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Prophetic Mileu, Substrate--End Times Related Articles Various Topics

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posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 12:16 AM
Following are some docs I received by email. I’ve provided the email source refs and the related websites where possible.

Many of my co-horts have noted that they have begun to feel increasingly strongly that something dramatic is closer than ever--around the corner.

These are somewhat diverse docs and topics. But they form a thin snapshot of the global mileu which confronts us and which potentially to probably will confront us.

At least, I think, that they are worth pondering prayerfully as a collection of inputs, sources, constructions on reality. There may seem to be no unifying theme to them . . . and, in a sense, there isn’t. Yet, they are unified in that they all are part of the substrate of reality that Christians and others are confronting or will confront. . . . and . . . there are other unifying elements very hard to articulate.

The first one is from respected R Holmes:

Via email

The word of the Lord came to me saying, "Mogadishu rises against the nations. Ethiopia is entrenched in strife. Refugee camps are becoming training grounds, and there are recruitment drives to rescue the people, only to fling them into war. Addis Ababar has become home to the Afghan
refugees and a head quarters for cells. In Eritrea there are armies training. yet where will terror strike?"

Then I was taken in the spirit to America, to what looked like a National
Guard facility - a place enclosed with barbed wire and full of military
equipment. I saw people moving about in the darkness, and equipment being prepared, as though it were being used by Americans against America.

Then I soared up into the sky, and saw, as a cartoon or an image layed over the nations, China reaching into Northern and Central Africa, and it's fist was grasped about money.

# # # # # # # # #

Former CIA Director R. James Woolsey: Upcoming Terror Strike on U.S. ‘Very Real’


Original interview here:

Former CIA Director R. James Woolsey tells NewsMax in an exclusive interview that terrorists could strike the American homeland — possibly with a weapon of mass destruction — this summer or early fall. He also warns that if Iran fails to comply with international efforts to stop its nuclear weapons program, the U.S. will have no other option than to bomb it.

"I think the threat of a serious attack in the next few months is very real," Woolsey said. A terrorist strike with a dirty bomb or with biological weapons was "a real possibility

Woolsey's comments echo those of FBI Director Robert Mueller, who told NewsMax in May that al-Qaida's paramount goal is clear: to detonate a nuclear device that would kill hundreds of thousands of Americans.

# # # # # # #

BX: I believe Woolsey is AT LEAST close to the puppet masters if not a right hand assistant. He’s at least well connected to the upper levels of power.

# # # # # # # # #

Are We Safe From Nuclear Attack?


• True story: a chilling intel alert set off a frantic search for a nuclear warhead smuggled into the U.S.
• The inside facts about al-Qaida's attempts to acquire a "dirty bomb" that would unleash deadly radiation.
• Why a nuclear detonation in New York City is "everyone's worst nightmare."
• How the U.S. reacted when an intel report suggested New York was about to be hit with a nuclear device.

. . .

# # # # # # # # #

Countdown to Crisis:
The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran


"With so many amateur intelligence experts clouding the public dialogue, it is a pleasure to read the work of an author of real professionalism. Timmerman adds texture and clarity to the gross failures of our intelligence establishment and new visibility to the role of Iran in the Islamist war against America." —John f. Lehman, 9/11 Commission member and former Secretary of the Navy

"Writer drops bombshells about Iran's shell game. Investigative reporter Kenneth Timmerman has been mulling over Iranian mullahs for more than two decades while covering the Byzantine world of Middle Eastern politics, terrorism and weapons proliferation. In Countdown to Crisis: The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran, he produces the first-ever inside account of Iran's clandestine nuclear program.

Utilizing contacts with dozens of Iranian defectors and officials, previously classified documents, and high-level sources throughout the government and intelligence community, the New York Times best-selling author pulls the Persian rug out from the Iranian clerics who have been mobilizing to kill during four U.S. presidential administrations. Readers alarmed by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent call for the annihilation of Israel will take no comfort in Timmerman's electrifying book." —Indianapolis Star

# # # # # # #

Islamic Village In Eastern Uganda Accepts Christ
Cliff Pash

From :

(BX: The whole article is very exciting and impressive and well worth reading.)


This is a two week update on our continuing mission to Nawansega - a village that is over 90% Muslims - a place where there is no church of the Christian faith. The nearest churches are approximately one hour walk from this village where there is no water and no electricity. . . . We have counted over 700 salvations from our first 13 days of crusade meetings. We believe most of the people are now born again from the Islamic religion.

We have seen dozens and dozens of people being healed as God demonstrates the power of His great name. Julie and I have never seen an open heaven such as we are experiencing in this village.

Every baby that Julie prays for is healed. Some have been very sick with high fevers from malaria, but when Julie prays, they are walking and eating within the hour and the fever is greatly reduced or gone.

# # # # # # # #

Wringing Of The Flag
Swarna Jha
Bombay India


. . .

It began as a narrow steady drip of blood, but soon it was growing to a quick and rapid flow of blood, pouring to the ground, from the wringing of the flag. . . . I expected to be shown where the blood came from but instead, I was made to listen to the spine-chilling, cries emanating from the blood.

