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Halo 3 Offical type BTS thread

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posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 10:36 PM
Hey all just thought id make a thread about halo 3 coming up on its launch. Talk here as it gets closer. Its late here so im gettin off. No links for now ill add them tomarrow but you can google and find this stuff on wikipedia or what ever. (If possiable an official bts halo 3 thread?)

3 different types of armor. Nothing like boosts but they are just for looks.

Giant mobile base- Carries tank, 2 mongoose, i think a warthog, and 8-12 people. Used on biggest map (Sandtrap)

9 levels i think confirmed not for sure

Flamethrower- added shoots in burts of 3 seconds. Flames will wash over bubble shield and not destroy it... cool effects

Flame nade- Blows up into a wall of flames lasting 4.5 secs. Great for CTF

Dont know if appropriate but Cortana has better..... Features.. shall we say and leave it at that

Brutes now attack in groups. If leader says throw gernade they all throw and they now have armor. No more pumping em full of lead till they die youll need tactics.

4 player online co-op. host is Master chief, 2nd player arbitar, other 2 are elites.

lotsa other stuff ill post back tomarrow

posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 08:23 AM
Counting the days down and have been talking with a few colleagues about getting the boardroom and several projectors so we can have a Halo 3 launch day blast.

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