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cartoons and terrorists

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posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 03:32 PM
After viewing most of Jake K's blog :

and ben fairhalls blog:

Im at the point where I side with their very strong theory. Many have questions and doubts to them. But maybe Im just a sucker for a good mystery.

I believe that 9-11 was a ritual to release stored energy that the towers themselves gathered over time. What is this energy you ask? 4th dimension energy. Better yet, spiritual energy. And it links itself to black magic and ritual murder, abuse. And is why the CIA even dabbled in sick activity like that. And it all circles around certain families, visible families attempts to manipulate nations, and maintain power.

In the videos on these blogs it points out a mystical relationship between old and modern cartoons and movies, and the events of 9-11. How for years before comics and toons were hiding the intentions or events themselves in storylines. Using imaginitive variables as stand ins for the airplanes.

So what i attempt here to break it down for myself, this theory is very imaginitive, i know..

The pyramids of Giza are transducers for humans to either see the future or other worlds for real, in there minds while on mushrooms or in a trance like psychedelicly opened state.

Early masters hid this knowledge and the Masonic order was formed over time to maintain this secret.

Today we live in confusion, separated from our psychedelic selves. The inner knowledge of oursleves in the earth. at one.

The bible is a synchromystic document to catalogue the future based in metaphore and visions, and make the future learn from the past in order to survive the coming disasters we all speculate are coming.
Many dismiss the bible as stories, its much more than mere stories. Its a code, but not the "bible code" alone. the code fits with the stories. to reveal much more i think, though i have no evidence yet for this. I will keep reading though.

So my theory is God is teaching us all how to live in the universe, its taking time because our societies make us go futher from this, becoming dependant on the elitist greedy oppressive lie they all want to trap us in forever. And God, or a benevolent creature claiming to be one, is trying to save us by breaking the snake as the bible states, God helps those who help themselves.

thats all for now, any more theories would be nice to read. please no mockers, i dont have the temperment ot deal with losers who mock

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