-cut mine and divert five kilometres of the McArthur River.

McArthur River

After a hearing in the Court of Appeal today, Chief Justice Martin and Justices Riley and Southwood found that legislation passed by the Northern Territory Government on 4 May 2007
had effectively overturned the previous decision by Justice Angel.

MRM General Manager, Mr Brian Hearne, said he is pleased with the result as it provides legal validation to the McArthur River Project Amendment (Ratification of Mining Authorities) Act 2007 which enabled the mine’s $110 million open pit development to proceed.

“It remains business as usual at MRM


It is just as well the NT Govt enacted legislation to override the Court ruling and and then a higher court decided the legislation was valid! It wouldn't be business as usual at MRM if so!

The Australian Government passed the Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Act 2005 to armour the flawed site selection process against any legislative or legal recourse. The intent of the legislation is to remove any doubt about the Australian Government’s power to select
a site, construct, and operate a radioactive waste facility in the Northern Territory


Did I mention that Australia has 60% of the global market for aluminium?
Rio Tinto and Alcan offer is definitely one to keep an eye on, well that is if your interested in the sharemarket?

Anyone clever with the sharemarket?
I have been on such a paper chase...really very interesting.

I think what is interesting is the people/Companies who claim not to have an interest in a Company but still be connected through other subsidiaries.

[edit on 17-8-2007 by Thurisaz]

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 11:56 AM
I seriously think that why yes we did need to intervene, our glorious government in myy opinion, is setting the peices in place for a nice peaceful acceptance of our forthcoming National ID cards next year. That and a backhanded deal to grab land. Sorry, but as a half Irish half Scottish born n bred Aussie, I have a genetic and cultural disposition to distrust governments!!!!!!

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 05:47 AM

Originally posted by Redemptionseeker
I seriously think that why yes we did need to intervene, our glorious government in myy opinion, is setting the peices in place for a nice peaceful acceptance of our forthcoming National ID cards next year. That and a backhanded deal to grab land.

hmm you maybe right there as they have already suggested taking the DNA of the Indigenous communities.

Sorry, but as a half Irish half Scottish born n bred Aussie, I have a genetic and cultural disposition to distrust governments!!!!!!

aye, that would be due to having some of the blood of William Wallace in your veins!!!

Wow though, thanks for the first response, thought no one was really that interested in what was happening in Australia with Indigenous issues.

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 05:56 AM
Interestingly the Government plan does little to address the recommendations made in the "Little Children are Sacred" report. Also none of the Government action involves active collaboration with the aboriginal people which is the key factor in this issue.

The only thing that comes to mind for me from this saga is it's parallel with the early Nazi policy of policing and denying access to remote areas which is just another parallel seeming to bring us closer to fascism.

The Government doesn't care about the Aboriginal problem, never has, there are no votes in it you see.

So I wonder what their real agenda is out there???

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 06:09 AM
I am not sure how sinister this all is, though I appreciate the effort you have put into this issue that really does effect human rights in a real way, unlike many on this board that do not.

I have been watching the changes in legislation in the NT and been somewhat shocked. Many of my friends (Australian) are quite dismissive about it and say that it is something that would only have been agreed with the tribal elders, so it must be OK. Personally speaking I think it is a cack handed method to try and solve a social problem without actually solving the social problem. Of course, as you point out, there are no votes in it. I feel that this is just a typical fudge by politicians who can't bear to address the real social issues within the communities and so seek to do it with poorly thought out legistlation that targets sections of the Australian population through only race.

I would have thought that Australian politicians would be scared of making the same discredited, racist mistakes of their forefathers.

posted on Nov, 15 2007 @ 05:45 AM
Just an update:

Not one arrest since the NT Intervention Bills were introduced.

Not one!

Couldn't believe my ears when I heard the radio discussion about it today. Not one arrest.


The emergency measures in the Northern Territory have still not produced any charges of child sexual abuse



In SA we have water restrictions in place due to the drought. It has cost me an extra $9.00 per quarter of my water rates to save the River Murray

Halliburton are in my backyard!!

SA Water

United Water is a consortia of three companies:

Veolia Water - the world's largest water services company and is the water division of Veolia Environment.
Thames Water - the UK's largest water company, providing water and wastewater services to 13 million people in Southern England and 43 million people worldwide.
Halliburton KBR - a leader in engineering, planning and project management in the Asia Pacific region.

In 1996 the SA Government awarded United Water a 15-year contract to manage and operate the metropolitan Adelaide water and wastewater systems on behalf of SA Water. Under its contract, the company is committed to leading the development of a revitalised water industry in South Australia.SA Water

Ground Water - Our Hidden Treasure

The Great Artesian Basin is a confined multi-layered
groundwater system, which underlies 1.7 million km2 of arid
and semi-arid land across Queensland, New South Wales,

From what I can make out, the deal may involve giving away
valuable rights to water (life in the desert) in return for
very little indeed. Just as Warumungu people in the area have
had their mineral wealth (gold and copper - and grasses and
surface waters) expropriated in return for misery, it seems
that they have been denied the opportunity to establish their
rights in relation to subsurface water and to obtain a
reasonable return for its use.
They say future wars will be fought over water.
Native title holders ruled to have no part of Land Claim.

