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God and tiddlywinks

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posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 04:12 AM


chosen by god

I have been liveing in skipperville alabama for 19 years and ive had this dead pond in the back yard for a while were i found a large red bolder that was there for a long time. after 9-11 i was majorly concerned about the future so i decided i would attemt to build a shelter with an entrence on a size of a 111 degree incline up to 4 ft tall and will i was digging i came across these thin layers of black rocks in the red clay that looked strikeingly close to the stone formations ive seen on cosmic collision documenterys, but all i had was this red bolder wich is about the size and shape of an extra large mill stile fuel can. according to the possition i found the rock compaired to the pond wich is hevaly overgrown the incline were the bolder was located faced the opposite end of the pond in wich would be in the direction of due south west direction respectively, my theory is is that when the comet that struck the gulf of mexico impacted, it made a massive explosion that blasted the "bolder" into space were it came back down in a random location wich incedentaly is my own back yard. 5000+ years ago when the comet struck.

emition of the playings in my brain. i have been liveing in this fantacy facsist empire in my mind for 7 years with 3 count them 3 factions
factions name, factions directive, (animal depiction)
Project X orca
4LCG(disbanded) hummingbird
Spectrum dolphin

this brings me back to cancun mexico were as the ancients built the art formations in the desart rocks that can be directly associated to the directives of the factions above, i realize also that ancient mexican coltures beleaved in the appocolyps if im not mistaken the location aint far from the crator in the gulf

the law of repitition and implications in prophacy

no 2 images can be created more than once (regarding an orthadox of species) wich the proper term for orthadox consist of closely related species of animals.

what dose this have to do with me? i was (another confession) creating a rocket louncher on a cement pad (15 yards from the pond) wich was taken down after it was infested with a single "blackwidow spider" the loncher was aimed at panama city beach florida. again if i had did this you would have known about it.

this is about all the information i can share at this time, later ill try posting images of the rock, cavity, and the pond, as soon as i can create them. i may even post my full theory of the appocolyps after i have posted the images.


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