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Radiation in NY?

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posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 01:36 PM
Anyone else have any thoughts on this news? The news came from

"13 August 2007: A minor accident that took place at Hoboken and Summit Avenues in Hoboken, New Jersey Sunday night - a mere 6-mile drive from the Empire State Building in Manhattan prompted the response of police to the scene as the driver of one of the vehicles fled on foot after the accident. But the police were summoned for another reason – the vehicle from which the suspect in the hit-and-run fled contained a “box” in the trunk containing “radioactive” symbols. According to a law enforcement source close to the Northeast Intelligence Network interviewed shortly after 5:00 this morning, sensors carried by police that measure radioactivity sounded an alarm that indicated higher than acceptable levels of radioactivity, prompting a response from HAZMAT and other officials. Police, fire and HAZMAT officials established a safe perimeter around the accident scene, and the driver of the car containing the box or device emitting radioactivity was caught several blocks from the scene."

posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 02:18 PM
Already posted on other threads on here. Nothing to be alarmed about, apparently soil samples in some kids car.

posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 02:23 PM
I think it could it be a terrorist dry run. They are testing how fast the cops can catch them before they can fulfill their plot and finding loopholes in our security system. Other than that, it could be just coincidence that the car contained radioactive material at the wrong place and wrong time.

Here are the possibilities listed:

-Terrorist Dry Run
-Terrorist Wannabe
-Coincidence Car Containing Radiation
-Malfunction of Sensors


posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 04:32 PM

Originally posted by Dan5647
I think it could it be a terrorist dry run.

Or the authorities on a dry run.


posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 04:36 PM
Nothing crazy happening here except alot of fire trucks at dykman st subway station(closed), the 1 and 9 train run there. Been there for a while, though firemen here last at least an hour and a half for most calls. could be nothing. Any one with a police scanner around?

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