In no other vision have I heard blood speak. But in this vision I heard the blood cry out.

As the blood flowed in torrents, I heard screams; I heard pain, I heard sorrow, I heard grief. I heard sounds of great unbearable torments. I heard what I was made to understand were screams that emanate when arms/legs are amputated. I was not allowed to hear the blasphemies but was made to understand that the varied sounds I was hearing were interspersed with
occasional sounds of some people blaspheming.

I asked the Lord, “whose blood is this, Lord?” I was told, “It is the blood of the innocent”.

To be continued in following posts.

posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 11:41 PM
A WORD received in a Night Vision, 09/23/97
Prophecy through Bob Nuemann

Where are the Watchmen???



For too long you relied on the valor of MY WARRIORS to stand on your behalf.




. . .



The article speaks fiercely about God's servants, watchmen, leaders etc. being wounded and no one caring for them . . . about a far too casual attitude toward God's warnings and priorities.

# # # # # # #

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera
29 April 1997 at 9:01 AM in English.


I know - that most of you do not believe. I know - that most of you want to know, but only those that have morals - Christian Morals- those who have the Love of Jehovah, the Love of Jesus Christ, the Love of the Holy Spirit will be Saved. You can’t say you are Christian, and walk with the world

. . .


I am going to strip this world naked, and I am going to make you look at your nakedness with the Shame. I want you to see your Shame! I want you to see your Sin!

For some of you, it will be nothing. For you are righteous, you are clean, and there is nothing to expose. For the rest of you; you will see with clarity your nakedness, your dirtiness. You believe you can do what you want with the things I have given you, and run and play with the devil. I will allow you to do what you want, but I will

. . .

This one goes on at quite some length in the tradition of the old fire and brimstone sermons. It is quite a sobering document for those on the wrong side of it's exhortation . . . . whether they have the insight and candor to face such, or not. But it's not for the faint-of-heart.

# # # # # # #

Wringing Of The Flag
Swarna Jha
Bombay India


It began as a narrow steady drip of blood, but soon it was growing to a quick and rapid flow of blood, pouring to the ground, from the wringing of the flag. . . . I expected to be shown where the blood came from but instead, I was made to listen to the spine-chilling, cries emanating from the blood.

In no other vision have I heard blood speak. But in this vision I heard the blood cry out.

As the blood flowed in torrents, I heard screams; I heard pain, I heard sorrow, I heard grief. I heard sounds of great unbearable torments. I heard what I was made to understand were screams that emanate when arms/legs are amputated. I was not allowed to hear the blasphemies but was made to understand that the varied sounds I was hearing were interspersed with occasional sounds of some people blaspheming.

I asked the Lord, “whose blood is this, Lord?” I was told, “It is the blood of the innocent”.

Yet Once More I Will Shake
Joe Long

Fri, 13 Jul 2007 12:58:18 -0700 (PDT)
By-Joe Long , U.S.A.



I saw the unemployed, the destitute, the starving... Yes, right here in the good old USA! I heard the promises from the politicians and yes, they did some fine things, yet they never really met the needs of the people who "trusted" them!!! I even saw a priest encouraging the people to trust the politicians... What happened to trusting Yahshuah??? Yes, I know that Yahshuah moved in that time but it wasn't until it seemed all hope was lost that they turned to HIM!!! Why does it seem to take disaster and catastrophes to cause HIS people to call upon HIS great name???
. . .

The Word of Yahwah has spoken and warned us that what is coming upon the World is like nothing that has ever been seen in all the time of mankind!!! Again, my heart is grieved and weeping, for there is only ONE who can take us through what is coming upon all who dwell upon the face of the earth, to test them!!! Yahshuah is HIS name!!! Yahshuah is HIS name!!! Yahshuah is HIS name!!!

. . .

Once more, one shall arise from out of the east, as if this was the promised return of Christ "Yahshuah" only he will be a counterfeit!!! He will come in a much more deceptive manner "copying" everything that Christ represents, but without the Love of Christ!!! The everyday Christian will not be able to discern this deceiver as they are not walking in a close and loving relationship with Holy Spirit and will not hear HIS warnings nor be able to see what Holy Spirit is trying to show them, for they will be caught up in the "cares" of this world!!! There will be too much attention being focused on the "news." News of the wars, the natural disasters, the economy, and the pandemics.......

The Major Diplomatic and Strategic Evolution in Iraq
08.07.2007 By George Friedman


Contact Us
Analysis Comments -

There are three major powers with intense interest in the future of Iraq: the United States, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The United States, having toppled Saddam Hussein, has completely mismanaged the war. Nevertheless, a unilateral withdrawal would create an unacceptable situation in which Iran, possibly competing with Turkey in the North, would become the dominant military power in the region and would be in a position to impose itself at least on southern Iraq -- and potentially
all of it. Certainly there would be resistance, but Iran has a large military (even if it is poorly equipped), giving it a decided advantage in controlling a country such as Iraq.

