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PRO ANA hits BBC news

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posted on Aug, 8 2007 @ 10:50 AM

Seeking 'thinspiration'

8 August 2007

By Jacqueline Head
BBC News

Pro-anorexia websites offering tips on extreme dieting are nothing new, but their growth on social networking sites is a disturbing new twist and brings them within reach of a wider audience.

Curious... I google search:PRO ANA

Where I first learn of the House of Thin

The main goal and purpose of the House Of Thin is to provide a safe, stable online home for those who are eating disordered

there may be some ATS rule against this... not sure... but I am going to add some quotes from the first blog I encountered at the House of Thin. I feel like these posts provide examples contradictory to the mission statement of the site... "to provide a safe, stable online home"

I click on a forum thread entitled The Best Thinspiration

go shopping and try clothes on... it works better than anything else.
I put on things today I never would have looked at before and it makes me wana get even thinner... love it!

yeah! i love buying new things a little too small and then trying them on obsessively

w, i cant wait! but actually, sometimes i get a little depressed because i cant fit into the things i want to fit into right now, i know that soon i will, but still, i want to fit into them right NOW!!lol

(weight 97, goal 90)
I don't wear them because I think they make me look fat. But whenever I go shopping I can't really do that because I'm the lowest size the stores sell so I can't find tighter cloths oh well.

Wikipedia: Group Think

Groupthink is a type of thought exhibited by group members who try to minimize conflict and reach consensus without critically testing, analyzing, and evaluating ideas. During Groupthink, members of the group avoid promoting viewpoints outside the comfort zone of consensus thinking.

I follow a link to a page called fading obsession... where the act of purging (forced expulsion of food; bulimia) is discussed. The article begins:

Fading Obsession

I suggest that you do everything you can to lose any purging habits you may have picked up. It's dangerous and very damaging. But I understand that some people need to purge (hell, sometimes I do).

but then finishes...

Drink a ton of water while binging. Say, a full glass of water between every couple units of food you're eating. Not only does this fill you up faster with fewer total calories, while still letting you get the taste of the food you want, it makes purging a hell of a lot easier and more effective.

So you shouldn't purge... but if you (LIKE ME) need to... drink water before you stick your fingers down your throat.


I click another link to Pro Ana Mia

Where I click on "Thinspiration"... I find images of Calvin Klein models

Because we all know... staring at anorexic supermodels helps anyone with anorexia to recover...


I find this tip under the subheading "self control"

Calculate how much money you're saving by not eating and add this up until you have enough to buy something you like (but not food).


Sabotage your food. Make it with too much water, too little sugar, an ingredient you don't care for. Add too much salt or pepper before you eat. You will eat less of it if it tastes bad.

When you feel like eating, pick an actress or model that you think is particularly beautiful and search for pictures of them... or for pictures of people you find particularly ugly and fat. It's a slow, involving process and for me at least a great way to avoid eating.


I am,

Sri Oracle

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