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America is a state of Monarchy.

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posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 08:18 PM
Americans aren't as stupid as our government thinks it is. They obviously cover up 90% of the paperwork that goes down there and thats not a democracy, we are living in a state of monarchy.

We proved that again in history when all of the majority of America voted for one President but since all of his friends voted for him he gets in. WTF is that? Aren't we the people living in a nation founded on the common man? and yet 80 percent of America is lower to mid class?

On top of how screwed up the money situation is in America, we as a nation are in debt to many countries for more money then us middle class people have ever seen before.

Our taxes fund two colossal social and political groups which are NASA and of course the US Department of Defense..

.. Both of which are groups who provide the American people with little or no information regarding not only where the money is going... but keep from us the information, and technology gained through these organizations, and spend the money directly in ways that the average knowledgeable American would vote against.

So who keeps electing these *SNIP*? Why are only 5 people out of a million in America I have seen Presidential candidacy's for! You want to know why?! Because it costs so much money to reach out to enough people to gain their votes and try to make them remember your face through multiple advertising streams! Do you have enough money to buy commercials all over the country, visit all the biggest cities in America, Get ahold of the biggest press and get them to do a story on you, get billboards, a professional website, flyers, buttons, shirts, hats, a lawyer.. (right so the list goes on forever as we have seen here ^--)

Why are we basically given two parties Republican and Democratic when there could be thousands of independent parties all with different campaigns to find the correct medium in which everyone can be satisfied. Through these two parties many big organizations I'm sure sponsor and provide a major amount of money to because it's who would benefit their business the most.

Most people don't agree with the person next to them on more than 5 subjects.. so how the hell can all of America possibly be divided among these TWO (2) different opinions????

Doesn't anybody run for president who is independent and just says "Hey I'm not with any sort of "gang" such as the republicans and democrats, because I am a FREE THINKER. I have a PHD in History and the Psychology of Social Studies, and I own my own business so I have a plan to fix our economy.".

How can anyone in America be happy right now? It doesn't even feel like we are still in War because it has been going on for so long now with no new results that it has become an every day thing. In fact I think I speak for most of Americans when I say we aren't particularly scared of terrorism. We have something much more to be terrified of and that is a Nuclear Blowout with any of these countries that we are pissing off. It's like running up to somebody in the mob and breaking his knee caps. Would you do that?

It's not just one country we are pissing off either, it is basically the entire eastern world (if not all of the world I'm not sure yet because the only people on the news are famous politicians) *oooooooooooh!*.

We need to put some money back into our country people or else the entire country is going to be really *SNIP* horrible if our economy ever does crash. All of our money is currently being put into a Warlord's dream which will never return the cash flow. It's time for America to treat itself for a change.

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posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 08:24 PM
i definately agree with a large portion of what you stated.
the whole situation they have gotten us into is a shame isn't it.
i think its safe too say that they disappointed many of americans.

posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 10:05 PM
to answer clearly, England took america back into its smelly slanderous arms in 1913. The qking and queen, being devious and two faced, lie. So does 99.9% of politicians and the business owners in america. All to hide a system, that protects them as long as they fear the tyranny of mobsterism and comply with a system of policies, disguised as law, in a society of dumbed down happy shoppers who are so so so so stupid, because they are buying and selling themselves into the pre-planned insanity the masters of this lie are orchestrating..genocide of 50%+ of the entire world. Now knowing this, all I feel compelled to do is tell them to thier faces like luke rudkowski does, "no way your getting yur New World Order" and no way the people will let you and your false perception of existence end all of ours. And America is the key to stopping this evil. Go read up and learn well, "The song of Moses" from the bible. Encrypted in their is how to end satanic rule of liars and rapists claiming to be christians, slandering both muslim christian and jew to create a satanic world of evil hypocrisy and killing care daily.


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