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Spiritual Learning Tools

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posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 02:55 PM
I'm in a creative mood today. Feel my wrath. *rubs hands menacingly*

There are quite a few concepts that are being tossed around alot lately. They are taken as absolute truths. The fact is, spiritually, there is no absolute that can be put into words. So, "tools" were used to describe this understanding, and meditation upon them will bring revelation and in turn, clarity to the subject.

Allow me to start off with a concept near and dear to many of our hearts.

The Akashic Records-
Many people view these as a library, or a crystal ball, or a screen, or giant scroll that contains all of the information in the world. In this all-encompassing tome you can find the details of every person's life, every thing that happened, would, or could happen, every thought that would ever occur, every fact and detail imaginable.

The fact is, there is no library, or computer screen, or all knowing sage that lurks in the ethereal realms. This is a concept meant to convey an understanding. The truth(as accurately as I can describe it) is that everything is part of a collective oneness(conciousness). The mind is capable of combing through all of this information, and locating the specific data. However, there are 2 conditions.

#1 The mind must be clear and focused only on the present.

#2 The mind can have no bias as to what it will find. This will taint the results.

Then, simply use the imagination as a vehicle and access the knwoledge you seek.

The Chakras-
Many people view the chakras as a plumbing, or electrical system. If there is no obstruction, the energy can access a specific "chakra" and open it up revealing it's knowledge, much akin to opening up a website. If the site is closed you cannot view it's material, chakras are thought of to be much the same.

However, this is not accurate. Each chakra represents a level of conciousness, it is an understanding of a vital spiritual truth. It is conciousness. The specific location of each chakra simply serves as a tool for the mind. Eventually, when the "kundalini" rises, it'll burn away preconcieved notions that there are chakras, and they are seperate things, with locations. All of the conciousness will be united at that time. However, for the moment, they exist as learning tools for the majority of us to begin to grasp an understanding. No longer focus on them being open, or closed. Focus on the lesson of each.

Astral Projection, NDE, OOBE, RV-
These are thought of to be the spirit leaving the body, and bringing it's attention elsewhere, traveling, using the body as a vehicle, perhaps going to another location, or spiritual realm.

The truth is, you aren't really going anywhere. Your conciousness is shifting it's focus. As the focus shifts, you have another experience. I'll explain more of this in the next tools.

Time and Space-
We think we understand this all pretty well. But they are illusions. Illusions constructed by our minds to help us percieve our experience. These, are the illusion of seperation. Time relates to the sequence that things happen in. Space related to the distance from one thing to another.

The natural order of the universe is somewhat chaotic, as it grants some level of truth to each perception. Yet somehow, it all fits together in a non-contradictory fashion in some sort of divine order.

In reality, all things that have ever happened, are happening, and will ever happen, all exactly at one time, one place. In our "Fallen" state, we cannot percieve it all and make sense of it. As we stand, such perception would drive us mad. So, our minds shelter us, and grant us this strict ordered perception. Things occur in a sequence, there is distance.

The reality is, everything is interconnected to everything else. Not just you're attached to Jill, and I'm attached to you, who is attached to Jill. But I'm attached to you, Jill, and everyone else(Sounds kinky I know, but stay thy hand until the end).

Everything exists presently. In a sense, nothing that we percieve is real, but in another sense, everything that we percieve is real. Everything exists as energy, and is directly related to everything else. How?

Points of Interconnection-
#1 All conciousness is connected, and exists as one.

#2 Everything is made up of the same substance.

#3 Within everything exists a miniature version of everything else, this has a degree of sway upon the "greater" version.

#4 The energy of life that flows through all things, the "qi" is shared by all.

#5 As natural order, everything is interdepenent at some level upon everything else.

#6 The thoughts and actions of one, have a degree of sway over the group.

But, beyond all of this, we are all, also seperate. We are all individual entities. Beings that exist eternally, with ever changing form. View yourself as water. You may be water now, later you will be vapor, and at some other point you may exist as ice, but you always exist.

To quote a Thich Naht Hanh "Look at a picture of yourself as a 5 year old. Are you the same person as the one in the picture? Yes, and No. " Form changes, perception changes, but there is still existance which is everlasting, but also ever-changing. This applies to death.

Everything is one, yet everything is not one.

Finally this brings us to God. While I will not attempt to explain everyone's perception of God, let me simply say that You and God are the same. Made up of the same stuff. The difference is, though we may be a drop, God is the ocean made up of all drops. Also, Most of us don't realize, that we are in fact, God, connected at every point, able to influence all. Even if we realize it, we don't really "know" it. Therein lies the problem.

To return to a state of knowing, I and others have made innumerable threads on the subject. I encourage everyone to go on their own journey in search of truth, and don't simply accept what is quick and easy as the absolute truth, or the best way.

Thank you for your time.

Thanks for finsihing this, before you finished with Jill.

posted on Aug, 11 2007 @ 02:50 PM
Awesome post!

posted on Aug, 11 2007 @ 03:11 PM
Thank you! I'm glad somebody liked it!

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