In addition, Iran is not nearly as casualty-averse as the United States.
Iran fought a war with Iraq in the 1980s that cost it about a million
casualties. The longtime Iranian fear has been that the United States
will somehow create a pro-American regime in Baghdad, rearm the Iraqis
and thus pose for Iran round two of what was its national nightmare. It
is no accident that the day before these meetings, U.S. sources
speculated about the possible return of the Iraqi air force to the
Iraqis. Washington was playing on Tehran's worst nightmare.

. . .

They opposed the original invasion, fearing just this outcome, but now that the invasion has taken place, they don't want Iran as the ultimate victor. The Saudis, therefore, are playing a complex game, both supporting Sunni co-religionists and criticizing the American presence as an occupation -- yet urgently wanting U.S. troops to remain.

Continued in next post . . .

posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 11:57 PM


To read the column, go to

later this week.

To receive a free subscription to ANS, just send an e-mail message to
Dan at or sign up at

If you want to check out stories posted on their website, go to


The big news here in Israel today, boldly headlined in the nation's largest newspaper, Yediot Ahronot, this morning, is Russia's reported return to two naval bases that the Kremlin largely built and once controlled in neighboring Syria. The move is said to be part of a large Russian weapons deal with Syria, at least partially funded by Iran, as I reported about in last weeks monthly news update.

The dramatic Russian move will undoubtedly increase speculation among observant Christians and Jews that Ezekiel's Gog and Magog invasion is drawing very near. In light of author Joel Rosenberg's popular novel about the theme, I get asked about this prophecy all the time now as I travel around the world, and especially if I see its fulfillment as possibly imminent.

Frankly I do NOT see Ezekiel's penultimate prophesied event as taking place in the near-term future. Instead, I suspect that the region could well witness an apparent massive clash between Syria and Israel—described in Isaiah chapter 17—unfold in the not too distant future, to which Russia and other countries listed by Ezekiel would eventually react, but not immediately in the climactic way described by Ezekiel. I have explained why I hold this view in several of my books, and also do a bit of that in the first installment of a new column I am writing for the MJAA web site, which will be published there soon, and every month thereafter.

# # # # #

Big US Armed Forces integrated Valiant Shield exercises simulate
possible operation against Iran
August 6, 2007, 1:37 PM (GMT+02:00)



Contact list owner:

The maneuvers beginning Monday, Aug. 6, in waters off Guam include the
simultaneous deployment of three carriers and their air and naval strike groups: USS Stennis, USS Nimitz and USS Kitty Hawk, altogether 30 warships, 280 warplanes and 22,000 soldiers and sailors. The exercise is commanded by Adm. Robert Willard, Pacific Fleet chief.

DEBKAfile's military sources report: This will be America's last major combined sea-air war game before during Bush presidency which ends in Jan. 2009 and last opportunity for drilling large-scale combined units should the president decide on a military operation against Iran.

According to DEBKA-Net-Weekly's military sources, the exercises will be held in conditions resembling as closely as possible those in Iran and practice assaults of the kind that may be executed against the Islamic Republic.

# # # # # #




Instigating Circumstances
Priscilla Van Sutphin




. . . .

I will not allow you to stay in stagnant water any longer. I LOVE MY CHURCH but there is MUCH TO BE HEALED IN IT. Will YOU who are stronger and wiser and more diligent pray for those who are lagging behind on the path to LIFE? Will you bring up the rear so to speak? Will you fight for those who are unable to fight for themselves? Will you resuscitate those who have been bludgeoned, and bruised, beat up and rejected? Will you EXERCISE PATIENCE with ONE ANOTHER? Will you FORBEAR? I WILL CUT OFF THE POINTING FINGERS! I will cut off the flow of finances to those who will not use it in helping the sick, the widows, the orphans, the single mothers, the homeless ones in their own congregations. You are also to care for the prophets and apostles, for the worshippers. You are not to neglect your own sheep. If you would only ask for MY WISDOM, I would give it!

# # # # # # # #

Titanic Move Of God Is Coming
Bill Yount Hagerstown, MD


During worship on Sunday morning in our church July 29th, 07 I began to see in the Spirit the movie of the Titanic as though it was beginning to play backwards in reverse. This movie started out at the very tragic end where people were dead, frozen on rafts in the ocean. But then the ice on the dead bodies and rafts began to melt. And then the dead started breathing again and moving. I then saw the huge Titanic ship begin to slowly rise up out of the sea, tail upward rising as in slow motion. I sensed the Lord saying...."I am reversing the curse off of My people, off of the land and off of the sea.

A Change In Captains

All that was lost had been regained and then some. As this huge ship continued to float with a heavenly stability, the Titanic as big as it once was appeared to grow ever bigger. There was definitely a big change in the original captain or commander of this ship now. I recognized this person as looking like the Son of God! I heard him clearly shouting with love....I will take over from here!! Immediately His voice echoed and was heard over the many waters and lands. Life boats were being tossed over board as far as the eye could see as people from all nations, tribes and tongues were reaching and crying out to be saved. Multitudes were now coming in out of their troubled waters.

