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What Unites Iraqis: Blocking Western Oil Companies

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posted on Aug, 12 2007 @ 06:48 PM

What Unites Iraqis: Blocking Western Oil Companies

Despite the ethnic bloodshed in Iraq, majorities of Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds are united in their disapproval of the proposed oil laws that Washington and Big Oil are pushing.

If passed, the Bush administration’s long-sought “hydrocarbons framework” law would give Big Oil access to Iraq’s vast energy reserves on the most advantageous terms and with virtually no regulation. Meanwhile, a parallel law carving up the country’s oil revenues threatens to set off a fresh wave of conflict in the shell-shocked country.

Subhi al-Badri, head of the Iraqi Federation of Union Councils, said last month that the “law is a bomb that may kill everyone.” Iraq’s oil “does not belong to any certain side,” he said, “it belongs to all future generations.” But Washington continues to push that bomb onto the Iraqi people, calling it a vital benchmark on the road to a fully sovereign Iraq. Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio accused his own party of “promoting” President Bush’s effort to privatize Iraq’s oil “under the guise of a reconciliation program.”

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posted on Aug, 12 2007 @ 07:48 PM
This administration will do anything to stop Iraq from seeking other nations that may offer a better investment in the Iraqi oil.

That may mean keeping that nation as a war zone for ever until the will of the Iraqi people is bend or is not enough Iraqis anymore to complain until they favor the offers of the oil barons of the US.

posted on Aug, 12 2007 @ 08:29 PM
Iraqi's seem unable to mend differences over rule, revenge or ethnic placement.

But they seem to be able to find common ground over America's self appointed charge over Iraqi-Oil.
This is not our oil, we have no say, WHAT SO EVER in any aspect of Iraq's OIL.

Yet, here we are, being activley confronted by Iraqi's about LAWS we are passing which gives us unrestricted/regulated access to the OIL.
And people say this war is about WMD's.

What more could you possibly need to see the truth?

A 100ft bill board
'' IRAQ WMDS = CORPORATE MORALS....... there are none! ''

posted on Aug, 12 2007 @ 11:41 PM
Please see my post at:\
Thank you, Xenongod

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