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May i have some help? (Google Vid Tech Prob)

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posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 01:10 AM
Greetings everyone, i hope you are all doing well and are happy.

Ok, I have a it is.

I run Mozilla Firefox as my browser for everything on the net and i got this nifty little modification program that integrates itself into my Firefox browser and enables me to download pretty much any video i want to from the internet such as those from Youtube, Metacafe, Ifilm and any other 60+ sites, It even lets me download the embed videos aswell.The addon is called VideoDownloader version 1.1.1 . Now heres the trouble.

This addon used to let me download videos from Google without a problem but now it seems that the programmers at Google have altered the video code or something like that on there website and it is because of this that my program no longer works and is not compatible with Google.This makes me so mad because i spent ages looking for an Area51(Dreamland,S4 etc) documentary and could never find it untill recently when ATS member Rhain
Found it for me and told me where it is. Yes you guessed it , its on google Video, Now what im doing is im archiving alot of Area51,EBE and government data for my own project which when it is done i would like to put it on ats and present it to all you guys. This video is very important to me because i am studying the claims of Robert Lazar and he is in this video a whole lot which is why i desperately need to figure another way out to download it on to me computer and it is this reason that i am pleading for your help.

As i said b4, my browsers addon used to let me download these types of videos from google but now it wont let me.
The video that i need to download can be seen by clicking RIGHT HERE so have a quick look and see if u can find out a way for me to download it.

By the way , I know google usually has a download vid button on there with about 3 or so different formats that u can get the video in but to me it only has one and that is the PSP/Ipod format which is useless to me, I thought if i download it in the PSP/Ipod format that maybe i could convert it but when i tried this course of action i only downloaded the first minute or so of video footage with made me kinda mad lol.

Please fellow AboveTopSecret members i really need your help and even if the ATS staff know about something i could do to nail my problem i would be most thankfull to them or anyone else that helps me out. Is there another program that i can use to download the whole video to my Hard drive ? or does anyone know another way to get it??

Plz plz plz if you know a way how i could overcome this drama let me know, i would be so greatfull for any help that any of you can give me .
Thank you and i look forward to your thoughts on this.

Untill then.


posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 01:31 AM
I just download it, it's an Mp4 format here is the resolution.

Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 294x240 [GPAC ISO Video Handler]
Audio: AAC 44100Hz stereo 123Kbps [GPAC ISO Audio Handler]

It looks fine in full screen mode sharp and clear, even on my 31' TeeVee it looks good.

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posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 02:57 AM
you could try following the instructions to fix it from []here[/url]

if that still doesn't work, try saving the page ( file/save page as ) and see if it takes the video with it.

you could also watch the whole thing and then do a search of your pc for filename.avi and see if there is a cached copy stored in there somewhere (that would work in internet explorer for you if the option is set)

you could try searching on google for that filename and see if it is available elsewhere where you can download it from

hope one of those helps you

(ps i already looked in the source code but there is no direct download link there)

(pps = theres a wonderful small program called 'vlc media player' which will play almost all video formats including mp4's)

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