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The Soul, Death, the afterlife and near death exp

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posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 11:49 AM
The common Christian viewpoint on the soul is something like this: The SOUL is the result of the interaction between MAN and GOD. God made MAN a LIVING SOUL by virtue of His ' breathing the breath of life ' into the spirit of Man and thus a SOUL was created. This SOUL, unlike the BODY or spirit or intellect or brain or whatever else one might call it, cannot be killed and it cannot be destroyed; it is eternal because God is eternal and God's essence, being made to connect with a Man's spirit, causes the spirit of the man to take on the attributes and very substance of God insofar as the primary attributes and possibilities are concerned.

In other words, God made man ' special ' amongst all other creatures by virtue of the fcat that when God touches Man, it is like two different chemicals being combined that result in a totally new creation . Man without God's nature, spiritually speaking, being imbued into him, would be a base and animalistic brute with nothing but instinct's; a mere animal.

God changed Man into a new being, a spiritual being with the attributes of God but the groos limitations of the flesh and so parameters had to be established in order to keep ignorant souls from destroying the universe.

Think of it like this: Imagine a 6 year old kid with a fully loaded machine gun and no one to stop him. He would go to town and have no idea that the consequences would be disasterous; immaturity means that immense powers and abilities must be restricted to those unable to use them in the manner in which they were intended from the beginning. God limited the ability of man to use his innate abilities, abilities that are a natural result of having the very Nature of God as a heritage in all human beings; had God not done so, man could have simply spoken the earth out of existence.

God cannot allow total and unrestricted use of His limitless power by anyone until they have been shown to have adopted the Nature of God as their own, voluntarily and willingly. God's entire plan, in brief, is to weed out those souls who will never accept the truth, who will in fact deny and reject what they KNOW to be true; very few people, souls, will be lost to final death; seperation from all of God's presence forever. Only those souls who know the facts and reject them out of sheer ego and pride and refusal to accept Gods reality and dominion need fear death of the flesh.

Anyway, the soul is created when God touches the spirit of Man. Man;s spirit is that part of him that rises above the animal realm. Animals have instincts, they virtually dominate the animal brain and psyche. In Man, it is the opposite. The vast majority of the make up of man's innate abilities are learned and not instinctive.Human babies die if left alone; turtles crawl to the sea and live. But turtles do not have souls, only spirits.

Even many alien races have stated to contacts that humans are considered ' extremely special ' in all the known universe because we are a being that has the direct connection to the realm of the One God regardless of our state of physical andintellectual advancement. What might take another race billions of years to start to grasp we have had from the beginning, from the Adam, the first of the new man. the Bible says that Jesus is the ' first born of the new creation ' and that is the point that so many people miss.

Jesus was and is the first of a new creation by God; think about this:
God is a Spirit. Not a ' man ' or ' woman ' or anuthing else. we use terms like He and His to keep it simple but God is niether male nor female. God took the male/female and combined them into Man, the Bible says this clearly. male and female BEFORE Adam was created in the spirit from base flesh.

So, God, being a Spirit and in the Spirit realm, for some reason desired to create a new realm, a physical realm. After doing so, in whatever manner, this God decided on a course of action that would result in the following: God would be able to experince directly a totally new realm, the physical, and at the same time create vast numbers of others who could be given the same creative abilities and powers as God has. In other words, God wanted company, company like ' him' self, company that could experience and share LOVE, the vary NATURE of God. God IS love. Over and over that is stressed.

So when a person is loving by nature, or rather chooses to be loving rather than otherwise, they are God by nature and remember Jesus saying " I do what I see my Father do ". love.Expressing love is a sure fire way to direct experience with God, no doubt. Anyway, so God creates a universe and fills it up and gives man a SOUL so that God's own essence and nature will be incorporated into the Man by nature; only by rejecting and forcing that spark of God OUT of your spirit, can a man be lost. very few will choose that path. Lucifer made the same error, assuming that they too could find truth beyond the will of God; pride and ego seeking glory.

God will end up with exactly what he wanted from the beginning; a new creation . Souls able to be taught and dealt with so that total power can be bestowed as a gift. Starting with Jesus, the ' glorified bodies ' the Bible speaks of will give us the ability to enter and leave the physical realm at will. recall Jesus did it on several occasions after his resurrection; Jesus was simply the first of the New Man, able to come and go from the various realms of reality!! That is the essential message of who jesus is; of course the saviour, but in reality Jesus is the ultimate prototype!! In a way.

We as believers are assured the same exact type spiritual composition as Jesus and we too will be able to enter the physical realms at will; the whole trick is knwing WHEN it is proper and when it is not. Wisdom and discernment are the keys, and they are related from God personally via direct contact with tuned in belivers. God can direct the soul who has asked for full input; the mind will not betray the soul; the soul will override and and all effects and illusions that the mind can come up with.

The main point: Our souls can either end up as creators just like the original God, or as thoise exiled forever by virtue of their danger to all. Of course this story varies depending on belief and individual interpretaion of scripture, but God has a plan and we are seeing it unfold right now; soon the end comes, at least to this era of flesh. Peace!!

posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 11:57 AM
I believe in NDE's but unless it happens to you, or you are there when someone comes back with what they saw (the red shoe on the roof story for example or tales like this among the many available in books and online), then it will be hard to prove.

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 02:23 PM
I know that out of body experiences are real. I can say this because I have experienced it myself.
At the time I had no idea what happened to me - I was very young, aged five but can remember it vividly because it was an incredible feeling. As an adult I came across other people's accounts in books and on the web and could therefore relate their experiences with my own and finally begin to try and understand what happened to me.
I initiated the experience intuitively and by instinct.
Here is how I did it and what happened.....

I lay in bed and covered my shut eyes with my hands until all colours were whirling in front of my eyes and making flashing patterns. I repeated/practised this several nights in a row. One night I found myself on the ceiling! (I know crazy! But I promise you, absolutely true!) It was the most incredible feeling, I felt light and free. It felt so nice!
Floating on the landing I thought to myself, "I can fly! I need to show someone this" and considered showing my parents downstairs. I decided against this as I would get into trouble for being out of bed! So managed to negotiate my way to my brother's room, it was difficult to work how to move at first. (I could see as clear as as a bell btw). He had a bunk bed and I was looking down at him asleep and calling to him (no voice? I couldn't hear myself) saying "Wake up and look at me I can fly!"
Next thing I knew I was being pushed backwards really quickly, by unseen hands - there were two entities - I could sense them but could see no-one. It happened so fast and whoosh! (a really horrible sensation, through my head) I was back in bed.
Up until this point the experience was exciting and I felt great, being pushed like that frightened the hell out of me and is something I don't want to repeat. I felt they were cross with me and that I definitely shouldn't have been doing what I was doing.

May I add that I have NEVER been tempted to repeat this no matter how wonderful it made me feel. I honestly felt I shouldn't have done it and have no desire to upset the balance or dabble with things I don't understand.

Three thoughts remain stuck in my head and trouble me. What if I wasn't guided/pushed back in? Would I have worked out what to do on my own? What if some other soul had taken my body, while I was out?
I find this spooky to say the least!

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 02:29 PM

Near death experiences CANNOT be only attributed to chemicals. There's a ton of research on this page including the idea that it is caused by chemicals.

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