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If 911 was the truth

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posted on Aug, 11 2007 @ 08:58 AM
I myself believe there is some sort of conspiracy regarding 9/11. I dont believe in the holigraphic planes and all that type of palava but i do believe possibly that WTC was rigged somehow to collapse and i do think the goverment where involved, If not in the driving seat then they were definitely in for the ride.

I was thinking though if since 9/11 everything the goverment said had been proven as true and the official reports without any shadow of a doubt proved the official story to be true and lets say even here on ATS we couldnt find a single bit of evidence to prove otherwise. In other words the whole world believed the official story. How different would things be today?

Would we be totally 100% backing the war in the Middle East?

Would we accept a police state more believing it to be in our interests?

Would we trust our goverments more and encourage them to keep fighting the war on terror?

Would we accept accept biometric chips and tags believing it to be in our interest of safety?

9/11 conspiracies are a big talking subjet and no doubt our leaders have heard every conspiracy there is regarding themselves and 9/11 but how would their support be now from the people without any inkling of any 9/11 cover up.

Im thinking that 9/11 backfired on the people behind the scenes. What they expected was for us to roll over and accept their story so what did they serioulsy expect if for imagine we believed their story what were their future plans.


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