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An Stratagem of Counter-nuclear extort from CCP

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posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 06:22 AM
The necessity and possibility of which US should protect democratic Taiwan was omitted here.
Once war happened between Taiwan and Mainland, US took responsibility to do her best to protect Taiwan doubtlessly. CCP would use nuke to strike US military force around Taiwan at first while they have to facing lost. The step after will be evident: US would nuke strike back around Taiwan to PLA——CCP nuke overseas dominion of US with state that because of US use nuke on Chinese dominion firstly—— US nuke back to China mainland because China has no overseas dominion,then CCP strike back to US mainland. The cost of this progress is too high to be carried on for US, despite US own her advantage of nuke on quantity and quality to both. So I contribute my stratagem to US as follows:
1 US transfer the tech to Taiwan via Taiwan pray for building 3 nuclear submarine by self.
2 US hold those sub in peace time, Taiwan keep training personnel for these sub with highly secret.
3 In war, once any sign appeared that Taiwan will lost, US should devolve those sub on Taiwan immediately, then Taiwan announce they have own ability of nuclear strike and enforce CCP make ceasefire.
4 US claim each aspect quit the war field.
5 If CCP continue the war, Taiwan should be allowed to nuke the PLA by any methods.
6 If that ceasefire could be carried out, US would better to request Taiwan and CCP make a negotiation concerning multi-party democracy regime of China.

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