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posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 01:25 PM
The other day I was preparing dinner. The way my home is situated you can see the entire back yard from my kitchen window. My little boy had gotten a little T-Ball stand for his birthday, and he was out back playing with it. I was watching him through the window. He wasn't having much success. I have to give him credit though, he is extremely tenacious. Having just turned 5, he has moods where he doesn't want Daddies help. I call it the "I want to do it's!" syndrome. Well he was in one of his moods at the moment. In another 5 minutes, he'll be begging me to come out and teach him again..........
Anyway, I was watching him, and I saw him putting something on his T-ball stand. "Huh, that doesn't look like one of the bright yellow balls that came with the set." I only wear my glasses when I drive, and did not have them on so the tiny details were fuzzy.
"What the heck is that? Hmmmmmmm..............." He's winding up......
"Oh JEEZ!"
At the very last second I realized it was my cell phone...........
"Little Lombozo! Wait!"
Let me tell you Barry Bonds would have been jealous of this hit.
He hit it halfway across the yard!
I never realized how many pieces a cell phone can break into......
"Hey Daddy! I told you I could do it!" He said to me as he looked up with such pride on his face. As much as I wanted to be mad, I just couldn't be.
"Come here little Dude, give me a super squeezy."
"Hey Daddy, teach me how to catch!"
All is good with the world..........


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