This movie kept showing and seemed to end before the huge ice burg had been hit that caused this catastrophic tragedy. Being a little concerned about what had crippled the ship, I asked the Lord, "what about that huge ice burg that had brought this Titanic down? I sensed Him saying... "Forget those things that are behind you and sail on!"

# # # # # #

Continued next post . . .

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 12:13 AM
Wow, this is a pretty unfruitful post here. Just more "The End is Near" rhetoric.

The end has been near for as long as I can remember....

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 09:07 AM

Originally posted by Quazga
Wow, this is a pretty unfruitful post here. Just more "The End is Near" rhetoric.

The end has been near for as long as I can remember....

I've studied the topic since at least 1962. How long have you observed it?

In 1965, I had to organize and present for patrons to the university library's Special Collections Dept that I actively headed--materials from the extreme right to the extreme left.

That was the first time I became acquainted with globalism and the NWO folks.

When I derisively commented to my boss about some of the flakey groups and their seemingly far out predictions, he quickly jumped all over me. He is the world's expert on pre-Hitler Germany--pamphlets, broadsides, leaflets, books, posters, etc. He noted that it was the flakey groups that first and MOST ACCURATELY identified who Hitler would become; what his goals would be; what he would do.

In the years since 1965, I've seen the goals of the globalists stated back then in their own house-organ publications--I've seen 80-90% of those goals already accomplished.

Yet, you contend nothing has changed. You are thoroughly wrong. You are hideously, laughably, horribly, tragically WRONG. And that kind of error will be increasingly DEADLY in coming months and years.

In 1962 and even 1965, there was no world wide looming computer chip injectible ID/CREDIT/DEBIT/MONITORING SLAG to enslave people with as predicted 2,000 years ago.

There is, NOW.

Jerusalem was not so wholesale a huge troublesome burden to all the nations of the world as predicted 2,000 years ago.

She is now.

The UFO and other 'heavens' phenomena were not as dramatic, as frequent, as strange in such a wide variety of ways . . . predicted 2,000 years ago . . .

'tis so, now.

Even in 1962 and 1965, knowledge was not AS widely, rapidely, exhaustively spread all around the world . . . as predicted 2,000 years ago.

It is now.

Even then, travel was not so widely common and available so rapidly all over the world . . . as predicted 2,000 years ago.

It is now.

There was no talk of a North American Union very openly at all--even not so openly except in the hidden documents of the globalists . . . ditto for the world government with occasional exceptions. . . . another prediction from 2,000 years ago.

It is now.

There was not the overt full court press toward a one world religion that has begun to be more overt . . . as predicted 2,000 years ago.

It is evident now.

There were no unknown, incurable diseases widely hazarding the world's population . . . again a prediction from 2,000 years ago . . .

There is now.

In 1965, Lawlessness was not near so rampant and extreme as predicted 2,000 years ago . . . . . .

It is, now.

Calling good evil and evil good was not near so rampant in 1965 . . . another prediction from 2,000 years ago.

It's rampant, now.

# # # # # # #

But, hey, it's still a slightly free country. Go ahead and keep your lack of awareness, lack of knowledge and lack of understanding. Your pseudo-bliss might last slightly longer that way. It's the opposite of denying ignorance . . . but it's your life.

I can only lead some folks to the information. I certainly can't make the horse think.

The handwriting is not only on the walls . . . it's on thousands of billboards; all across the TV screens and movie screens and in magazine ads and articles aplenty.

It saturates K-12 and the universities.

It saturates the media thoroughly as the puppet masters deepen their iron grip on information dissemination and flow.

But, hey, willful blindness is greatly in vogue, today. You're in good company.

But that's OK. Frogs can enjoy warming water. Just keep telling yourself the mantra:

It'll never boil--they're NOT making frog soup.
It'll never boil--they're NOT making frog soup.
It'll never boil--they're NOT making frog soup.

I'm sure that'll be very effective for at least some months to a few years longer. /sar

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 10:15 PM
Mileu, substrate on the road to Armageddon continued . . .

Two Types Of Messages
Stephen Hanson


Isaiah 65 Judgment and Salvation "I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me. To a nation that did not call on my name, I said, 'Here am I, here am I. '2 All day long I have held out my hands to an obstinate people, who walk in ways not good, pursuing their own imaginations- 3 a people who continually provoke me to my very face, offering sacrifices in gardens and burning incense on altars of brick;

"I reveal certain aspects of my prophetic word to certain individuals. To those who have been taught about blessings and promises, the prophetic word is steeped in these things. To many of these individuals I have not revealed my judgment. They see things only through the spectrum of what they have been taught. They just see a portion. To other individuals I reveal the potential of God's people to rise above their circumstances and to claim the kingdom in my name. These are the teachers who have come out of the "word movement," and I tell you they have a place in my kingdom. To another portion I have given to certain individuals a taste of what is yet to come. They have been trained in my spirit, and have suffered long at the expense of their training. To these I have revealed my judgment. They speak only what I have them to speak. They know my word and my promises, but they have also heard of my distaste of the sin and hypocrisy that plagues the church. They have been misunderstood by some, and yet they continue.

