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Newt Gingrich gave excellent speech at National Press Club

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posted on Aug, 12 2007 @ 04:42 PM
This morning I watched on CSPAN a rebroadcast of an excellent speech that Newt Gingrich had given on Tuesday at the National Press Club. He talked about problems in the nation, giving everyone a history lesson on the great America that Lincoln had envisioned. He discussed the need for change to the presidential candidate's televised debates; talking about how a 30 second rule is absolutely ludicrous. He talked about the great danger we face in this country from Islamic fundamentalists; how we are on the verge of a major disaster. He stressed that this country needs change in a major way; that we are in much worse conditions than the cold war and probably anytime in this country's history.

I really think everyone should watch it, the whole 2 hours of it. It is very insightful. Now I'm just trying to find it in its entirety, which I can't seem to do. I'll give you the link to the National Press Club anyway. If someone finds the whole speech on youTube, please post it here. I only found a few minutes of it though.

National Press Club

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