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Amazing footage from stirling Scotland

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posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 10:38 AM
There has been much speculation about the glowing balls being ballons and what not, in the following footage you will become aware that this phenomenon (or atleast in this footage) must be something else.
He is a scottish lad who lives in stirling, which is a ufo hotbed, and has made many amazing footage with different sorts of camera techniques.

In this piece of footage these craft of light are shooting all over the place with incredible speeds, from left to right from right to left, and objects that make moves that are impossible for a conventional aircraft ,really incredible stuff. This is like some of the Nasa footage where you see all these objects coming and going from every where and shooting through space only this is filmed in our own sky.

collection of all his footage:

I would to hear the opnions of the debunkers on this footage

posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 11:27 AM
There are plus's and minus's to this footage.

First video
First, it does appear to be in the location he claims to have filmed it in. He's defintely got the range in the front of the house to track a reasonable fast object across the sky for the period of time he tracks it.

Second, the bugs flying around and in front of the camera lead credence to the footage, since there are streetlights directly in the field of view for filming.

Third, the object does appear to go behind clouds or through clouds, eliminating any more earthly reasons like slow moving bugs from the street lights.

First, Its just a "light" ball. There doesn't appear to be any substance of form of any fuselage etc. This can be faked with any amount of laser beams on the market today reflected off the clouds.

Second, Quality. The footage itself is of poor quality, as can be seen at the end of him filming himself. Its not smooth, and there's alot of skipping/video shearing. Poor quality is a good medium to cover one's editing techinques. Putting a ball of light into a video pan of the sky isn't rocket science for anybody with Windows Movie Maker.

Third, No references in the sky. No other planes, no powerlines, no trees, no horizon. You can see bit of a roofline at the end, and you don't know what it is until later footage showing off his front yard. This is an artifact from where it was filmed, so its not intentional. But it also leaves us with nothing to compare the object too.

Second Night video:
Plus's: There's at least other stars for comparison.

First, Poor quality again

Second, the editing and the jumping around don't make any sense. Without seeing the raw unedited footage, there's no good reference for what shot came first, or second, or if they are even the same.

Third, Its not out of the realm of faking, the moving/jumping light that seems to leave a trail or expand defintely reminds me of the impression certain lasers or lights can leave on a video.

So my two cents, its got some good points but its not the best video I've seen. It defintely won't prove anything.

And if the guy has seen "1000s" of UFO's, one would think he could muster up some better shots and better equipment by now. Maybe some panoramic shots of the entire view instead of zoomed in following shots. This reminds me more of completely unplanned "I'm on vacation there's a UFO!" shots, not somebody in his front yard who is use to seeing stuff on a regular basis.



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