My people, I want you to rise above your circumstances for sure, but I also want you to be prepared for the onslaught that is to come. It does little good if you are able to rise above your circumstances but you are not prepared for what is to come. "

# # # # # # #

Vision Of The Steel Mill
Mitt Jeffords

Who shall stand at his appearing?


It was then that I woke up from my dream. When I opened my eyes, there standing at the foot of my bed was this very figure of a man that I had seen in my dream. He leaned towards me and said, "I stand corrected"; and then he disappeared. Immediately the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me that which is written in Malachi, "Who shall continue in the day of his coming? Who may abide in the day of his coming? For he is like a refiners fire and a fuller's soap; and he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver so that they may present before the Lord an offering in righteousness". I then shook at the reality of what the Lord has shown me; for many, many are looking for the coming of the Lord, but who is he who has gone through the fire of the Lord’s corrections?

(following original single paragraph was broken up for easier reading into 3)

I then asked the Lord, "Who does this man represent, Lord. Is it me?". And the Lord then answered and said, "The man that you saw in your vision, he is your inner man; your heart, your mind, and your soul. The inner man is he which no man has power to correct or to change of himself. The man who attempts to correct himself, he is the man who does so that he might be found pleasing and acceptable in the sight of men, as well as in his own eyes. He who loves me, he it is who humbles his heart before me, presenting himself before me, asking for me to correct him. I correct all those whom I love because they desire to for me to change them into my own image", says the Lord. "When I correct you, I change things in you; for I do that which is impossible for any man to do.

Only I can transform your minds, giving unto you the peace and the life that you have always desired to have. Only I can open your eyes to see and perceive the truth of my words so that your may be set free from all of your fears, doubts, and unbelief. I desire to deliver you from all of your fears and doubts so that you can serve me with gladness and joy. Only I am able to open your ears to hear and understand the secrets and mysteries of God, so that you may know me; for he who is ignorant of me, he has no desire for me. Only I can tame your tongue, so that when you open your mouth, my words will proceed forth; words that are spirit and the give life. Only I can increase your faith, making you confident that I am well able to perform all of my promises and words for you. Only I can work in your belief, giving unto you the belief that all things are possible with me. I will also work in your belief so that you will know that all of my words, as well as all of my promises and blessings, they were all intended for you. I also desire to correct your unbelief and doubts so that you may know that I am always with you, no matter what the circumstances or situations may try to dictate to you.

Only I can give unto you the trust and the patience that will allow for you to work in your hearts, being still until I have finished the work that I had started in you. Only I am able to destroy your wisdom, the source and the cause of every evil work; freely putting my wisdom in the hidden man and my truth in your inward parts. Only I am to circumcise your hearts until you love me with all of your heart, all of your soul, and all of your mind. Only I am able to give to you the heart and the mind of the faithful and loving bride who has long awaited for her bridegroom to come. Let me correct you so that you may believe and know that I truly do love you with all of my heart", says the Lord. “When I correct, I cleanse, I change, I sanctify, and I make whole, all those who present themselves before me.

# # # # # # # # # #

Continued next post.

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 10:46 PM
Continued mileu, substrate on the road to Armageddon . . .

2007 The Year of Cadence
Judy Bauman


2007 - The Year of Cadence

Part Three: The Meat of the Matter:

Understand that I Am the God of the universe and I Am is inviting you to My war-room. Will you come? This is not a time for the weak or faint of heart. It is time for mighty men and woman of valor to rise up and take their place. It is time to come out of the caves and advance My kingdom and My purpose. Be careful not to have any agenda but Mine. Your agenda will surely cause you to drift off the course of My plan. My plan is perfect. Trust that I will assign your post, so do not try to figure out where you are to be and what you are to do, as it is up to Me to determine your position. I will assign your duties. I will make it plain. If you try to place yourself or elevate your own rank in My army, it is likely that you will choose to go somewhere and do something you think sounds like the best assignment. You must trust Me that this could be a fatal miscalculation on your part. If you assign yourself to the post of your comfort and choosing, you will most likely be in direct opposition to My purpose and plan for your life. I Am God of the heavenly hosts and saints. I do know what is best for you. Once you know what position I have called you to, march to it and go forth with confidence, not arrogance, beloved, with confidence in Me to see you through every battle and to provide your every need. Stand alert, so if your orders change, quickly comply and move to your new post. If you do not trust Me to command you, then who is your Lord? Have you accepted My Son as Savior, but not made Him your Lord? I ask you to trust your heavenly Father. I discipline those I love. Allow Jesus to be your King, Ruler, and Lord of your life.

