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911 letting go

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posted on Aug, 8 2007 @ 08:44 AM
Like zombies with their eyes focused on the past, walking backward into the future, so many of us seem unable to put 911 and associated events behind us. We do so at peril. The future, not the past, is what we should be concerned about and particularly that an event similar to 911 is likely to happen here in U.S.America within the next 15 months. Like 911, only far worse, perhaps even nuclear. Recent information indicates we will be told it is Al Quaida doing it but that will be diversion to cover up the nefarious intent and activities of our own leaders. This kind of diversion - making it appear that the attack came from an outside source, when it was actually by "friendly" fire, is a highly-favored military strategy and was used in previous decades by presidents of our U.S.America.

George Bush is our current President and 911 has been attributed to him. As Truman said more than once, "The buck stops here." This means, through the law of agency, that everything the President's subordinates do is the responsibility of the President. The evidence that 911 was an inside job is abundant. That said, let's move on.

Bush has served two terms as President, unelected though he was. By our laws, he is supposed to step down now and let somebody else have the job. But will he? (Someone in the media recently raised the issue that there may not be an election in 2008, and for very good reason.)

Bush has stated and demonstrated more than once that he is going to destroy this country. Roosevelt had to deal with fascists who tried to get him out of office. Thanks to a loyal general, he was forewarned, and the plot quashed. Now, however, there are fascists in our own government and their intent is to destroy our U.S.America. The edifice of a freedom-based democratic U.S.America has already been hit by destructive blows and is crumbling. George Bush is a member of the aforementioned group and if you doubt this, check out the history of his family and their involvement with the Nazis.

George has asserted more than once that as long as we are at war, he is Commander-in-Chief and can do anything he wants, and neither Congress nor anyone else can do anything about it. Is he not trying to stretch his war in Iraq out as long as possible - until November 2008? - so that as election time approaches, he can abrogate our election laws and declare himself dictator? That's one of the reasons for the continuation of the senseless war. And don't forget this: for every child or adult (on either side) who is killed, somebody makes a lot of money, and I challenge you: Guess who.

I expect the new terrorist attack in U.S.America, on orders of the President, will occur in the spring (Easter) or summer (4th of July) next year. The dates may vary. I hope it does not happen but all things considered ...

It may be possible to divert this plan, but if not, are you prepared to cope with your new situation: FEMA in charge; no transportation, no electricity, no communication systems.

posted on Aug, 8 2007 @ 10:55 AM
I agree with you that the period from now until the '08 election is an extremely perilous one for Americans, the US nation and the world as a whole. Given the "by hook or crook" modus operandi of the current administration anything that furthers their objectives could take place.

I'm particularly concerned about George W. Bush himself, because I think that the people controlling the administration agenda get the biggest bang for their buck out of a scenario where something very bad happens to W. personally. If that bad something can be "proven" to have been committed by Lee Harvey Mohammed, Iranian student, living in the US on visa, then we get Cheney as president, and very probably an Iranian war.

If Cheney then wins the '08 election, the mideast oil gang bang carries on at great peril to everyone. For some weird (read sane) reason, Russia doesn't like what the US is doing. Even if the Dems win in '08, they will simply pick up where the GOP leaves off in foreign policy. The public posture might be nicer but the fundamentals will stay the same.

You just have to look at the history of the Vietnam war through all administrations. The US is not going to leave Iraq, for instance, until they are pushed into the green zone and flying the last CIA agents off the embassy roof by helicopter and it doesn't matter who is sitting in the Oval Office.

These are bad times and short of a major disruption in the US at the grass roots level, I mean millions of bodies in the streets, there is nothing that can be done about it.

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