Water is vital to survival, it is also crucial to mining operations.

Halliburton may have severed ties with KBR in April 2007 but Halliburton still have other interests in Australia.

Interestingly, Halliburton, Dick Cheney's former company, constructed the railway line between Adelaide and Darwin, now managed by Serco Asia Pacific, a leader in the management and transport of Britain's nuclear waste. It runs adjacent to both the SA Olympic Dam uranium mine and to Muckaty Station at Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory - the preferred site chosen by the Federal Government to store radioactive waste from Lucas Heights. source

Halliburton Down Under, Above and Beyond

Hurricane Halliburton Page 17

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posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 09:57 PM
It's an old cliche, but seriously, think of the children.

The government may be going about it the wrong way, and i'm not a John Howard supporter, but i really want to see this child abuse stopped.

It has nothing to do with whether you are black or white. If you abuse your children, they will be removed from you. The Aboriginal's can cry stolen generation all they want, but if they aren't doing anything wrong by their children then they have nothing to worry about.

DOCS has been a big issue in the media lately, with that boy in the suitcase and the girl starving to death etc. They were all single white cases that got huge media attention, and no one kicks up a stink when kids are taken away from parents like that, but when the government tries to remove children from abusive Aboriginal parents, its all a conspiracy and racist etc.

It isn't. It is just common sense and should have been acted on long ago.

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 10:34 PM
first of all, this from a government who doesn't want to reduce global warming if it means slowing the economy... i think what you'll see in Australia is Aboriginals being moved off their land and into more "suitable" housing many miles away.. this will all be couched with the "save the children" dogma attached to entice sympathies of their plight and to quell white voter guilt... i.e "
whitey will think this is what has to happen to help the situation.... i say the governemnt is lucky these people are unarmed and exhausted... when they "help themselves" to aboriginal lands in other countries (Canada/US for example) they're often met by the round end of a gun barrel... john howard is a facist and a criminal, quite simple and with any luck he won't be around any longer... btw, did bush's cousin install electronic voting booths in your country?


posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 02:08 AM
Awesome post and research

Ill try and find the four corners episode I watched about it. It adds weight to your argument.

All the evidence suggests its all a ploy to take land and test martial law.

Veolia and water isnt a good mix, I had no idea and im quite concerned they arnt the most honest of companies. Its a French company that gets rid of environmental and toxic waste. Throw in Haliburton and we have our soon to be nuclear waste dump.


posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 08:49 PM
Here is he linkage to the Four Corners episode.

You can watch the program or read the transcript through the menu on the right.

Today being election day I have to wonder what will happen to these new laws if we have a change of government.

posted on Nov, 24 2007 @ 09:35 PM
oh thanks for the link.

As for the election. I don't think either Labor or Liberal will make a difference to the laws. The Parliamentary debates re NT Intervention Bills was very informative, also very disappointing. Not much will change now Rudd is in Govt. The Democrats in my opinion were the only ones concerned or vocal with their concerns throughout the entire debate. The Labor Govt did not make too much noise at all.


posted on Nov, 24 2007 @ 10:39 PM
Just read this article which states N.T Labor politicians want Rudd to reverse the laws. This is going to be a very interesting situation to watch pan out.

I at least hope Rudd can save some of the existing actual working programs highlighted in the Four Corners investigation. Especially the border protection fellows.

posted on Nov, 27 2007 @ 06:12 AM
reply to post by KTK

It does look promising but I am not getting too excited just yet.

NT chief: No big roll-back of measures source

I must admit Rudd is certainly not taking his time addressing some of the issues: an apology to the Stolen Generations... is imo, amazing

Rudd doesn't seem to be shrinking away from sensitive issues.

The new Government is expected to reinstate the Community Development Employment Project (CDEP) and keep the permits system the previous government planned to scrap.Researcher calls for scrapping of 'racist' intervention policy

I wasn't impressed with Labor's efforts during the debates re: NT Intervention Bills but I must admit, Rudd's approach has really surprised me.

Guess its a wait and see!

[edit on 27-11-2007 by Thurisaz]

posted on Nov, 27 2007 @ 07:41 AM
Cant believe I missed this thread. Quite simply the best researched thread on Australian issues I've seen on the web this year, let-alone ATS. Outstanding job Thurisaz, and quite on the mark.

Of course, as soon as I heard John Howard talking about indigenous Australian rights followed by the Intervention plan, well it was obvious really. Land grab coupled with Fascist lockdown of the most defenceless & disenfranchised ppl in the country. It was so obvious, and depressing, I didn't even bother reading up on it.

And hey, if the government wanted to get 'fair dinkum' about child abuse, there's um plenty closer to Canberra, might have to dig a little deeper in the closet though. Another reason to spit on Howard, that guy was just a really nasty piece of work, and another reason to cross fingers for Rudd. I don't trust to hope though.

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