(See Exodus 15:3; 1 Corinthians 12:4-14; Philippians 2:2-11;
Hebrews 12:4-8, 11; 1 John 5:14; Revelation 4:1, 19:19)

Remember that the weapons that I have provided to My army are mighty in the pulling down of strongholds. These are not natural weapons but spiritual ones because you are in a spiritual battle. However, I issue this warning: Do not pick up the weapons of your enemy or you will become like your enemy. Satan's weapons are jealousy, suspicion, gossip, envy, dissension, discord, slander, factions, contention, strife, unforgiveness, bitterness, wrath, anger, hatred and the like. These are rampant in the church and come from a spirit of pride. Satan wants you to emulate him and I have given you the choice as to whom you will serve. So choose wisely! Have I not warned you in My Word that those who practice such things will not enter into My kingdom? Do not emulate the devil. Satan prowls around and seeks to destroy you. He plans to use the death of his servants as an excuse to wage war against the saints. Use My weapons, not the weapons of this world to disarm him and his demons. Pick up the sword of My Word and use it to demolish the evil one's plans to destroy you, your family, those you love and those to whom you are bound by My Spirit. I will give you wisdom and skill to use it. My Word is your sword. Wield it only against the enemy. Do not be found to be one that wounds a brother or sister in Christ when using My Word - your Bible. This is a form of self-mutilation as you are all one body. Instead, love one another deeply with the love (agape) that I give because love covers a multitude of sin. Strengthen, comfort and encourage each other with My Holy Scriptures. Rulers, authorities, principalities and powers of darkness do not have any defense against My love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness or self-control. When you walk in the fruit of My Spirit; when you love those who hate you and pray for those who persecute you; when you forgive grievances and bear with one another; when you refuse to allow a root of bitterness to take hold of you; when you take up your cross and follow Jesus - then you are demolishing the devil's plans. Walk in victory, beloved! You are known in heaven as My chosen, as My elect, and as My children. Walk humbly before both your God and mankind; if you do, you will have great authority in and by My Spirit. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.

See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction. For I command you today to love the LORD your God, to walk in His ways, and to keep His commands, decrees and laws; then you will live and increase, and the LORD your God will bless you in the land you are entering to possess. Deuteronomy 30:15, 16

# # # # # # # # #

God Speaks To Potential Terrorists

Swarna Jha

28th May 2007


He was telling the Lord how his group planned to avenge themselves and told God about the vast damage they could cause and the media coverage they could gain from it, to stun and shock the rest of the world.

. . .

I was made to understand that these men, were not yet terrorists but were seriously contemplating volunteering to be human bombs.

. . .

“O Lord”, said the first man, “they have done you far more injustice, than they have done to us.” Then the Lord flashed before them a vision of the awesome damage God Could do to America to Avenge Himself.

The men were horror-struck. They all sobered down. All their agitation was gone for them.

Instead of wanting vengeance against America, they now pitied America.

# # # # # # # #

August 8, 2007


"A Great Shift is Coming to Korea! A Call to Prayer"


An Angelic Political Advisor

An angel who looked like a political advisor from Korea recently appeared in my room, three days in a row. The first two days, he awoke me by standing over me, while holding a governmental file folder. On the third day, he handed me this folder, which I knew was "official documentation." I couldn't see every page in the folder clearly, but there came a download of information into my spirit from God. In this download, I received revelation in which I saw God releasing a "mission briefing" from Heaven over Korea. The briefing in these pages revealed how He is about to position Korea for His purposes--both nationally and internationally.

God wants to position a man in office who understands how to reposition the nation of South Korea according to His desires. God wants to use Korea's next president to bring a number of strategic shifts and new positioning for the destiny of Korea, Asia and the world.

God is about to reveal strategy on how to invest into and fully use inventions, technologies, contracts and patents, which are already being created in Korea. God also wants to reshape specific worldwide industries by showing them how to bring certain technologies into their own industries and into the industries of other nations. Korea is entering into a time when their economy will be greatly boosted. Korea will lead specific industries over the next 3-10 years and will generate much wealth. . . .
Also in this documentation, I saw there were many companies listed which have not used their prosperity and influence for God's purposes, and they are going to encounter hard times in the next season. God is letting new companies emerge to replace their position. It will be a time of judgment on companies that have misused their inheritance.

Continued next post

I hope to build up a resource for folks who have a similar perspective . . . a kind of snap-shot in time to pray regarding; to reflect on and maybe to look back on and see what clues might have been missed.

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 11:15 PM

Originally posted by BO XIAN

Originally posted by Quazga
Wow, this is a pretty unfruitful post here. Just more "The End is Near" rhetoric.

The end has been near for as long as I can remember....

I've studied the topic since at least 1962. How long have you observed it?

So then you have wasted a sum total of 45 years on this subject?

Now *thats* determination. You really do remind me that the human spirit is indeed capable of anything!

posted on Aug, 11 2007 @ 08:01 AM

Originally posted by Quazga

Originally posted by BO XIAN

I've studied the topic since at least 1962. How long have you observed it?

So then you have wasted a sum total of 45 years on this subject?

Now *thats* determination. You really do remind me that the human spirit is indeed capable of anything!

What a cute dodge.

I gather you haven't studied it much at all for very long at all.

That WOULD make pontificating off the top of ignorance much easier. But it's rather the OPPOSITE OF DENYING IGNORANCE.

But to the point of your snide comment . . .

