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New Short Story Competition.10,000 ATS points

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posted on Jan, 14 2004 @ 05:09 AM
Today is the 14th of January.
For one month exactly entries will be excepted for a new short story competition.
All entries must be connected to the Green forum subjects on the main index page under the heading Mysterious Subjects.
All entries must be your stories.You can write a new story or enter one you've already posted on the Members Short Stories Forum.
To designate your story as an entry prefix the story title with (MSSS) standing for Mysterious Subjects Short Story.
If you wish to enter a story you have already written and posted please edit the title and add (MSSS) as a prefix.
Febuary 14th (valentines day) is the final day entries will be excepted.
The best short story will win 10,000 ATS points for it's author.

Anyone can enter.You do not need to be a writer to post a story on that forum.

The last short story competion we had drew some excellent entries.I'm hoping we can get a similar response.

Good luck to all who enter and remember the story must have a connection with one of the topics on the green forums.


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