NO! Have NOT wasted 45 years. They have been VERY fruitful years in terms of the study and in terms of the enrichments to my life and the lives of others because of my study. There's at least a dozen and likely many dozens of lives where the enrichments have been rather beyond calculation in their eternal enormity.

But such things are hard to articulate--especially in terms those without such experiences and study could appreciate.

Perhaps more to the point of this thread . . .

My posts on this thread are designed out of all that study to be CURRENT REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLES of where we are on the scheduled road to Armageddon.

I realize you are not well versed in such matters. However, the ignorance of billions of people will NOT slow down the plod or the rush to Armageddon a bit. Some groups and some institutions are rushing to Armageddon. Shrillery Klintoon and the NWO puppet masters she and her ilk are gah-gah in the service of are rushing toward Armageddon.

Rudy G and others are seemingly somewhat slower in their plod or march toward destiny.

The vast masses are mostly clueless awaiting their scheduled slaughter at the hands of such ruthless puppet masters and stooges.

I wonder if the nukes in USA cities will cause much change of perspective or whether the rubber-band return to a collective, clueless yawn will settle in again with startling quickness.

And I wonder how much massive mind control efforts on the part of the puppet masters will play into that. Or whether the mind control efforts will be directec more toward fear mongering to scare everyone into the global govermnet faster. It must be quite a trick to mollify the masses into numbed submission and slavery on the one hand and wind them up with fear and terror to scare them into the global government on the other. Quite a dance, that.

It's not really very comforting that the naysayers to such facts and sweep of history will find themselves wholesale lacking in awareness and wise options to take in a moment's crisis . . . a moment when a life/death decision must be made for themselves, if not those around them . . . and they suddenly realize they are thoroughly empty of the raw materials of awareness needed to make the most kindergarten level decision--much, much, much less a wise mature decision in the direction of life-saving actions . . . Will humility come then in the flash before extinction? I wonder.

But I'd rather, much rather be wrong, than to observe the horrendous results of their being so wholesale wrong and clueless in the face of changing realities beyond their comprehension, and much beyond their coping with wisely and effectively.

Alas, I don't have that luxury any longer. Have been too correct in my expectations, hypotheses as I've spent the years monitoring the inexorable march toward Armageddon for many decades now. Oh, in some respects, it's been slower than I'd expected. But the comprehensive preparations; the comprehensive background Machiavellian manoeuvers on the part of the puppet masters have all been well within the Biblical predictions--and certainly precisely on target for ALL--as in 100% of ALL the major bench-marks.

In my experience, over the decades, the snotty-nosed, haughty naysayers have either awakened and changed their tune--beginning to learn the facts with some respect for the sweep of history and destiny in our era . . . or . . . their lives have gone increasingly rapidly downhill. I'm not thinking . . . at the moment . . . in a quick surface review . . . of any exceptions to that . . . but there might be.

It's long been amazing to me . . . I mean, I realize the frog-in-the-bucket business has been such a succesfull delusion from the puppet masters . . . masses of people have been cluelessly, seemingly blissfully mollified etc. by that strategy . . . but it's been amazing to me how easily that seems to have been accomplished and how massively smug and comforted so many millions of people seem to be over the warming water--with not a care or thought in the world that they are in the soup pot instead of a Jacuzzi.

Some people think that will change this summer or fall . . . perhaps the nukes in the Western cities will change that. Perhaps the massive ET presence overtly revealed will change that. Perhaps martial law will change that. Perhaps a rash of 'natural' disasters will change that. We shall see. Certainly it will change. But after what and to what degree how fast and to what end remains to be seen.

And, given history . . . it appears that some clueless folks will think right up to the moment the gas comes out of the showers that they were herded into the vast showers to truly be cleaned and refreshed by soothing water.

Except this time, according to some sources, it will be guilliotines . . . all the better to make harvestable donor organs available for the elite and their stooges.

posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 09:33 PM
Bo Xian ... I thought the following would be fitting additions to your prophetic substrate thread.

The first is from:

God's Word will be "An Anchor In The Storm"

"You prayed to the Father, and asked what you should speak. It is the answer to your prayer. This spring is the word of God. When at its source it is pure, and gives life, but as men continue to twist it and interpret and dilute it, it loses its essence, it becomes bitter. Speak the truth of His word, and the thirst of those listening will be quenched."

"What was the meaning of those at the bottom of the mountain?" I asked.

"They are those who are content with half truths, many know cleaner water is found on the mountaintop, but choose not to exert themselves. It is a hard climb, and to know truth one must be diligent in knowing the Word. For now the difference between those at the base of the mountain, and those who stand here, nourishing themselves with the pure Word of God is negligible to the human eye. While the day abides, in the eyes of men they are all the same, but the day will not abide forever."

"Only the pure truth of God’s Word will be as an anchor in the storm, and as a lamp in the darkness," the man said. "All else will fade away into nothingness. For the days to come are dark days filled with turmoil and great anguish. Even upon this land toward which the Father has shown such great mercy, the day is soon coming when its fate will stun the world. Be bold in the truth servant, and work while you still may that your reward will be complete."

When God's Word is diluted or altered, its effectiveness is diminished. In the short term, this may not be noticeable, but in the long term, it will be catastrophic for those who entertained such lukewarm watered down versions of God's Truth.

posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 09:51 PM
reply to post by BO XIAN

Here's a link to another dream from Duduman's grandson Michael Boldea, Jr.,

The Eagle and the Serpents (The Angel said, "this has been revealed to you, that you may know, the first bite has been, the second is yet to come, and the third will be its destruction.")

I was silent as I watched the eagle, and was beginning to grow somewhat impatient, when suddenly, it seemed out of nowhere, a brown snake lunged at the eagle, and bit down on its left wing. The snake's strike was very quick and very precise. The eagle reacted without delay, clawing and pecking at the snake cutting deep wounds in its underbelly, trying to defend itself and ward off the serpent. Just as it seemed the eagle was winning the battle, and the serpent was retreating, another serpent appeared, red and black diagonal stripes covering its body, and without hesitation struck out at the eagle's right wing, biting down, and refusing to release. After a momentary tug of war the serpent tore off flesh and feathers, leaving a large wound on the eagle's right wing. The second bite was much worse then the first, and for an instant the eagle was stunned. Then a serpent much larger than the previous two, made up of many colors, slithered toward the eagle, opened its jaws, and lunged, taking the whole of the eagle's head in its mouth before biting down.

The serpents retreated and the man who had been standing beside me, walked to the eagle, knelt down, picked it up, and held it in his cupped hands. The look of grief on his face was beyond any I have seen in my life. Just seeing the look on the man's face broke your heart.

The man continued to look down at the eagle, and with a pained voice said, "The true tragedy, is that at any moment it could have sought the safety of the above, it could have soared toward the heavens and would have found its protection. This has been revealed to you, that you may know, the first bite has been, the second is yet to come, and the third will be its destruction." I watched for a long time as the man held the eagle in the palms of his hands, the pained expression never leaving his features.

The safety was above, and the eagle could have sought that safety, but it did not. It's very important that each of us remembers to turn to the Lord in the day of trouble. How glad the enemy of our souls will be if he can succeed in getting us to forget to pray to the Lord when caught in an emergency or in extreme difficulty.

posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 09:59 PM
reply to post by BO XIAN

One more, very encouraging

A Word of Comfort

"The Father has sent me to strengthen you," he began. "You have said in your heart, 'I know what is to come and do not fear it, but if it be your will, protect the one I love.'"

"Come, see, and be strengthened," the man said extending his right hand. I took his hand, and instantly we were on a high plateau that was very large in size. As I looked and my eyes began to adjust to the dusk, I realized we were not alone. A great army was standing at attention, all dressed for battle, swords in hand, each one glowing it seemed from within. There were rows, upon rows of angels, in armor, in perfect formation. It was a stunning sight to behold. I was speechless as I scanned the great army, extending as far as the eye could see.

Suddenly the man standing next to me gave an almost imperceptible nod, and the entire army ascended toward the heavens, like a million fireflies, and began to disperse each one going his own way.

Still too stunned to speak I followed the lights with my eyes, until I could see them no more. Before I could ask any questions, the man looked at me and smiled. "They are the guardians," he said, "they are the protectors of the righteous. Soon all will see the difference between the righteous and the wicked, between those pure of heart and those in which darkness still resides. Soon it begins."

The guardians are the protectors of the righteous. Good incentive to shun evil and to walk in integrity and the fear of the Lord, so as to be eligible for such help in time of trouble.

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 03:52 AM
Wow, very deep, to say the least.

Bo, we had some u2u`s in the past about an AA thread I had posted about 3 years ago.
The u2u isn`t working right now, not sure if its just me or everyone.

I took a look at your recent threads on you page and took a look at this one in particular. Like I said, very deep.

Anyway, I find it interesting your mention of ets and the puppet governments and all the conspiracies a lot of us have come to understand as the truth and yet you still remain with a strong faith in God.
I think I can relate if I`m seeing this correctly for I believe we are being misled, and I believe in ets and so much more to the universe that most dont care to imagine but I still believe in God. Maybe modern religion has a lot of mixed up facts but I know God ties in to this whole equation.

I just recently watched Zeitgeist and find it very resourceful to a lot of my concerns. The beginning was pretty scary though, yet even if their take on religion is correct, who is to say that that means God does not exist or even that Jesus wasn`t his son. I pray a lot and I know he hears me when I do. I also know I am far from perfect and only hope to be with Him in the end. I can see how God maybe set up those other religions as well, but the main cause is to seek Him and not what is evil.

Anyway if you haven`t already and you get a chance, check out that movie. You can watch it on google video or youtube (in 13 parts there). Its very good, with the exception of the beginning looking as if it preaches of no God.

I`m always trying to tie it all together and you just gave me a little more faith. I`m interested in knowing some more of your feelings, interpretations and gaining some knowledge or insight one way or another. Its late, I`m tired, hope you read this. Talk soon.

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